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  1. ctrph8

    UPT Vector Containers order wait time

    I'm not sure what you heard but based on the fact that you are a little in shock at amount of time you'd have to wait, it's probably right. The website says 8 months.
  2. ctrph8

    Preventing Subjectivity From Destroying Your Dropzone

    This article is right on so many levels. It's all about being professional in every aspect of the company. DZs frequently start out as a ragtag operation and then keep that look/mindset for years and decades. It is really refreshing to walk in to a DZ, even a small one and see that the little details are looked after. I grinned at the toothbrushes and mouthwash for the tandem masters comment. Most TMs are pretty professional but there are always a few that look like they slept under a bridge. Even though they are REALLY good at what they do, it detracts from the DZ experience. It should be the norm that there are clean facilities, properly maintained equipment, and staff that is professional from top to bottom. I would also throw in that the DZOs should set the example. Unprofessional behavior from the owners sets the example that unprofessional behavior is sometimes acceptable.
  3. ctrph8

    Excellent service from PD

    I love hearing stories like that. Good Job PD!!!
  4. ctrph8

    Racer main SpeedBag in Infinity container?

    It would work but it might look like crap if you don't do your homework. You would need to get one that is the same dimensions as your current bag. The Racer main pack tray is probably a different shape than your Infinity and might not sit as neatly as your current bag. The folks at Jumpshack are really nice. Give them a call. If they don't already make one that is similar to yours, they might be able to make a custom bag that is the same dimensions as the one that came with your rig. I just ordered a semi-stowless bag from UPT and we spent quite a bit of time measuring things to make sure it would fit right.
  5. ctrph8

    rigger/packer question

    You should try it but keep a few things in mind: Packers are tough! They move fast all day long and it is a lot of physical work. Can you physically keep up? I was a packer and am pretty sure that I couldn't anymore. Can you be sociable enough to get along with folks long enough to get established as a business. You will probably be working for a DZ (that already has a packing system) AND you will be developing your own clients. If you are the F.N.G. and the F.O.G. and have attitude, you might think about other avenues. I'm not saying you are any of those things but it would be worth your while to go observe the Packing concession and see how things are run.
  6. ctrph8

    trouble with singer 281

    This sounds like a silly question but since I've pulled this stunt, I'll ask - Is the needle in backwards?
  7. If they are signed and you can show them the log, bring it and talk with your instructor. Jumps are jumps. You will still have to go through all of the training and pass all of the license requirements and tests but the jumps count towards your jump numbers. Don't transfer anything. The signatures are important. I still have my first card somewhere and kept it in a log book. Start your log book with #5 or whatever it was and keep the card folded (maybe laminated?) with your book for now. Don't throw the old one away. Welcome back!
  8. ctrph8

    Racer Features

    Nice job! They make great gear but have a terrible website. They started doing some cool stuff on Facebook. It is listed under Parachute Labs, not Racer or Jumpshack. This is just my opinion, but I really believe that if they changed their online presence, it would change their public perception.
  9. ctrph8

    PD Reserve vs. Optimum

    This is not just a PDR with different fabric. It is it's own design. I have one but have never flown it so you might get better information from other people. From the people I've talked to, it flies and lands much more responsively than a traditional reserve. Last weekend we were talking about them on the plane. The guy with the most experience with them said that his other reserves certainly saved his life but his Optimum flew and landed better. "After one landing on mine I sold my other reserves." He also said that the braked speed of it (before releasing the toggles) was very slow and that it was comparable to his other reserves in that regard. Is more expensive and if you need to do a repair on the fabric I think you need to send it in to PD. That being said, I went from a PDR160 to an Optimum 160 and my rig looks and feels a lot better.
  10. Neither. Right now I'm very impressed with the PD Optimum. It is more money but they are supposed to fly more like modern parachutes than traditional 7 cell F-111 parachutes. They also pack smaller. I went from a PD-160R to an Optimum 160. I'm selling off my other reserves to buy another one. That being said, I don't have any experience with an AngelFire reserve. Jumpshack has a reputation for quality products and for doing things right... except their website which is stuck in the 90's. PD has made thousands and thousands of reserves that have been time tested. You would get a safe and durable product from either company. You would probably get a better product in terms of flight characteristics with an Optimum.
  11. ctrph8

    Round Parachute Reserve Question

    Chest mount reserves can be smaller but can also be as big or bigger. There really isn't much to a chest mounted reserve container. It is 4 flaps, a deployment system which might or might not have a pilot chute, a canopy and some risers. They are not trying to make it comfortable or flat against your back. A back style parachute also has the harness, a cutaway system, the deployment system, padding (maybe) and is usually meant to be wide and flat for comfort. There is a lot of other stuff in there besides canopy which makes it look big as compared to a chest mount.
  12. ctrph8

    rig age and malfunctions

    There are a lot of variables there. Assuming the rig is well maintained and is in good shape, I'd say that it should work as well as a newer rig and the malfunction rate should be the same. I'm not addressing older main canopies at all here. Each one has it's own temperament. There is a limit to this though. Really old rigs obviously are not as safe as the newer ones. Belly band pilot chutes, capewells and 5 cell reserves all worked... most of the time, but I'm grateful that technology has moved past these. The newer rigs probably have some technologies built in that the older ones don't have that will significantly improve your chances. RSLs, MARD systems, modern AADs and some tweaks in the reserve pilot chutes have all pushed things in the right direction. YMMV. Of course none of those things will prevent malfunctions but if you do have one, your odds go up. The newer rigs are built for higher speeds and present less opportunity for a premature deployment. I'd say that if you are looking for a rig, try for the newest rig you can afford but don't discount an older one without talking with a rigger about it. Pretty much anything (that is well maintained and in serviceable condition) within the last decade would be a good bet but again, you really need to be doing this with the help of a rigger. There is a lot of cheap gear that is cheap for a reason or just not right for you.