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  1. Wow thanks that awnsered all of my questions. :)
  2. Hi ! I ear a lot about the shuman platform, wich i guess is a taper leading edge and a straight trailing edge, am i right ? I wanted to discuss on what shape ( or platform) different canopy has and how does it affect their flight ? Velos jfx, jvx are square ? Valkyries airwolf leia are round in front straight in the back ? Petra hk peregrine ? Are there canopies that are elliptical both edges ? How does it affect the flight. ?
  3. [The gangster will be below the helix ? I tought i saw a video of it swooping way further than any canopies?
  4. I'm going to florida in two month, i'll do it then. :)
  5. Were are you from? I'll be in z-hills/sebastian area 3 to 9t of march if you wanna trycit once. Air wolf 71
  6. Ok. Hard to compare to different parachutes and sizes together. I woukd say there is more power on both rears and toggles in my AW71, but they feel easier to pull, probably because the canopy is smaller. Does it makes sense ?
  7. I can try : On the fly sight for the same turn, i go 10mph faster on the air wolf at ground level. The gap was bigger than i tought between the two canopies. When i downsized from a velo 96 to a como 79 ( i had already 650 jumps on then96) the difference was very manageable. When i downsized from a comp 79cto an airwolf 71, the difference was huge !! I know i went from a "square" Canopy to a tri-tapered and downsized too. That was maybe a lot at the same time, had to be carefull. The thing that surprised me the most was not the speed but the harness response. I had to focus a lot in this. Do you have any specifics questions ?
  8. I have an airwolf 71 that i load at 2.75 with the top skin in FT-30. My friend has a valkyrie 71 that he loads at 2.9 ( he is 10 pounds more than me) when we flew together, he was sinking just a little more than me. We both do a 450 at a same pace and he has to start it 100-150 feets higher. I start my 450 just 50 feets higher than i did with my old velo comp 79. I feel like the airwolf recovers faster than the valkyrie and flys just a little more flat. At ground level, with the fly sight, our speeds were pretty much the same. Also, i feel like the ft-30 does an amazing job. Got almost 100 jumps with the airwolf snd the tissue is still as crisoy as new :) Love that canopy !!
  9. Thanks, that awnsers my question. So basically what do people do with their old sail canopy? Sell it for cheap, give them back to the company ? Also, you work at flyid wings ? I Got an air wolf with top skin in FT-30. (Love that canopy) Cool material you guys developed. If someone asks for an HKT with the same hybrid configuration than the airwolf would it be possible?
  10. In my example I'll talk to Hk ( sail) vs HKT My question is: let's say someone continues to jump an HK past 4-500 jumps, is it going to perform less than the HKT after the sail starts to be too old ? ( sorry for my bad english)
  11. Hi! I was wondering what was your opinion and feelings about when it's getting too heavy and you start to loose distsnce in swooping. I'm currently on an air wolf 71 ( wingloading 2.55 without weights, i prefer it at 2,75) Does anybody prefer to load their VK or air wolf around 3 or more? At wich point does it get too heavy for the wing ?
  12. davelepka... by a couple of jumps I ment a couple of hundred dont worry... I know 800 jumps is not that much, im just looking foward with what I should do to get to fly a xbrace canopy. An other questions. Is it possible to send a demos up to canada ?
  13. Thanks for the answers. I will for sure make a couples of jumps on a smaller katana prior to go on a crossbrace. I dont want to kill myself LOL. My questions were for after this. Im reading a lot on Jfx and I did'nt hear some negative about this canopy. The problem is I dont think I can try one before I would buy it and I did'nt see some used one for sale yet. Is it really close to the old FX ? Is there JFX demos ? how does it works to get one ? What would be the big difference between a JFX and A velo, for the same wing loading. Does a velo offers much more '' performance'' ( speed, dive, etc. ) Thanks much :) Edit to add: my main interest is in distance swoop but not a sub terminal setup. I may not be ready for the best distance canopy by now but I'd like to know what would be a good progression, and on what canopy...
  14. Hello everyone. Im new to this forum. I've been reading all the posts this summer and I've come to a question. I've been jumping a katana 120, loading it to 1.4, since 2 and a half summer. I've done 400 jumps on it ( 250 this summer) and my 270 are gettin not so bad.... I wanted to downsize next summer, going to a Xbrace... anyone would suggest me something ? I've heard a lot of good comments on JFX, but there is no used one for sale. Im looking for more performance, but I'm a safe skydiver, if I an say. What would be a good canopy for me, size, type... I know you did'nt see me landing but do you think it's ok to pass from a katana 120 to a crossbrace.? thanks in advance