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  1. Brandy, when are the t-shirts coming out? miss you
  2. Malaysia and like she said in a previous post... if you get hurt there make sure they take you to Pantai medical. The other hospital wasn't even recommended by the staff
  3. Sorry but I'll have to disagree with you on this. I have met people who cannot even pack their own BASE gear and who rely on others to 'make it safe' for them. These are people with more money than brains... and it isn't saying that they are rich, maybe they just don't have much in the brain catagory. It's actually quite scary when you meet these types because you know that it's only a matter of time before they really get injured from a jump. One person that comes to mind took a FJC but must not have paid attention AT ALL. They showed absolutly no knowledge of BASE or of the dangers associated with it. Shit they didn't even know how to dry a wet canopy Unfortunate but true.... 570
  4. Are you kidding me??? You want to get into BASE? Why would you want to do something so asinine as that when you can LEVITATE?????? I would much rather be able to defy gravity than to be it's slave!
  5. base570

    BC, PNW

    thanks bro, I too have friends in Seattle... no problems there. Even made a few choice jumps in the state a while back. One, sadly, is no longer with us I also got to make one off that nice 370ft 'S'. I was planning on swinging by there too! you might want to remove the name of the bridge site so as not to draw heat to the locals object
  6. base570

    BC, PNW

    My wife is thinking of going back to college so we will be checking out the schools in the following areas from 4/19 through 4/27. I might be able to get away for a few hours to make a jump. Anyone around? Lots of driving so I may not have much time... Seattle to Vancouver 4/19 and 4/20
  7. Yep! Who said I stopped jumping? No need to fight
  8. Dawn, you can make any jeans look sexy
  9. I thought this was another of Miles 'look at me videos'... I was mistaken it's some other YouTube superstar Try not to kill yourself. Waaaaaaahhhhoooooooooo
  10. Do tell... all of the local NC jumpers are waiting with bated breath Seems like only out-of-towners know about this 'supposed' park...curious.
  11. base570


    wow brother...... This came as quite the suprise to me and I don't know how to take it. We have been jumping together since the beginning. Always competing. always searching,always having a blast. We enjoyed too many exit points to name and opened up nearly everything we found in North Carolina. You helped me in all aspects of jumping and I thank you for that.... you rock! You were there for my 1st building, Antenna and earth along with hundreds that were to follow. We suffered bad times as well as had really great times. We travelled over Europe in 1999 and learned a lot, saw a lot and met a lot of people. We dealt with our first tradegy that same trip when Thor Alex went in, unfortunatly that would not be the last death we would see We have jumped from the tallest manmade structures on earth and we have jumped some pretty low shit but no matter what, I enjoyed them all. You have served BASE and your state (NC) very well over the years and anything new that you do will hopefully bring you as much joy as I know BASE has. Thanks for having my back all these years and I hope to retire injury free like you some day... although I think I'm going for 1000 PS- for those of you wondering.. Mike is getting out because he just couldn't compete with me any longer. He only has a lower BASE number than me and that is killing him inside. His night number is higher, his naked number is higher. I beat him to 500 jumps, he can't do aeriels, I opened more objects than him, I have more total objects than him etc. etc. I'm sorry Mike, I know it's hard to deal with but quitting???? Love ya bro, can;t wait to see your next adventure.... Jason 570
  12. Airbag fall
  13. base570

    New Mexico

    I'll be in Albuquerque, NM Feb. 15-20. Any locals around? Will travel around if need be
  14. There's really only one Yuri... and thank god for that!!! Although I think most russians named yuri are kinda sketchy Outrager is the real Yuri and has been jumping longer than all the other Yuri's put together! Actually I think the other Yuri's are the illegitimate love children of the real Yuri(416).
  15. Tracking suits are no problem. I would definatly take it slow and work your way up to an antenna flight with a wingsuit... a lot can go wrong PM sent
  16. A bunch of years ago I took Yuri out for his first wingsuit 'A'. Exit altitude was around 1800ft. It was blowing pretty hard and Yuri left a bit head high. The wind caught his wings and proceeded to flip him on his back Being the smooth character he is, Yuri just continued his gainer/barrel roll and jetted down the guy wire attachments. He took a good delay... if you were wondering. The 2nd was better though. I'll see if I can locate the video. So if you plan on exiting in high winds I would go into a dive or just get comfortable doing the gainer. Also, make sure you have a decent place to launch from... climbing out through the crossbars on some 'A's can be a bitch even without a wingsuit. Jason Night #102
  17. Actually... it's the 'across the street' neighbor of the beast. The true neighbor of the beast is 668 and he would like to be recognized as such! 667/JW is keeping the beast across the street where he can keep an eye on him better.
  18. doing great how bout yourself.... Absolutly agree with you about douggs, outstanding individual and I have nothing bad to say about him. He continues to bring many things to BASE and expand it's boundaries. I also think the pictures are well taken, I just wasn't expecting to see them pop up on the BASE site. I have not been able to log onto the POTN site so I can't comment on that but I'm sure it was done in a way as not to shed poor light on the sport but I do have to ask for what purpose, other than artistic, were they taken? Can it be used in an advertisement of some sort? Will I be seeing Douggs on the back of Skydiving magazine hocking rigs? have a great 1 570
  19. Try these. BASE 515 said they are his favorites More can be found here My question is, what is the point of doing this? Just wondering? I was looking on the site for BASE jumping stuff not this
  20. base570

    BASE 652

    Tom, thanks for helping us get the old sister up and running... I know you unlocked that door for us
  21. I made a few BASE jumps there in October 2001 and spent a few hours in the local jail They made a big stink about terrorists or something. Don't know why, it was way before the terrorists started BASEing. 570
  22. base570


    Yeah, beware of the 'wheelchair' Pablo we miss you!
  23. Clutch rocks! the dude on the unicycle is ok I guess. Hope he is wearing a cup
  24. base570


    Please be safe this weekend at the bridge and surrounding areas. Don't try anything too stupid and get yo'selves hurt 570
  25. He wasn't that low and he didn't have an off heading.... maybe they made two jumps.