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  1. Does anyone know who this Jamie Kirk guy is from the news broad cast. I've been like a older brother to scott for over 9 years, I would appreciate any knowledge so I can get to the bottom of this. Where did these details come from??? thanks mattpark
  2. THIS IS VERY SERIOUS AND A REAL CALL FOR HELP If any one knows Scott Denham, who was in the southern Cali area last known, LA area, please call me at 541 788 3282. Scotts mother called me this morning and said his sister recieved phone call from mike, one of his jumping buddies saying that scott was dead from a jump. They didn't leave any other info, we haven't found a body any where, called every place for a john doe. Please help us locate where he may of jumped or better yet his body. Scott is 22, 5'11-6'1. I have talked to Tom Aiello, who is working with us to find out more. Any Help Would be well appreciated. Thank you for your time. Matthew Park cpl, USMC Simper Fi