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  1. Hi, I am annoyed with my freefly bungee occasionally breaking (It is a small piece of elastic, maybe 3mm). Is there any reason why you cannot connect the two legstraps with something which is stronger than just this? I was thinking of making a nice piece of flat elastic contained in a piece of tubular webbing which goes around the whole leg strap rather than through the small webbing loops, the only difference being that it would be significantly stronger than a piece of round elastic. Thanks Nadeem
  2. So a 170 is unlikely to fit into an I4?
  3. Hi Everyone, Just a quick question: Will a paratech speed 2000 170 fit into an Icon i4? While it is well within pack size in terms of the published cubic inches (307 to fit into 294-346, I am somewhat sceptical of this. Do they really pack down that much smaller? I was hoping to fit an optimum 160 in there, but they are hard to get hold of second hand, and have recently been offered the speed 2000. Has anybody got any experience of this combination? Failing that does anybody have any knowledge of the pack size of the speed 2000 in relation to say a smart 150 or PDR 143? I don't want to overstuff my rig, but I do want as big a reserve as possible, and if the speed fits as well as its published size suggests, well why the hell not. Thanks in advance. Nadeem