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  1. Bazair2air

    Norway Heliboogie 2007 Photo gallery

    Clicky Great Shots James!
  2. Bazair2air

    Kjerag BASE Graphic

    To be honest, I’m not really a skull and crossbones guy so this design is kinda out of left field. What do you think about this one?
  3. Bazair2air

    Denver Locals

    Haven’t you heard? Denver is closed! Three blizzard’s in 3 weeks and another one is on the way. Besides, the wind is blowing about 90mph. If you get a chance, please stop by with a snow shovel in hand. Nobody’s jumping in this state for at least 6 months. I guess you made the trip for nothing. Oh yeah! If you happen to have a AAA card, please bring it with you also. I’m high centered and need a tow. Better luck in ’08. Have Fun! Baz
  4. Congratulations Karina! Will they be making the film available on DVD? The trailer can be seen here.
  5. Bazair2air

    Canon EF-15mm question

    The front element on the EF 15mm Fisheye is fixed and focusing is done internally. It's a great lens. I purchased mine from B&H Photo.
  6. Bazair2air

    unIntentional BASE Pictures in the real world

    Hey Tony! Doing great! How are you? Name Dropping?!?! I would never consider it. Here are a couple other signs I have run across. The first sign obviously needs an edit. As for the second, the lady must like him a lot to have built him a Casino. Have Fun!
  7. Bazair2air

    unIntentional BASE Pictures in the real world

    Hey Leroy, that's a great one! Here is a couple that I ran across. One is a couple blocks from my house, the other is in South Lake Tahoe.
  8. Bazair2air

    JOY's BIRTHDAY (A Big One)

    Happy Birthday Joy! Have A Great One!
  9. Bazair2air

    RAW issues

    Hi linestretch, I shoot RAW 90% of the time. RAW is the way to go for many situations, but not all. RAW files are very large. If you do a lot of burst shots you will only be able to do approx 6 to 8 shot bursts before the camera has to write the data to the card. (At least that is the way it is with mine) If you need 20 shot bursts, I suggest you go with .jpg. Also data storage can quickly become an issue. My 4GB card will hold about 1,100 large .jpg files. The same card will only hold about 400 RAW files. For viewing and converting RAW files, I use Adobe Bridge/Camera Raw which comes with Photoshop CS2. You can upgrade to PS CS2 for about $150.00. (BTW: Adobe Bridge/CR "Rocks" but it is a computer hog) I bought my upgrade from B&H Photo. Great price and service. If you would like a free RAW conversion program, I suggest RAW Essentials by Pixmantec. There is a video tutorial and download links at: I would not bother to buy the RAW Essentials PRO ($99.00) as Adobe has just purchased Pixmantec and they will most likely be phasing it out. Have Fun! Baz
  10. Bazair2air

    The enemy is among us

    That’s not the enemy. That is the kewlest F’N Ranger on the planet! We need more Rangers just like this guy.
  11. Bazair2air

    Triax wishes Matt Hecker a Happy Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Matt! Hope your having a great one! Did you get a new helicopter for your birthday? Have Fun! Baz
  12. Bazair2air

    Calvin19, Get Well Soon, Signed Display

    Sorry, I see now that the photo attachment is a two step process. Here is a photo of the layout. Blue Skies! Baz