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  1. Hmmm, looks like a small reunion of the recent Angel Falls trip. Nice cover shot of Jo at AF on the cover of Skydiving Mag. I would be interested also, date dependant. At least I know I would stay warm with Mike coming...he's got a magic whiskey bag
  2. I wish both of you good luck. It's a tough habit to break! I'll help by giving you both $100 if you make it for 6 months without a cig. or are you quiting smoking other things?
  3. Yes, I was thinking clearly after my friend died 3 weeks ago in front of me. I made the call, I stayed at the site, I dealt with the cops just as the 3 others that were there and I'm pretty sure we all sleep better at night knowing that we stayed with a fallen brother. His family also appreciated us for not fleeing the scene like in this incident. Maybe people should think more of others than of themselves once in a while... the world might be a better place if we did. Jason
  4. I'm sorry for your loss, I know what you must be going through right now and I appologise for the childish actions of the other jumper. If Mike sat there until your son died then he had time to do someting to save him. I know this must be very tough on you and I appreciate you not holding it against the community in general. On New Years eve, I had to deal with the same decisions as Mike and I chose to stay and be with my dead friend and to be there for my other friends who were also present at the time of the accident. It's a personal choice but a persons true character shows in times of tradegy, that's why jumpers need to choose their jump partners wisely as you stated. I hope soon you will be able to put this issue to rest. My thoughts are with you. Jason
  5. Dude, from your original post it doesn't sound as if you are looking for any help with anything... except a stroking of your EGO Look at me! Look at me!! I'm a BASE jumper!.... If you want helpful posts or are looking for advice why not post something that garners a helpful response? You mentioned that you were only putting up the video because you were asked to right? Well, I don't see any posts before your 1st post asking you to share the video... You just said you'd be posting it as soon as possible. Let me stroke your ego some more Leroy hows that?? Check the pic of Mr. cool at Bridge Day this year....if that isn't someone starved for attention then I don't know what is.... ************************NEWS FLASH************************ For Immediate release: World famous 'basejumper', (I use this term lightly) Le Roydb has once again stunned the BASE jumping community with his expertise, cunning, stealthiness, knowledge and just plain humbleness on yet another post on For more information on how you too can be cool and gain the respect of your fellow jumpers please refer to every post Le Roy has made... all 5000 of them Courses are now available. No experience or gear necessary. All you need is to worship the almighty Leroy db! **********************End press release********************** *edited to add the DB after Le Roy for fear of jumpers getting confused!
  6. It sounds as if Scotts friend(on the news) knows more than we think. He said that Scott was still alive with a broken neck and back when he was left for dead. If he knows this then he knows where to locate the body.
  7. Can you explain why would this be so? Sometimes if you have light pin tension, the drag from just the bridle is enough to pop the pins. Jason 570
  8. I have taken that Wilderness First Aid course from the Red Cross here in NC and it's well worth the money. Mine was over a weekend (Sat. and Sun.). I would recommend it to all BASE jumpers. It might save your buddies life someday. Jason 570
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    Hey asshole... stop repeating my posts!!!! I know you want to be like me but really, get a life! Or an MTV life Hope to see ya soon! Jason 570
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    There are a few really nice buildings in Caracas but it might be difficult jumping them since they have had a bit of civil unrest in Caracas with the housing shortages. I know when we were there in Dec. there was an attempt at a certain "B" (you'll know it if you see it) but the jumper was turned back my the military that was patrolling. We also drove over a 200ft bridge that the locals jumped on our way from the airport to the city proper but unfotunatly that bridge has collapsed(or is very near it) since then due to poor maitenance and a recent landslide. Jason 570
  11. Why is Ray smelling your shoulder in that picture? I hope his head has returned to normal size after that poison frog attack!! Jason 570
  12. Show us how you feel, Gooner
  13. I know who the jumper is Not sure how much of the show will have BASE since he also does something else that's pretty cool.
