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  1. Imposter hat?? I'm thinking imposter post. Can't you all see the hidden message? He's a drug dealer!! Those monkeys are all "juiced " up. From the picture it looks like they took a whole cap-full. Yo Leroy where's my crack I paid fo??
  2. Hey Ron, your experience with Merlin Suits sounds like my teams experiences with Michigan. Over the last 5 years I have had at least 8 Michigan suits custom made and not one fit correctly. The past batch was really shabby workmanship and the suits fell apart after just one or two weekends. It's sad to see the quality going downhill on his suits, I always thought they were the most well constructed suits out there and they could take a lot of abuse, not so anymore I guess. Getting the suits was also like pulling teeth. We were getting 2 suits a year with the second suits arriving a few months before Nationals so we could fly in them and get alterations (if needed) before the big show. Well, almost every year the second suits would come in a week before Nationals (if at all) and not fit. I don't think that in all the years that I have competed at Nationals my team has had the same suits. I couldn't understand why Mike would allow our team that was supposedly representing his company to go to the Nationals and look like, well... crap. Oh well, those are just my experiences with Michigan Suits. I will say that the booties are the best out there... when they fit Peace Jason
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    King Kahones

    What up Chuck?? Just wondering... Don't you have to be a "regular jumper" to speak for regular jumpers? I didn't know you BASE. How come we haven't been jumping together if you are into BASE? While I would never do what *A**** did, and I think it was really dumb, I don't think he did a disservice to other jumpers. So many crazy things have been done from that bridge, it was just a matter of time before someone did it. I don't think that his jump was the whole reason for the "ban" at Bridge Day. You said that it was " not BASE gear" well at Bridge Day most of the gear is not BASE gear, it's modified skydiving gear, which is what *A**** had. Albeit very small gear!! I think the opening would have been fine had he not threw the "WAD", it spun as he released it. At least he had enough experience as a BASE jumper and skydiver to know the dangers he was getting into and what little time he had and he aimed for the water, which is more than I can say for a lot of "newbies" who jump modified skydiving gear. I can remember a guy who almost lost both his legs cause he jumped his Sabre, had line twists, did not see the urgency in getting out of them, then once out he set up over the RR tracks and proceeded to do a low toggle turn which plowed him straight into the tracks. I think people like this are doing the disservice to BASE jumpers, not *A****. People that don't realize the dangers involved, who blindly jump with little knowledge of what they are jumping and can barely control the canopy at the dropzone let alone at a BASE site, those are the people hurting BASE. People with little skill and even less brains. Anyway, are you coming up my way for the boogie? If so bring your BASE gear and we'll make a jump. Jason PS - I just call them "nuts"
  4. Thank you Chris for reminding me who my team mates were and what team I was on, I would have most certainly forgotten. If your only concern was for jumpers safety why didn't you call our mutual friend Matt and ask him about it?? After all he is the new manager of CSS. He would certainly know the scoop for you. People that want to know about it can and will find out about it because it is public information.I just thought it was in pretty poor taste that you post all of that info on this board and then question the safety of the planes. As for the thread being dead, well I'm sorry for not being chained to my computer like you and posting responses in ten minutes. I only heard about it this past weekend while on a BASE trip when a guy from Indy told me about it. Less yak more pack!!!!! You should really get out and jump more instead of trying to stay on top of the latest gossip and get into everyones business
  5. QuoteWell.......not a rumor. According to the North Carolina Bankruptcy courts. The reason I post this is because I am concerned for jumpers' safety in jump planes. An operation that can't pay its' bills might have trouble paying for maintenance on its' planes. That is all. Be an informed consumer. I doubt very seriously that the reason you posted this is because of your "concern" for jumpers safety. If this were the case why not just call him up and ask?? Or how about doing your own research online (as you can see it's public info that's easily obtainable) instead of posting on this board? It sounds to me like you have a personal beef with Paul. Or possibly your just the type of person who likes to hear himself talk, and has to do things like this to "try" to feel important. I don't know you or your hidden agenda but I do know Paul and I know that safety is the top priority. I really hope this is not a dig at the maintenance crew at Fayard Enterprises either. I know most, if not all of the professionals who work on his planes and they would really take offense to someone inferring that they did 'poor maintenance' or 'let things slide'. Many of them jump the same planes they work on... so why would they do a half ass job??? Why would they put themselves in danger? I realize that not everyone likes Paul or agrees with everything he does, but take your personal beef and your hidden agendas into a private arena, face to face with Paul and deal with them like a real man would, not like a coward. Jason M. Active jumper at Carolina Sky Sports for over 8 years.
