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  1. Just for info, its possible to jump with Holguin, from an AN2. It's a basic 1 load a day tandem factory deal before the a/c goes and does other stuff, but fun nevertheless. They happily accept experienced jumpers, usually landing on the beaches in front of your hotel. Call 0053 244 30695 for info, ask for Orlando. Worth taking your rig with you!
  2. Hi everyone, I've searched and apparently missed there being a DZ in Aruba, but I'm there next week with work and was wondering which are the closest options? Cheers
  3. Thanks very much. Are you able to tell me how far each drive is, and which DZ would be the best to go to? I'll be in Natal with work, and so will probably stay near the DZ if possible!
  4. Hi there, I'm off to Natal this winter, and need to find a DZ as close as possible to Natal in Brazil. I'd appreciate any help or recommendations! Cheers
  5. Hi guys and girls. I was just wondering which is the best DZ in the area to head out to when I'm visiting next month. I'll have a car and can travel within reason. I need to get as many jumps in as possible, so I need a busy place. I've looked at the locator on the site, but I could do with some local help! Cheers, Nick
  6. well, that's it really! I'm off there on Dec 24th for 5 nights and wouldn't mind getting some in. There's not much info I could find, so anything would be great! Cheers
  7. There's a dropzone out there (called Via Blanca I think) in Varadero. The guys there are great, plus all the kits good- I've been jumping a Javlein Odessey 260 of theirs, spot on. The only down side is it's a tandem factory, and needs at least 2 to get their Antonov 2 (an experience in itself!!) flown in- it's not their a/c. You'll do maybe 2 or 3 a day if you're lucky and you've got the time- it's all a bit slow! Saying that, it's better than not jumping, and I landed on the beach next to our hotel for the first time yesterday which was pretty good. Call Lazaro at the centre on 667256 and he'll fill you in. The dropzone finder on this site needs updating, as this centre seems to come and go on it! Go there and you'll have a laugh- I'll write a review when I get round to it! hope that helps