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  1. Well I just have bad history with Sabre 2 and it’s terrible openings along with it’s constant line twist. Atm I love the storm 135 I rent and I’m pretty set on either a semi cross braced gangster 135 or katana135. I don’t know if u can recommend either one.
  2. So I have around 500 jumps and want to buy a 135 canopy (1.05 wing load). I have researched different designs and think I prefer cross braced, besides their bad openings. I don’t really understand the difference between 500IB Vectran and 750 Vectran lines. However, I have found myself looking a lot into either a 135 katana or 135 fluid wings gangster. What would you guys recommend for a good snappy canopy that can keep dives pretty well and do fast spins. Open to other suggestions for canopies. But really don’t like saber 2. Also good to state I do a lot of front riser dives atm but hate the fast recovery that takes the toggles out of my hands, but love the quick response time for doing loops or spins.