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  1. I'll give her the awesome news and see if she wants me to drop it at the local DZ or one of the riggers who has a museum. Maybe use it as the go-to gear when a hijacker demands a parachute. "Walking near the edge makes you feel like a new man, and this new man wants to walk even closer to the edge!"
  2. The rest of the gear is just the backpack style carry bag, cotton suit, frap hat, ancient style Para alert?? and an Alti chest mount. I told her the worst thing she did was sit on this thing for almost 30 years. "Walking near the edge makes you feel like a new man, and this new man wants to walk even closer to the edge!"
  3. Good day all. I have a friend who used to jump in the late 80s. She bought all new gear- rig, main, reserve and only jumped it 7 times! She's had it sitting in a spare room, unpacked, for the past 15 years(approx). The container is a Vector-light pink and black. The main is a Raven 1, 170, F111, pink and black. the reserve is a Phantom 22 round, red. It tested positive for PH (remember those acid contaminations?!) but passed a tensile test on the mesh. (of course, that was in 88) Everything is in great shape visually. There is a slight "old car smell" but we're not talking about those chili/fish taco smells at 10,000 ft. She would like to know what she could get for this. I'm guessing only the container would be viable but maybe there are people looking for the other stuff. Just to be clear, I am not selling this gear in this forum. I am looking to see if this is sellable gear. "Walking near the edge makes you feel like a new man, and this new man wants to walk even closer to the edge!"
  4. PutaDC

    100-Way Diamond - Slideshow

    I just noticed the dropped/pulled grip @3:36. There must have been some nasty tension in the formation.
  5. PutaDC

    100-Way Diamond - Slideshow

    I have been way too lazy. Life must not get in the way of fun.
  6. The same argument could be made for any sport you could get hurt doing. Is it ok that you get hurt or die mountain biking? Mountain climbing? The guy just needs to act like an adult and do whatever he wants to do. My parents would feel the same whether I was hurt in a car accident, bike accident or crossing the street. Asking us how to tell his Mom he skydives? How old are you? 15?? Tell her or don't tell her. Your call. "Walking near the edge makes you feel like a new man, and this new man wants to walk even closer to the edge!"
  7. This makes my GoPro look like crap.
  8. PutaDC


    I bought it second hand and it has only failed me when I failed to change the battery on time. I have been able to make the battery last 2 seasons by removing it during the off-season. I was thinking of getting the light for it but that's just another useless gimmick you don't need to worry about at 3000 feet. Buy one.
  9. I last jumped here in 96 at the Gravity Powered Boogie. I had the same high opinion then as I do now. There are new owners and the facilities have changed slightly but I have felt more at home here than at my own DZ. I love the widebody plane! The food is excellent and you can't miss the down-east hospitality. and friendliness. This place absolutely ROCKS when there are extra jump craft around for the boogies. Stop by some day.
  10. I feel your pain! Although I never got so far as to spew blood, the pain was so unbearable on a few jumps that I HAD to pull a few thou higher. (I did a check before opening. I was the second to last jumper out ) I began to experience discomfort while progressing past 10 second delays. I initially thought it was the wind passing by my ears.(I covered the ear holes in the Protec w/ tape) I then realized it only appeared when I jumped from above 5000'. After blowing my ear drum 2 times I saw a specialist. It's called Eustcian Tube Disfunction. It's worse when you are stuffed up. Here are some ways of lessening the pain and enjoying your jumps, from my own experience and help from the specialists: 1-Don't jump with a cold! (unless he has an A Lic) 2-use decongestants even when you seem fine. (it helps open the tubes) 3-Anti-inflamatories help with any swelling/pain associated with the irritation of the ear drum. 4-I have a pack of gum in my pocket. A few seconds before the door opens I pop a pice in my mouth and chew , chew, chew my way to a comfortable opening.