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  1. I have had a great time jumping at the DZ. Everyone involved has been great. I would truly recommend this DZ to both the beginner and experienced skydiver.
  2. What is a reasonable climb time for an 1100ft antenna?
  3. I’m not saying that I disagree with your assessment. What I’m saying is; it’s easy to sit back and inspect each frame for deficiencies. However this is something as TM and Instructors we should all do to learn from errors made by both us and others. I’ve shot tandem videos and have seen a lot of things fortunately all have ended well. Loose harness, no goggles, very poor body position, spins, flips and even some poor swoop tandem landings. Being a TM myself, I have learned from all of these episodes of what not to do and how easy it is to get in a bad situation fast if you’re not on your toes. I’ve seen some very capable and very experience TM’s get surprised once they exit including me. You can’t always take a video at face value. There are some really great TM’s with videos stuck back that they learned something from but had rather not be shown.
  4. In response to several post I remember this guy very well. In fact I ended up doing some of his AFF training that came later. Though I didn't shoot this video I shot many..many at our dz as well as at other DZ's and have seen many that resembled just this one. I wished I had a buck for everytime I have seen the drogue or bridle hit someones foot. To set the record straight. 1. This was a very current and capable TM. 2. The student was one of the worst that I had ever seen or dealt with after the jump. Many on the ground believe that he was on something the way he was acting after the jump. 3. We did have a round table discussion regarding what went wrong and what we could do in the future. 4. It's easy to pick a jump a part sitting on your couch. Strap it on and take someone that is out of control, then the whole perception changes.
  5. Not sure that I'm a Fundamentalist... However, I do have a deep faith that Jesus is my lord. What others believe in is their business. However, the very fact that you would post this for no reason makes me wonder if you aren't looking for someone to prove you wrong so then without a doubt you would have to believe. Good luck, and remember the one who knows the most about you loves you the most..
  6. I've gotten responses from one end of the spectrum to the other. I'm convinced that I will need a base specific canopy and before I jump certain objects. However, I also can see that with the right environment and height that I shouldn’t have an issue with the canopy. I’ve never jumped it so I’m planning on making a couple of hop n pops to check it out prior to doing a real base jump. I plan on jumping a local “A” and then Bridge Day. After that I’m sure it will be retired or sold. I appreciate all of the feedback.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. As a rigger I understand that sometimes "specific" is important. On the other hand what specifically are the differences in opening and flight characteristics of a Raven IV and a BASE specific canopy?
  8. OK everyone, What is your opinion on using a RAVEN IV as a base canopy? What would you consider the height limitations to be? It already has a tail pocket installed. What other mods would you recommend?
  9. What is the best way to find other BASE jumpers in my area? Someone who would offer guidence
  10. No Sweat, I want to play it smart! I feel confident going out today and making the jump. However, I know it would not be smart. I want to fully be prepared when I do.
  11. We both have two jumps. I'm not in any particular hurry and I didn't just come up with this yesterday. I know that there are certain risk and I have evaulated them to the best of my ability. I know there are other factors that I have not considered. This was the purpose for the post, to educatate myself from your experience. What other factors that I more than likely have not considered in your experience should consider?
  12. I don't know of any other local base jumpers. I do have one other person that will most likely make the jump if I plan it all out and all they have to do is jump. I plan on having someone there on the ground if possible when I do it for safety reasons if nothing else.
  13. I thought of that. I was just concerned about the guide wires.
  14. The other towers look like Cell towers or AM towers. This use to be a television tower but the station moved and put up a larger tower about 50 miles away.
  15. Found "A" about 10 miles from my house. Looks like they have taken all the hardware off. The gate is chained and locked and the gate to the fence around the "A" is unlocked. I looked it up on Antenna Structure Registration database but it didn't come up using the location. The "A" looks about 800 ft tall and due to other smaller antenna's there is only one good direction to jump. The landing area is so so but I've landed in worse. I've only got a couple of base jumps under my belt but lots of skydives and I know my limits. I'm not sure how long it will take to climb it but here is my plan. I intend on doing it EARLY in the morning. Use a rappel harness to hook up so that I can rest as needed. Reach the top rest and jump with sunrise. Get out..... I don't want anyone to see me, one I don't want to get caught and second I don't want to mess up a good thing. Now, I'm open for your feedback. What are your thoughts and concerns. What can I learn from your experience. Let's hear what you've got. And Thanks