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  1. Happy early birthday... btw, what is that orange globe on your head in the pic?
  2. Nice... I knew you would get back at that monkey I thought you were going to use it for experimental testing not shoot the damn thing... oh well, I hope this will help you move forward. Did you have her stuffed? Jason
  3. Busy...very busy. Plus those dead people in your leg freak me out and another won't name your baby after me and I'm not that old you bastard!!!
  4. Actually a good BASE number would be 1140 be cause it's double mine I guess I'm getting old
  5. Don't forget how to pack now that you're doing all those re-TARDed jumps congrats to ERIC With his "E" jump completed last week in Moab Eric qualified for his BASE #!!!!! Nice work Any wagers on what his number will be? My guess is 1122
  6. some cranes that do not have a center walkway have a 6" to 8" beam on the outside you walk along. They will have a safety cable attached so bring along a biner or two and some webbing and you're good to go. **suggestion** do not touch the lifting cable or spooled cable... it's covered in grease
  7. base570

    NW Canada

    LFT seems to be the best bet, although many more seem really good! The meadow looks extremely inviting for landing if you can make it Jason 570
  8. cafe' in Australia that I took a few weeks ago.
  9. my list is actually much longer but it has some of the same things you have listed. Some of the things you want to do are not really my idea of fun things though. I'm slowly checking off my list! In Reply To 1. Have a 180 and get away with it done 2. Do Elcap next year 3. Break a bone hopefully never 4. Get chased by the police after a jump yep 5. Take someone for their first jump done 6. F*ck on top of an object then jump. done 7. Jump a building in a busy city at night onto the street done 8. Make a pilgrimage to Kjerag done1999 9. have a 180 and object strike unfortunatly 10. Do Trllspire someday 11. Do a European road trip Yup 5weeks 12. Do one of the events in Malaysia In a month I'll be there 13. Make your mates draw straws at the exit point. Laugh at the person who draws the short one. Then make them go first. Or last. not into this one... I think this is Australian 14. Find a new site. yep about 40 so far 15. Get your base number, or at least qualify for it. done 570 16. Go to Bridge Day done many times 17. Climb the outside of a pretty big tower or crane with your rig in a stash bag. No safety devices allowed. don't understand this one 18. Rock climb a wall...and then jump off it. depends on your definition of rock climb 19. Do an expedition to Baffin someday I'll get there 20. Make a tree landing El Gigante 21. Take your wingsuit off one not yet 22. Do a road trip in Russia oneday 23. Jump a rig that has been packed for at least 12 months. done 24. Jump a converted skydiving set up 1st 5 jumps at Bridge Day Wonderhog/Pegasus 220 25. The waterfall in venezuela sweet jump 26. The cave in mexico as soon as that bitch opens back up! 27. Do a Very Dangerous Jump with kneepads as your only protective equipment not smart but did it 28. Do a jump without being exactly sure wether you are packed slider up or slider down. don't see why you would want to do this 29. Jump the mushroom maybe next time I'm in Switz. 30. Climb down from an object in perfect conditions just because you don't feel jumping it... more than once 31. Meet Tom Aiello and try to find out which of all the stories are true none of his stories are true BTW 32. Hand your gear over to rangers after a jump screw that 33. Get launched sounds interesting 34. organize a legal event on some cool object working on it 35. do some stupid s**t just because you feel like really wanna do something really crazy and stupid yep, know better now 36. jump some object with no nice landing under it, hoping to land just somewhere many jumps don’t have nice LZ’s 37. try to get sponsored for a nice road trip and spam some big company with the base tales don’t need this kind of ego boost 38. f**k another basejumper well, she had 1 jump. That counts right? 39. spend a night on the top of the cliff waiting for the good weather. Canopy should be used as a sleepingbag brrr cold! 40. Tell your wife you will remember the flowers and then end the phonecall because you hear the helicopter coming to pick you up off a wall after a 180 with a cliff strike... not going to try this one 41. Teach someone to pack and jump their packjob yep 42. pack for your friends on the same load done 43. do a solo jump and don't ever tell anybody about it done 44. do a floater off something other than a bridge not yet 45. jump while it's snowing awesome visuals 46. jump when it's so dark you cannot see the ground, just go into half brakes and prepare to PLF when you think you're close… no visuals! 47: Convince a police car to give you the exit count with their loudspeaker while parked below the B you are jumping..... don’t think this would fly around here 48. Make a high voltage power line landing. screw that one 49. Land back on/in the Antenna you jumped from. unfortunately.. 50. Land back inside a building you jumped from I’ll pass, thank you 51. Strike guy wires and get away with it. same as above 52.Jump into a canyon with no idea how you will get back out of it. sort of… 53.Jump above the clouds, land below them a favorite 54.Naked BASE NAKED BASE #15 55.Have a drink/smoke with your friends at the top of an object one is enough 56.Watch the sunrise from an object always nice 57.Pack when it's so dark you can't see it’s called Braille packing 58.BASE road trip sure, lots of times 59.Have a 180 with line twists try not to! 60. jump in fog so thick u cant see the ground yep but one jumper out of the 10 died 61. do a tard over off all 4 objects only for idiots 62. and ow yah jump really fucked up with a loaded pistol in your pants so if u crash u shoot your dick off that’s an awefully tall order when you ain’t got no dick maggot! my additions 63. Make an indoor jump made 2 64. jump from a National Monument check 65. jump from a moving vehicle car or train working on it 66. make a jump on every continent will be done 67. no rig jump...nope 68. retire from BASE with no injuries so far so good… 69.climb an AM antenna or any antenna with a lot of transmitters on it not being sure is it working or not and how excatly does it work. nope 70. do a night jump from a tall cliff yep --edited to add ones from lika that were added before I was done! OK so that's 43 out of 70 and some I hope to never do!! nice one BTW YURI!!!!!
  10. You should have been wearing that wedding dress I saw you in a couple of years ago in GA to make the jump even better, knucklehead
  11. So were you jumping your ultra hip Raven when you were "hanging" around Moab? Performing a TARD over off a cliff, using shallow brake settings, was not the canopies fault. I know you're right.... it was user error
  12. So were you jumping your ultra hip Raven when you were "hanging" around Moab?
  13. I can understand that skydiving can become less attractive and not as fun but I am not talking about having fun, I'm talking about learning the skills you may need to save your ass in a somewhat safe environment. Too many people are trying to get into BASE and they don't even know BASIC canopy skills and they don't even want to learn them. This totally boggles my mind... I think that people just are not taking the risks involved in BASE seriously anymore. I think people are just too wrapped up in their 'got to have it now' attitudes. I really hope this is not you, but from what I'm seeing... it is. BASE IS a dangerous activity.... period. Don't think anthing different, and don't let anyone else tell you differently. Please respect is accordingly
  14. Yes there are... and NO I'm not interested in teaching you with only 120 skydives in 3 years At 40 jumps per year you are not current enough and you don't have enough experience overall. Do yourself a favor and make more skydives. Jason
  15. I'm pretty sure RH knows about this jump. I think I have a picture of the tower in question somewhere.... if it's the one I'm thinking of they cut off the top half of it . Now it only stands about 500-600ft tall. Jason
  16. If you don't want anyone to see you and you don't want to get caught, try jumping at night. It's not that scary Jason 570
  17. Don't get me wrong... we were prepared for the jump. We got the same great info from JM. We went up to the top with gear and warm sleeping bags but it still got really cold at the top. We exited at the proper spot but due to funky winds we only made it half way down the mountain, landing on the little road that zig zagged it's way down. It sounds like we were there the same time you were... we must have missed you by a few days. We did run into DW at the dam a few days before this jump. He was jumping his skyboard.... I thought he was crazy! He performed the jump very well, doing his intended front flip, but ended up having a 120 off heading with a twist. He corrected it and landed uneventfully. Were you there too? I only remember him jumping but there was someone with him. BTW, Nice pic of the cable car jump. catch ya later, Jason 570
  18. I also visited this spot back in 1999. It is for sure a sketchy exit!! It seemed like the wind was constantly blowing and it was as cold as a witches tit. 515 and I decided to scrap our plans to jump this and decided to move across the valley and jump some cable cars instead. This jump was no piece of cake either.... we almost froze to death sleeping atop the mountain waiting for dawn and our ride to start up! And talk about strange having to 'spot' your exit point... I thought you only did that in skydiving! 515 almost broke his ankle trying to land in squirrely winds on a 45degree slope. We then had to hike out for 2 hours. Still one of my favorite jumps to this day as I'm sure 515 will agree. And not a bad consolation prize either. Congrats to the few brave/crazy soles who have managed to get off it. I'll get back there some day..... Jason 570
  19. Ha ha I'm not laughing at you, I swear! At least you didn't end up with a busted chin Glad you at least put up a fight! Cya, Jason
  20. An escort would be great for Rob!!! He likes tall Swedish men I heard
  21. base570

