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  1. I got the same email for my rig with this follow up. "Great, this is exactly what I need and I'd really like to pay you in cash at hand but right now , I want the item but i live in NY. I can overnight the payment to you Perhaps, given my job as a set administrator for a movie. We move from one location to another, so am just very used to buying and would make arrangements for it to be picked up after you must have confirmed payment with your bank. So my means of payment will be Certified Cashier's OR Money Order ,which is more secured and better than any other means of payment. I'm okay with the price $ 2800 so that you consider it sold to me including transport logistics fee. The pick up will be effected by my transporter after you have confirmed the payment cleared to your account. If this is ok by you, I will need these information below to enable me send the payment out to you immediately via UPS so that we can proceed. (1) Full Name.... , (2) Address to mail the payment....(not a postbox address). ,(3) Cell Phone number.... I will mail you the payment tracking number as soon as I get the information and let you know when you will receive it."
  2. 0002 - omnia 0003 - Simon 0004 - Jack Johnson 0005 - Mark Wane 0006 - Miguel Aviles 0007 - Ralph Kubicsek 0008 - Eduardo Garces 0009 - Daniel Smith
  3. P2z in action :) Fits great, flies great!
  4. Thanks for all your help Jarno, you rock!!
  5. Obligatory wingsuit @ work photos :)
  6. I'm not sure that anyone has any stats on that. I've always used parapack (TonySuits Raptor and S-Bird) but I'm getting a P2z that is balloon. Parapack is definitely thicker and weighs more. I know that when my S-Bird inflated it felt like a solid wing. I'd like to see more side by side testing done with stuff like this (same suit, same pilot, different materials).
  7. I've got 200+ WS jumps on a Sabre1 170 and I love it. If it does spin up it keeps flying straight. I did replace the slider with an over sized slider from PD and it has helped the openings tremendously.
  8. This is data from my Altitrack flying my older S-Bird (smaller arms like r-bird). The Altitrack said 203 seconds on the screen. I exited at 14k and pulled around 2500ft.
  9. This might help clear things up....
  10. I'll be there next Wednesday morning through Sunday. Looking forward to trying out the new suits :)
  11. Looks like this setup will give people the option to develop custom apps / display using android. I'm thinking it should be pretty easy to have a HUD for Contour video and GPS / glide ratio data. Below is the release from Contour about using android as a viewfinder.
  12. Video from NYE Flock @ Zhills
  13. I have some vacation time next week and I'm trying to figure out if people will be jumping the 27th through the 30th at Zhills or Sebastian. I saw there was a Zhills thread going already but hadn't heard of any WS'ers planning on Sebastian. Anyone planning on being at either place next Mon - Thurs? Ralph
  14. 01 - Scott Bland 02 - Macca 03 - Robert Pecnik 04 - Jarno Cordia 05 - DSE 06 - Tom van Dijck 07 - Butters 08 - Mike Miller (maybe) 09 - Skwrl 10 - Michal 11 - Kallend 12 - Ralph K