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  1. I have built jumpsuits, swoop shorts, dbags, pilot chutes, risers, wingsuits, and hundreds of parachutes... new designs/prototypes/and reverse engineered copies.... this is my opinion: Most of the work is in [reverse] engineering it... You will spend more time and money doing this than just buying a new properly build one. when you buy a new suit, youre paying for the peace of mind in knowing its right and will do what its supposed to. Large manufacturers buy materials in bulk and youre going to spend 2-5x as much for the same materials... if you can source them...(hardest part in my opinion) once you have the templates, its much quicker... and then theres the legality of it. nobody can stop you from making your own copies, but as soon as something is sold or exchanged as a service, it starts becoming questionable... and i wouldnt fuck with it.....
  2. Alexg3265

    Built in turns

    Tiny shit can make a parachute turn. I'd vote at this point to while youre flying it next time,preferably on a high pull or hop and pop, take the c-d line group one in from the outside on the opposite side of the turn and pull on just that group slowly until it flys straight and note the distance that takes... could be a little or a lot. One thing i can tell you is dont start messing with the end cell lines. Those control your slider stops and will seriously fuck with openings. So start one in from the end and start pulling on stuff till it flys straight...tie knots first!!! dont just start having someone chop off lengths of line till youve jumped it like that a few times.... my 2 cents... good luck
  3. Less parts, less stuff to fail, dirtier airfoil means more drag(more ballooning/less ribs) which translates roughly to stability... a square 5 cell at 1-1 ratio would open amazingly on heading and be super reliable until it comes to producing the lift to land. the 2:1 A/r 7 cell seems to be the best middle of the road right now as far as pack volume/ acceptable landing performance/ and reliability.
  4. Alexg3265

    How to make a barrel roll with canopy?

    Your're much more likely to spin yourself up into line twists than "barrel roll" a lightly loaded parachute... That being said, 1.1 on a 220 is going to be close to the impossible side and 1.1 on a 107 is no problem and just about technique. My point is its not loading alone that will determine it, so how about a little more info? The wing type will play a huge part in its ability to roll, which is usually most efficient in an already accellerated state after leveling the wing to level flight or whatever plane and applying opposite harness and riser to wash the wing out and snap it around without initiating a coordinated turn. If this doesnt make sense, dont worry it will eventually.
  5. Alexg3265

    Katana's dont kill people...

    We're working on it and have been sending some demos over with sponsored athletes to some locations in europe... Up till now its been the shipping and customs keeping us from expanding into europe as far as demos go.... Expect to see some in the nearish future... You guys need to set up a demo program in Europe. I'd happily try one this summer if you did . The lack of demo program in Europe is also the reason why I am flying an X-Fire now instead of a Tesla. I could try the X-Fire before buying, but I couldn't try the Tesla. BTW: How does the Gangster compare to the Tesla for swooping? How do their recovery arcs compare?
  6. Alexg3265

    Lifespan of sail

    ask them the expected life of a peregrine.... If theyll even answer that. Youll start noticing lighter tones around the folds and eventually flaking off of the coating... at which point its comparable to f111 porosity and stiffness wise. This is all assuming that its the same single side PU-coated Sail they've been using.. Keep an eye on it and see and let us know....
  7. Alexg3265

    Katana's dont kill people...

    Try a gangster
  8. Alexg3265

    Lifespan of sail

    The sail will degrade past the rigidity of zp and almost to the softness of f111. so it will settle out and perform worse after the first 500 jumps. This has been my experience with sail. The best way to store sail wings would be like a paraglider. Lay it out on its top skin, and accordion fold the tips into the center and repeat on the other side until its the width of the center cell. then gently fold/roll from the tail. I prefer clear rubbermaid bins. far superior to garbage bags...
  9. Alexg3265

    Katana's dont kill people...

    Once you fly something crossbraced you will understand. At some point you will find yourself deep in the corner and how quickly you can assess you fucked up and fix it will determine the outcome. A velo or any other cross braced wing will dig out faster and harder than a katana ever could. As soon as i got off my katana and onto a velo, it all made sense. I felt safer and more in control. It behaved and flew like a katana but had more power and the ability to dig if you need it where the katana just didnt. That being said, I loved my katana. In a pinch it will not dig you out as well as other stuff will. If you accept that then, fuck it, jump it. Katanas dont kill people, people kill themselves.
  10. Alexg3265

    X-Fire questions

    as parachute performance increases, so does its sensitivity to symmetry on opening. A minor annoyance on something more docile becomes quickly a violent malfunction when you get to smaller and faster wings. I have almost a ritual when i open high performance stuff and actively pay attention to orientation and my loading on the entire system through deployment and during inflation and am ready to give inputs if needed (not recommended)... if you have to think about what you're seeing develop and what you should do to help/stop/counteract, then it's too late.... but over time this will become second nature... and youll react and keep it on heading without consciously doing so. You need to give your openings and canopy flight the same attention you do to body awareness you do when you're really trying to hit your slot in freefall...
  11. Alexg3265

    Fluidwings Gangster

    You can actively steer the opening if you wish and is far more forgiving to accidental large inputs but it opens beautifully and mostly on heading hands off in my personal experience... I have about 50 jumps on various sizes from the 90 @2.8 to the 135 at 1.9ish and had similar results on all...
  12. Alexg3265

    Has anyone jumped the Fluid Wings Nexus?

    You must be thinking of the tesla.... The nexus has inflatable stabilizers but are laid out the same as any other traditional parachute. The tesla is extremely harness sensitive and can be flown entirely with harness till you have to flare. The nexus cannot really... it has some harness sensitivity but you need to get up into the 1.7 and up to be able to really do much with harness.
  13. Alexg3265

    Chin mounted cameras

    the rubber bands we use for packing are rated at 40lbs
  14. Alexg3265

    Price for 2nd hand reserve

    600-800 USD... ish
  15. Alexg3265

    Design for canopy carry pack

    2 rounded rectangles for front and back, one small rectangle for the bottom and 2 skinny long ones for all the way around with the zipper. Look at one. its 5 pieces and a zipper...if you want to add snaps for the risers, you can and i think you can figure it out