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  1. It's not that large. It' the standard size of the manufacturer. I guess 26". But way larger than the PCs of other manufacturers. I replaced the old one because it was worn out.
  2. I tried a smaller pc and more tightly stowed lines. Every single opening is super soft now. Also jumped the "old" velo in another system: Got the same soft openings. I think my large pc needs really tight linestows.
  3. They're been loaded from 2.4 to 2.6 so I don't would call it "Light weighted" :-D
  4. Hi Alex, it's a normal DeploymentBag. It has 4 closing-grommets and all of my lines are double-stowed with rubber bands. No, I do not open head low. At hop&pop-jumps I rather open a bit head-up. Look at my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6Rhbv-iARE First 2 Jumps: terminal opening with my old lineset Next 2 Jumps: Hop&Pop-Jumps with new lineset Last jump: terminal opening with new lineset But lineset is fine and with the new velo I am experiencing the same hard openings.
  5. Hey there, in 2020 I jumped jfx 109. I got consistent soft openings until I replaced my PC with a new one (original PC and Bridle from Paratec, some buddys from my DZ are jumping exactly the same). Since the replacement I got some really hard openings. I tried different packing techniques and my openings became better but not like before. I buyed a Velo 96 and my openings were perfectly soft. Not a single hard opening, endless snivel (ok, sometimes things got a little wild) but always soft. Unfortunatly the lines had no much life left, so I replaced the lineset (500 Vectran). With the new lineset I got painful openings on hop&pop jumps. I tried one at terminal and got to the hospital. Checked the lines, checked everything, nobody found something wrong with the canopy or the lineset. Ok fuck it, new canopy. Got a comp velo 90 (500 Vectran). Tried it last weekend at hop&pop-jumps: Perfect openings - nice. Tried one at terminal: BOOM. Ok, repack - as soft as possible - BOOM. Can't turn my head without pain now. I spent hours to think about it. Can the pilot chute cause these slamming openings? Maybe line dumps (the new lines on the 96er got easier out of the stow-rubbers as the old ones?), but I always double-stow. Some ideas? My neck has no much space left for experiments.. Thank you in advance