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  1. base515


    As of today, I've retired from BASEjumping. After 9 years of not thinking of anything else, I hardly think about it at all anymore. Time to try new things. To all those I have shared an exit point with: Thank you, I cherish every memory, good and bad. I've made some of the best friends I'll ever have through this sport, but I've loss some also. I have no regrets. Wish me luck in my new endeavors. Sincerely Mike Bartlett And Remember, the Force will be with you, always May we live long and die out
  2. base515

    razor wire

    You guys were her mentors, the honor of "outing" is all yours May we live long and die out
  3. base515

    razor wire

    I'll show you a pic of how "not" to deal with it. Follow the locals advice or you too will earn an "HEED THE LOCALS" Award We almost had to leave her behind May we live long and die out
  4. base515

    BASE 652

    Rest In peace. We made a tall jump for you and a small one. Miss you bro May we live long and die out
  5. Was that vertical ladder or slanted? I've done 320ft non stop and it took about 8 mins, on a vertical ladder. My best tall climb was 1200ft in about 50 mins. The trick is to keep your chest close to the ladder and use your legs, not your arms. you shouldn't reach with your hands any higher than your shoulders. They're there to keep your chest close, not to pull you up the ladder. I'm older now though and prefer the 2000ft ride that takes 20 mins. 40 to 50 mins to 1100ft is a better than average time in my opinion May we live long and die out
  6. base515

    Shoot Out at

    I recommend Fobus ankle holsters. I've jumped mine for the Keltech 380 at terminal and subterminal without any probs. PS Magot, if your blow is uncut and your hookers disease free, I'd would like to visit. I'll show you how to get any vator running that you desire. May we live long and die out
  7. QuoteLike the kind of snow magot and I jump with....? or the kind that leaves footprints? If your sniffin the snow, do it all on the roof incase you get busted. , tQuote Actually it's beeter to do it inside the stairwell, that way the wind doesn't blow it away Rails on the rail May we live long and die out
  8. I've got roughly 400 A jumps, and It's my opinion,that crosswinds and short delays will always lead to an offheading of some type. The only way to take the crosswind out of the picture is to take a longer delay to increase the relative vertical wind speed. 90percent of the time the canopy will turn into the wind. Combine with a orbiting PC and bad body position, and you have a recipe for disaster. Packing has almost no effect on opening heading(for all you clampers) The most pefectly ironed canopies will turn just as much as a sloppy pack job.But then again, it's all just Theory
  9. define "snowy"? May we live long and die out
  10. look for a bright red blinking light coming from under the door. The beacon will light the way May we live long and die out
  11. Might be there. Depends on the the crew
  12. never have, never will
  13. All you guys are missing out. Static lines how allowed me to jump indoors and lighthouses and other unique things. Things to dangerious to Freefall, but jumpable none the less. Don't be an object snob!
  14. PM sent May we live long and die out
  15. Several have been severely burnt before in the past. Including wire rescues and a fataltly at one last year. If you are one of these you are taking a big risk. Pm me and I can details on some from the late 90's on, but i don't have current beta on towers in southern eastern NC. People around Raeford would, though I jumped most of them, at least the ones over 1800ft. mike May we live long and die out