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  1. avenfoto

    The Eloy Crew Videos

    www.youtube.com/windworx looks like some people out there are living the dream... fly free or die.
  2. avenfoto

    lets get down in NYC

    there are no base jumpers in nyc. you could call jeb corliss i think hes local...
  3. avenfoto

    BASE Jumpers Eye Grand Canyon Skywalk

    on fucking abcnews.com .. has a site ever been burned so badly ,BEFORE it has ever even been jumped? nice national plug for triax. at the expense of what? lame.
  4. avenfoto

    Bonus travel

    base jumping pilots are always welcome in florida.
  5. avenfoto

    Traveling Around Europe ?????

  6. avenfoto

    New to base - comments

    why learn to walk before you can run when what you really want is to race downhill naked on rollerskates lit on fire? learn to crawl.
  7. avenfoto

    Christmas Day Jumps

    i got winded out at 615 am.... 25mph at 200 feet... on "christmas" morning... other huge developments took place soon after as well... she said yes.
  8. avenfoto

    Do any of u have a clue

    jerry i have no idea what you are talking about. i met a guy last night telling me about his building jump, and i said cool how many jumps do you have? and he sed 100 and i said cool,base jumps? then he said no,skydives. 100 skydives, cant pack, and two bd jumps this year, 3rd basejump was a b. no gear knowledge, no nothing and he couldnt understand what i meant when i said he should question the judgement of the guy loaning him a packed rig and taking him on a building jump with one hundred skydives and two nrgb jumps. this is great. maybe all the idiots will break themselves, and base can go back to the underground. or maybe not.
  9. avenfoto

    manicans can base jump 2

  10. avenfoto

    Shutting Down the BASE Zone?

    have you ever actually made a base jump? honest question im going to go out on a limb and say no... based mostly on the "i dont care..experienced" bit.. that is so anti-base its obscene.
  11. avenfoto

    New site launch: www.wingsuitphotos.com

    pretty nice stuff in there... if you were going for a "professional" look, you might consider removing the couples shots, and the "this is me infront of the xxxx" just my opinon. keep up the nice work. youve come a long way since the hogflop/grandtheftauto days.. (which btw is scheduled for oct 26-29this year)
  12. avenfoto

    skydiving new base canopies?!

    00101010101 0101010101010 010101110101010 01010101010101 01010101010 010101010 0101010101010 01010111101 0 0010111001011010 010101010100101101001011010101010010110101000101101001011]010100101110010110..bitches