    Illegal Drugs

    Oh, I haven't forgotten about Salvia. I tried her about 6 years ago and didn't get any effects... but I recently tried her again while in Brazil while on an Ayahuasca journey. I hit level 6, which is a bit disappointing since I was wanting to remember something. One of the things that I have witnessed when people try this herb is that uncontrollable laughter occurs. I'm not sure if it's out of pure fright or just sheer amazement. Slavia is a very strong hallicinogen and should be taken wisely and only for spirtual journeys, in my opinion. Salvia along with a few other entheogens should not be used for recreational purposes because the user will not get the true meaning behind the colors and visions and therefore only see the 'drug' as a 'drug' and not what it really is... which in my opinion is a mind expanding, ego busting, inner-self exploratory device. As you said it is not physically addictive like most 'drugs', in fact none of the 'drugs' I list as entheogens are addictive. Natural drugs such as mushrooms, salvia, marajuana, kratom, iboga, peyote, lsd and ayahuasca to name a few, if used correctly, are here to help us see what is truly important in life. They help us to break free from the mental chains that bind us in this reality and also stop addictions that may be destroying us. These 'drugs' are truly mind expanders and it's a damn shame they are looked at with such disgust by the general public. The world governments have done a great job of scaring 'us' into believing we will go crazy by trying these entheogens. Always be safe when trying new things and remember that the 'Set and Setting' play a huge role in what you may or may not get out of your experience. Oh and have a sitter to help you in case you start to freak Jason
  22. not really. officially it is a "B". At the risk of stirring up the ongoing debate on object classification... It doesn't have the "B" hazards. It does however, meet the parameters of an "S", in spite of being indoors. 359 I logged my two indoor jumps as "O"'s. Whether it is logged as an SO(or)B, it's still a very unique jump. Nice work to all who put together the German BASE cup!! I'll be expecting my invitaion for next years event So were there any weather holds? I know how those tropical beach areas can get Cya, Jason
  23. I'll be in Brazil for 2 weeks starting tomorrow