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  1. Yeah. I have these rare canopies a long time ago. They are neither excellent nor bad. Anyway, I like them. But only in the last few years have I used them enough and it's time to change the lines. I was told that with new lines, different from the original Spectra, the canopy looks better. We'll see. The Cobalt tastes great, good openings, good glide and never had problems. Thanks for the reply, Mark and I are taking
  2. Nop, do you have the contacts please? Thanks
  3. Good morning. I have 3 canopies Cobalt 120 ONyx 85 and 75 And I would buy lines. I can not find them, can someone help me, or indicate any rigger who does them? Grateful. Mauricio
  4. Look at this photo taken by my friend Leandro Navarro .... WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Hola Holger. I do not know if I'm responding right because my English is bad, but if you mean the remote, where we put a plug; I think the cameras 290 and 390 do not. But from the mid-range models, Alpha 450 and upward, and the A33 and A55 models have remote yes. I use plug, manufactured by ultimate-switch. Remote Sony; Good weenkend to All Graiki
  6. Holá Erik. Sony SLTA55 has more megapixels than the one I use. Good choice. I send you a link of one of the photos with the SLT A33; more in my flickr... some photos with SLTA33 and Alpha A100 Blue skies Mauricio Graiki
  7. Hello Rugby82, okay? Probably, the comments above are correct. Canon or Nikon are better, with more lenses, more accessories and more used in skydiving. Only I would say my experience with Sony, because you asked about Sony SLT A33. For over three years I bought my first Sony, A100, due to economic reasons as it was half price at the time. I made my own swicth, because at that time, there was nobody to make them. Today there is a manufacturer that makes for all brands. Ultimate blow swicth. A few months ago I bought a Sony A33 SLT. Since I already have all the lenses for sony, I choose to buy a new, better, than change everything! I'm quite happy with the SLT A33. The machine is light, shoot 7 frames per second, excellent ISO, has more than 14 megapixels and beyond all that, recording in Full HD. My fisrt test; Not a quality recording with Mark canon, or a 7D, but it is quite interesting. Actually I do not have a 7D to compare. Whatever.. Anyway that's it. Good choice in buying a new camera and good jumps. Bye
  8. Hello, I originally had a sony alpha A100. It lasted three years. To take advantage of lenses that had already bought a SLT-A33. With 14.2 megapixels, 7 photos per second, much better ISO, smaller, lighter and I'm really enjoying it. I have not worked much with the machine yet, but I can see that the quality is good. For those who like Sony, would be a good option. There is also the SLT-A55 .. Blue skies; Graiki
  9. Tandem exit with pilatus porter....
  10. I've had problems with my Peleng 8mm on days of cold, humidity and heat. In fact on days like this, with lots of clouds and an extremely tropical climate, I do not know how to handle this situation. I'll follow some of the advice posted here I try to avoid jumping with peleng. When this happened, I cleaned the internal humidity by placing the lens in a closed box with a lot of silica, for a week and it was great. Look at the photo for example. Now in the summer in Portugal and Spain where I jump, I've got no problems with the Peleng, because the weather does not vary much with different altitudes. blue skies
  11. How about this photo? abrazo amigo
  13. hi guys some shots; Skydiving face X My noise…. Red Bull air race Laura Scared Cesna 182 exit Castellon free fly atmosfera G4 team Hibrido
  14. Graiki

    Skydive Europe

    Good staff, excellent professionals. If you are a skydiver, you do not get on the ground. There are slots for Tandems, AFFS and fun jumpers ... The plane, the PAC 750 is perfect. The city is very good, with many tourist attractions and hotels. Good food at cheap prices. They're 80 miles from the capital Lisbon, the sea and also from Spain. It's worth knowing