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  1. Sad news... I met Pete about 14 years ago... I always enjoyed talking with him and hearing of his travels through Europe and other adventures. His advice, smiling face and friendly attitude will be remebered... as well as a few nifty tricks he passed along to me I know he's flying the shit out those new wings he has. As Harry said... you were one cool MF! Fly Free Jason
  2. base570

    wind down the guywire???What Do You Do???

    For me it depends on my exit altitude if I will make the jump or not. Lower altitude jumps with wind down the wire I'm not a fan of and will usually climb down. Although one way to eliminate the wires would be to open below the last wire. HIgher jumps are not really a problem since you can gain some airspeed and get away from the object. You can always track at a slight angle to keep your self in the middle of the quadrant... I would just use the something on the ground as a reference. Exiting from an "a" at an angle, in my opinion, is not a good idea because it is not a 'normal' exit for us to perform and is subject to greater mistakes.... especially when you're nervous from the winds to start with. You probably won't be getting as far away from the "a" too with this type of push-off. Plus I'm thinking that heading performance will suffer more from having the winds coming across your body at a 90degree angle rather than coming more or less from behind you. You have more chance of a line over with a short delay and winds from behind though so choose which you'd like One positive would be that winds down the wire are not going to push you into the wires they will only bring you closer to them and away from the main object, although I believe the wires are the 'main' object once you leave a guyed tower! Jason ps- on tall towers with winds down the wire I would only climb down if I thought the winds were a factor in making a LZ. But I can usually make that determination before I get to exit altitude.
  3. base570

    I WILL quit BASE

    Clutch rocks! the dude on the unicycle is ok I guess. Hope he is wearing a cup
  4. base570

    unIntentional BASE Pictures in the real world

    cafe' in Australia that I took a few weeks ago.
  5. base570

    Greenpeace BASE jump?

    I'm pretty sure RH knows about this jump. I think I have a picture of the tower in question somewhere.... if it's the one I'm thinking of they cut off the top half of it . Now it only stands about 500-600ft tall. Jason
  6. base570


    There are a few really nice buildings in Caracas but it might be difficult jumping them since they have had a bit of civil unrest in Caracas with the housing shortages. I know when we were there in Dec. there was an attempt at a certain "B" (you'll know it if you see it) but the jumper was turned back my the military that was patrolling. We also drove over a 200ft bridge that the locals jumped on our way from the airport to the city proper but unfotunatly that bridge has collapsed(or is very near it) since then due to poor maitenance and a recent landslide. Jason 570
  7. base570

    MTV's True Life

    I know who the jumper is Not sure how much of the show will have BASE since he also does something else that's pretty cool.
  8. base570


    are you drunk? Have you hit your head? I can barely make out your post, it's one huge sentence and in some other language. BS'ing the cops is not a smart idea either, especially in your heavily touted invisible camo's
  9. base570

    Tom Manship

    Tom's web page can be seen here BASE 652 1869 BASE jumps His family would love to have pictures of Tom, so to keep them from getting a thousand different discs I told them I would collect them and put them on one disc so please email me any pictures of Tom you have (PM me for email address). Miss you brother Sorry our New Years toast never happened 570
  10. base570

    Raleigh crew

    Really, no kidding?? Just curious as to why you posted here when you already know my PM address? More than a few people have already contacted me... in a more discreet manor. Why advertise? And why do I have to PM you if I want to put together a jump in my area? Are you going to give it the go ahead Jason
  11. base570

    Good News from the BLM in Moab

    Sweet!!! Thanks for the good news Jimmy! See you in a few weeks, have a great Thanksgiving Boogie!! Jason 570
  12. base570

    BASE Trips

    I spent 5 weeks in europe in 1999. Cost was maybe $3000 each (2 of us), that included everything: plane tic, car,gas,camping,tolls,food,amsterdam,boat rides,ski-lifts,etc. We slept in the car a lot, camped when we wanted and got a hotel a few nights. Gas was one of the biggest expenses at $4 per gallon then... today who knows? We put around 5500 miles on the car, traveled through 11 countries, jumped in 6 I think. I was not going for tons of jumps, I enjoyed just travelling overseas. Favorite... all of them! Jason 570
  13. base570

    North Carolina Jumpers

    There is an instuctor at your DZ that BASE jumps. Why not try him?
  14. base570

    Skydive Jamaica April trip, Yah Mon!

    hey mon, I'll be in Jamaica in late June, along with a few other jumpers. Care to share the details of getting a jump off? thanks, Jason 570