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  1. "Ya know Mark, I can't disagree w/ you here. How ever, it is what it is, and you know that as well as I do." That only applies if good people sit back and shut up and let it continue to happen. Or, they can speak up and let themselves be heard. Some say he should step down from the Board. Others say he should step down from head of safety. I would lean towards the latter. There has to be consequences for your actions, especially if you are the head of Safety and the fact of other incidents with him. Being a member of the board does not exempt you from this. As for DSE's comments, if i read correctly, wasn't it DSE and Rich trying to over regulate Wingsuit jumpers? That might explain some of DSE's comments. Or not.
  2. What's your view on wether Rich Winstock should step down after his repeated safety violations? Need more info? Read the blog under General Skydiving Discussions.