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  1. Awesome .. Spike , Jackie , Elana and Paul .. cant wait to see you guys .. i'll Be there from 27 til 2dn .. Also friend of my Terry coming too.
  2. just wonder if anyone shares same opinion as this guy .. any way hmm. ????
  3. Jumping a wingsuit is a much higher risk than a normal jump. Some people choose not to expose themselves to the risks. Actually, it's the mostly incorrect perception that jumping a wingsuit carries a much higher risk. Yes agree with Jakee. Look at the guy profile. 100 jumps in 20 yeas ..!!! he is way too careful. What can he understand about wingsuit skydiving ??? Practically nothing.
  4. Definitely a lots of good advices for you to match your body. But not much was mentioned that could help you to help him.. 1. He definitely need to work on his legs position .. I could see him bending it a lot. 2. His chest area and entire body looks like his trying to arch. He needs to roll in his shoulders to keep chest area more straight. Keeping chin down to chest usually helps .. good luck , just get more practice ..
  5. gstarnet


    I used this helmet for couple of years. I have a big head and it was hard to find some thing that looks good, fits good and comfortable to use. FreeZR was my choice. But after using it for little over 4 month my full face cover broke at the connection point and it cost like $70 to replace .. No factory warranty .. Come on $70 for a plastic cover made in china way to much ..
  6. gstarnet


    I dont have invested interes in that show, but i know many people who are the pat of that cast. And they are good people i jumped with. As for you i recommend open up a dictionary and try to pick up more defining words other than "crap and shit" ..
  7. gstarnet


    Well everybody entitled for own opinion. I find this SHOW is to be something that can open up a more publicity and add a possibility of wingsuiting becomes a very popular discipline in skydiving. So what ever you want. Even better if you have a negative opinion. It is known fact that more negativity brings more attention. attention = popularity. So bring it on ..
  8. 1. JSho (organizing) 2. Jeff Drunken Skwrl 3. Crazy Russian Greg.
  9. Z-Hill New Year !! 1. Greg (Crazy Russian)
  10. when can i order my system with all zpx reserve and pilot .. can't wait ..
  11. couldn't find any picture for this 4th of July boogie..