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  1. 'm looking for the best quality stills system I can find, while simultaneously being as light as possible. Ive jumped nikon DSLR's for too long, and every monday is spent sore as hell. I love the quality of my d800, but as stated earlier, I'm not getting paid anymore for it on a tandem, so double gopros it is. Commercial work and personal projects, it's dslr all the way. Right tool for the job kind of thing. You guys can destroy your necks for a 30$ gig if you want, but I'm done with that nonsense. Not to mention the majority of skydiving "photographers" posses less actual photography knowledge than a high school photo 101 student. I've been intrigued by the new mirrorless systems coming out, 10fps and 25mp while remaining small and light sounds like the future to me..
  2. I see alot of "give me" in your post, but that's probably the biggest issue right there. It's up to you and you alone to ensure your competence and safety on a skydive. "Please give me something to do that I can practice "altitude awareness." Skydive, look at your altimeter, repeat. On the ride to altitude, look out the window and guess your altitude. Reference your altimeter for confirmation. Note the cloud base and ceiling versus said altimeter on way up, and again on way down. You sound stressed out, you should "just relax" :)
  3. +1 and to think i read all seven pages of this nonsense looking for a thread on the bp oil spill.. politics aside, that shit is looking pretty ominous to me... http://bpoilslick.blogspot.com/ i
  4. the d300 does have a wired option. you may be thinking of a d40 i jump a 300 all the time. no worries.
  5. http://avenfoto.com/gallery2.html a few tunnel images.
  6. the best boogie is bridge day. second has to be MOAB cya.
  7. all the way to the DIRT. just one time though..
  8. not a single shot, rather a compilation of many all images shot by myself, video at end by shaneshaffer http://test.avenfoto.com/Sequence1.mov edit to add link to high(er) resolution (91mB) http://test.avenfoto.com/sequence1_hires.mov and a few images from my most recent skydive http://avenfoto.com/hogflop09web/
  9. both require canon or nikon bodies, op is using a sony alpha
  10. with a sony alpha the 580exII is a total waste of money. you wont be able to use any of the features youre paying for. you will only be able to shoot in manual mode, so opt for a used sb80 28 or 26 from nikon. less than a hundred bux on ebay .
  11. that is fantastic. now just get that flash off lens axis and make something happen
  12. ok. figgered it out, thanks to a local friend and learned tons of great avchd info, thanks to the VASST avchd tutorial dse recommended... the codec used for the clips, needs to match the format of the timeline. now i have no render whatsoever, and full RT. killer. cya -b