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  1. I just heard the news this evening. The best magazine on the planet, how can this be? Crazy times for sure. Thank you Mike, Sue and Sandy! I have appreciated your work for many years. Going to the mailbox is generally not an exciting event. However, when I open the lid and see Skydiving Magazine there…yeah baby, today my mind gets to travel the world with sweaty palms. Best wishes to you all, I hope our paths cross soon. Blue Skies! Baz
  2. Thanks Frost! I truly appreciate your compliments. Noah's Miracle Man was definitely one of the hottest tricks of the day. When he landed it, the crowd went absolutely nuts!
  3. Thanks Guys! I really had a great time. You guys ROCK! Spizzarko, that was an awesome trick but your landing celebration was a classic. I was laughin’ my ass off! They should give you your own HBO special, that was a freakin’ riot.
  4. The CPC/PST events were both awesome! It was great to see you all again. I've attached a few pics from the events. There are also about 600 more posted on my site at Hope to CYA again soon! Baz
  5. …and don’t forget to pick up a dozen cases of beer while you’re at it. Make sure it’s the good stuff! Oh yeah, and a Buffalo Chip every morning for breakfast!
  6. Clicky Great Shots James!
  7. Thanks for the mention Stu! It was great to CYA all again! You’re all amazing. You’re talents, personalities and energy go far beyond what you might imagine. Hell, I’m still smiling. Although it’s a competition it doesn’t really feel that way. Wish that I could have stayed for the Freestyle. As my flight left for CA Sat morn I just shook my head, I felt robbed. My thoughts were with you. To watch you fly is a privilege. Hope you all come back again next year. For the competitors, if there are any shots you would like either for yourself or your sponsors just email me. Have Fun! Baz These are a few pics from the PST @ Mile Hi. (100K file size limit is slightly restrictive so I opted for links)
  8. Jackie, your photos are Outstanding! Beautiful Work, Great Eye, Perfect Exposures! btw: Thanks for the mention guys! It was a great weekend! Jackie, I won’t distract your thread further. Love your work! Hope to CYA soon! Baz
  9. Hey Hank! You Rock! (and Ice crazy mofo) Congratulations! Nice one Bro!
  10. Hey Drew, I’ve just returned from a walkabout. I agree! Actually, I consider it a great stunt. The conditions were absolutely miserable. The rain was pouring down and it was near freezing. That kind of takes the fun out of a great dream. Jimmy stepped up and pulled the stunt off flawlessly. His planning, experience and his team shined big time. You could hear a pin drop before Jimmy launched. I wish I had a recording of the roar that came from the canyon when he landed. Everyone was cheering from the bottom and top of the canyon. It echoed and rumbled through the canyon louder than any freight train with horns blazing could ever produce. You could easily hear it for miles, it was cool as hell! I smile every time I think of it. Jimmy ROCKS! JM is doing well. Talked with him today. Great guy! Young, strong and smart, he’ll be back soon! Marta’s stunt will be a great episode also! The stunt will air in April, you’re going to love this one! Have Fun! Baz
  11. Everything about that shot screams perfection. Love Your Work! You Rock! Baz
  12. Senator Golden (aka “Squeaky”) is a reasonable man. He is simply looking for a little grease. Send the boys in black over to have a little talk with him. Throw a little pork chop in with the deal and Bitta-Bang, Bitta-Bing… “Forget About It!” Everybody’s fuckin’ happy.
  13. Stunt Junkies: Go Big or Go Home Reverse Bungee Jimmy Pouchert will perform a ‘reverse bungee jump into a BASE jump’ catapulting himself to the bottom of the Royal Gorge Canyon in Canon City, Colorado, approximately 1,000 feet below the bridge overhead. Monday January 29th @ 10PM EST, 8PM Central on the Discovery Channel Additional air times can be found here.
  14. Great Shot! The PS is cool too, Haha! I wouldn't want to see that big dawg quite that close under canopy though. Nice Work! Baz