  6. A friend of mine uses a piece of masking tape on the control lines on slider up jumps. Double wrapped with the sticky part on the outside. Personally I don't use any type of tail gait on my slider up jumps (125+). Interesting theory but I'm not sold on the idea yet. I'll let him do some more test jumps. 570
  7. I really don't agree with the whole "escape parachute idea". I think it will cause more deaths than it will save. The normal citizen in a high stress situation like where these chutes are designed for, is bound to make the wrong decision at some point in the equation or mis-rig something that will cause them to die when they could have maybe fled the building differently (static-line, putting the harness on right, clearing the glass from the window (311), going to the other side of the building to jump so the chute doesn't keep slamming them into the building, avoiding obstacles, etc.) Yeah, that big ass concrete thing was just waiting to kiss the dude on the video!! Which supports my view. If he had not turned the canopy after opening he might very well have hit it. Plus, is a normal citizen going to know how to PLF? (Although the one on the video wasn't that good, so I guess they can get away with that) Also, how many buildings have grassy landing areas around them??? The tests that are being done are just not realistic. We all know the chutes will open and MIGHT save a life but add in all the other factors in a high stress situation that might go wrong plus throw in someone who has no experience with canopies and your just asking for a slaughter BASE 570
  8. Damn, they are falling all over the place recently. In the same story they reported 1 other one falling.One in PORTSMOUTH, OHIO; 660 ft. Plus another is ready to topple from the ice they said. Ice certainly is a bad thing on towers, especially when it begins to melt unevenly. We had a 2000ft tower go down in NC from ice in the early 1990's. At least with ice the towers have a fighting chance... we lost a 1750ft. one last year due to a plane colliding with it. Talk about massive destruction. I went and checked out the carnage after it went down, it was amazing seeing all that steel broken and twited. Video is amazing. The classic line from a buddy of mine as we looked over the site... "I told you we shouldn't have put 4 on the elevator!!" Oh how I miss her Jason BASE 570
  9. A wonderful friend of mine has decided that I need to get away for my 30th birthday, so she is taking me to AZ . We will be there March 7-11. We don't have any real plans yet, just looking to have some fun in the sun and get away from this cold/windy weather back home. I would like to make some BASE jumps while I'm in the area, anyone willing to share some sites?? Of course I'm willing to return the favor if you come to my area... you won't be dissappointed
  10. I made 101 last year. Not as many as I would have liked but.... 24 objects 15 new (for me) objects 9 I opened up (I love vigins!) B=5 A=13 S=3 E=1 O=2 Jason BASE 570 ps - Spence, looks like jump 420 is close or has happened... and special plans?? Just trying to get some ideas, I'll be there soon!
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    Is this an S?

    I was priviledged enough to jump a cable car that spanned a gorge, sure it wasn't as bright and cheery as your site but still the same principal. I logged it as an "O" for other. I log my "unusual" jumps in this category, objects such as a crane, lighthouse, dam, indoor jump, power tower, smokestack(soon!). Some people might not agree, and it's true that you could put them in other categories, I just feel like they deserve a special place in my logbook because they usually require a lot more work to get the jump off. Part of the NC crew (myself, Tracy, and Eric (RIP)) thought about the whole power line jump for a long time after we had jumped a 210 ft. power tower that had lines spanning across a lake. Yeah your right about the hardest part being getting on the wire without being fried. The other parts were a bit easier... we figured that we could use a zip line type pulley wheel to zip down the line. (we had just put up a small version, 200 ft long, tree to ground over a lake so the wheels in our head were turning already) Then all we had to do was release at the proper exit point (BASE spotting 101
  12. My first jump was Bridge Day '96. Got real BASE gear in '98 after 5 jumps with gutter gear at the Bridge. Best investment I have ever made. So, if i'll be 30 next month it looks like I started when I was 24. Geez, I'm getting old!!
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    Who said you need a key to get the elevator running?? Although I wouldn't know a thing about that. 570