  14. I agree cool logo, Tom M. loved them damn things. It's cool he sent that to you KMonster. We left him one at the "A" Stay safe Jason
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    are you drunk? Have you hit your head? I can barely make out your post, it's one huge sentence and in some other language. BS'ing the cops is not a smart idea either, especially in your heavily touted invisible camo's
  16. Jeez dude!!! How far up Johnny Utah's ass are you going to go?? It looks like you have fallen for Johnny and his nice resume he's got up. I know more than 20 people who have similar or better resume's, if you want to call it that, they just aren't as vocal about it. Does this make them any less credible? I don't think so....Just because someone makes themselves more visible doesn't always make them right. johnny and Ray are both well seasoned jumpers with tons of knowledge but there are many more with just as valuable information, you shouldn't discount their input, especially only having 17 BASE jumps yourself. I think that in the end as we are towing a pc in, we will find out that SHIT HAPPENS. PC's will hesitate for no apparent reason(stowed and handheld) and we don't currently have the technology, capacity or tens of thousands of test jumps in controlled conditions to figure out why. So what should we do? Make the jumps as safe as we personally feel is adequate, be it stowed or handheld, regular or super dooper mushroom. Oh, and keep looking for an answer even though there may be none. Just out of curiosity, did you take a Johnny U. FJC? Jason
  17. 5) I'm suprised no one has mentioned that by trying to stuff a huge PC into your normal PC pouch will stretch it out. If you regularily go from big PC to small PC on the same rig you are risking the smaller PC slipping out on terminal delays from the loose pouch. I almost always go handheld when doing slider down jumps. Especially with 46' or 48' PC's. Do you really want to deal with a PC delay or a missed grab when you're that low?? If the exit is that sketchy where I have to stow a big PC, I probably won't make that jump or I'll find another way to do it. Have you thought of doing a SL from a lower more easily accessable exit point? Do you really need to go from the top? The above mentioned stowed from 250ft with a 42"pc sounds like trouble waiting to happen to me (but I'm more on the conservative/want to live a long time side). Oh, I also have 'hundreds' of test jumps going handheld from low altitudes and haven't had a problem with my technic either Jason
  18. I can't sleep so I was sitting here looking through Tom's last logbook and thought everyone might like to see some of his jump stats. He kept meticulous records of all of his jumps. Total of 1869 Jumps of that.. 1697 were Potato Bridge jumps and he climbed out over 1315 times (640,000ft or over 121miles!). In August he jumped almost every day totalling over 105 jumps so that makes about 51,000ft climbed for the month. B-2 A-82 S-1729 E-54 O-6 46 Objects His jump #'s under his canopies... Fox-538 Dagger-506 Black Jack1-390 Black Jack2-61 Rock Dragon-40 Stratocloud-9 And there is still 300 or so that are not mentioned in this logbook. miss you Tom
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    What if?

    You mean like this? Sorry Tom I already have that market firmly in my grasp Jason
  20. I agree, Toms family was extremely kind and gracious to the the jumpers that showed up at the Funeral today. His sister especially went out of her way to make us feel welcomed. A great group of people. Thanks to all the family members. I see where Tom got his kind heart from. It showed from his aunts down to his nephews, and everyone in between. They have my deepest condolences and sympathies and my upmost respect. Sincerely Mike Bartlett I agree with everything Mike and Tony have stated above, Tom's entire family made us feel as though we were one of their family. This has been a very difficult few days... watching a friend go in and then having to meet with family members to explain what happened and why their loved one has died. You have no idea how they(the family) will receive you. Will they feel your pain and greef? Will they hate you and blame you for the accident? Will they scream and yell or listen and understand? These are just some of the questions going through yopur head before you have a meeting like this. When Blair and I arrived at their home, they welcomed us with open arms. They felt our pain and we felt theirs, we laughed and cried. They felt no ill will towards us and that made it much easier to deal with. Which brings me to a point I would like to make... Why do you think Tom's family was so understanding? Part of the reason is because they knew what Tom loved to do. They have for a long time. I'm sure he had this talk with his family long ago and they understood where he was coming from and accepted him for it. I could see that in their actions and words these last few days. That being said, I URGE everyone who has not spoken with their families about their BASE jumping to do so as soon as possible. It will help both your family and friends deal with the grieving process and keep hard feelings at bay. And not cause any unecessary blame on jumpers, structure owners, athorities, etc. One last thing I want to say is thank you to my 3 friends who were there. They all exhibited the kind of brotherhood you look for in a friend and BASE companion. They stood by each other through the good or bad, they came together as a team in rough times, everyone kept a cool head about themselves and dealt with the situation, and they also have been there for each other after the accident. I would gladly have them by my side in any battle having no reservations about whether or not they can handle the worst possible crisis... although I knew this beforehand, now it has been proven. Thank you Mike, Blair and TJ. Mark, I thank you too. You have gone above and beyond what you needed to do and i thank you just as the whole family does. Also, Blair made a great speech today at the funeral on behalf of the jumping community. Maybe he'll post it, although I'm not sure if he wrote it out or not. A quote used at Tom's service:(long version) "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure." Helen Keller Nerdgirl: nice quote about Buddhism. Tom was a Buddhist(how strict?? we'll never know) so if anyone is interested in their philosophy on life and death, here is a short essay. I think Tom was doing pretty good in the Karma department
  21. Tom's web page can be seen here BASE 652 1869 BASE jumps His family would love to have pictures of Tom, so to keep them from getting a thousand different discs I told them I would collect them and put them on one disc so please email me any pictures of Tom you have (PM me for email address). Miss you brother Sorry our New Years toast never happened 570
  22. You're directly in the center top of the pic... White center cell. 90 degree off heading to your right. Nice pictures by the way
  23. I ordered mine from here.... so far I love them. Very nice boots. Jason 570
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    Thanks everyone for the info
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    I will be in Brazil (Ilheus area) at the end of March begining of April, anyone around? Anything to jump? Have rig, will travel! Thanks, Jason 570