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  1. Nice lol. It's addictive, isn't it? I'm lucky I can buy it freshly roasted at the Farmers Market down the street. Action©Sports
  2. I tend to agree... Boring city. I tend to disagree... I want to move there.
  3. Tip - Righty tighty, lefty loosy Action©Sports
  4. I have a yellow one..... Pic 1 Pic 2 Action©Sports
  5. Give'm the death penalty. That way he can meet his so called "god" face to face. Or not.... Action©Sports
  6. We should probably kill them..... Action©Sports
  7. I think Chuteless and Ron are sharing the same bag of shrooms Action©Sports
  8. Works for me....One live saved and one less violent offender on the streets Action©Sports
  9. That's some good stuff man. Very nice work Action©Sports
  10. Lemme check. Do you want one from above or something more like Dave's? Action©Sports
  11. You guys have gotten quite a bit of snow already.... bastards . I was on my way to Telluride on Wednesday but had to turn around before I even made it to half way to Durango because the road conditions got so bad Action©Sports
  12. I ski mostly in Taos and Telluride. The lifts in Taos go up to about 11,900 feet and then you can climb out along the ridge that goes up to I think around 12,400 feet at it's highest (don't usually climb that far out though) The base elevation in Taos is around 9,500 feet and in Telluride it's just under 8,500 feet but the mountain is much bigger.. Action©Sports
  13. What does that do? I'm pretty used to the elevation because I live at 5,300 feet and I ski above 12,000 feet on a regular basis. But even after living at this elevation for more than 3 years, skiing at those elevations still gets to me by the end of the day... Action©Sports
  14. Really? Wow! All this time I thought they got them from vending machines.... Action©Sports
  15. Not really. I've already put over 10K on my 1098 and haven't had a single problem with it. I actually had more issues with my Honda 1000RR and it was nowhere near as fast or as much fun to ride. As for the CBR vs. R1 debate - the R1 is a new design while the CBR is on it's second year of production. The 08 CBR had some issues with the transmission as well as some pretty serious oil burning problems. Personally, I stay away from first year production models for just that reason. They usually work out the main problems by the second year. And these days, most bikes don't see a third year of production. The R1 does sound pretty sweet with it's new firing order though. It sounds more like a V4 than an I4. Pretty sure you won't be disappointed with either one. Action©Sports
  16. A buddy I used to shoot IDPA with bought a Sig GSR and to be quite honest, it was a p.o.s. It jammed constantly. I also played with one the other day when I was out gun shopping and man, the trigger on that thing was horrible. It's completely unlike any Sig I've ever owned or test fired. I usually love Sigs, but the GSR just doesn't feel right at all imho. If you're going for a compact 1911, I'd go either Kimber or Springfield Armory...just my 2 cents Action©Sports
  17. Yep. First BASE jump was far more intense than skydiving. Of course, I did mine from a 400 foot building . Racing a bike on a track at 150+ mph is far more intense for me as well. Action©Sports
  18. that's pretty much where it should end. If you think low enough of your partner to even consider buying this stuff your relationship is already pretty screwed. You mean end it before you collect samples from your significant other’s crusty underwear, and test it with your very own Fisher Price do-it-yourself CSI kit? That's just absurd Action©Sports
  19. I'm pretty fortunate as far as the vacation/sabbatical thing. I get a 2 month sabbatical every seven years and 6 weeks paid vacation every year. The vacation goes up to 7 weeks after 5 years and 8 weeks after 10. We can also add on as much vacation as we've saved up during the sabbatical. It's a pretty nice benefit for sure. Action©Sports
  20. It's O.K. You can share your findings with the rest of the class Action©Sports
  21. I'm sure has more to do with your consistent inability to stay on topic.... Action©Sports
  22. Yeah, he's pretty unpredictable So here you go, Kallend. You previously dismissed DrewEkardt's claim that one's risk of falling victim to a violent crime was greater in the U.K than it is in the U.S. Well, he's right. The stats come directly from the U.S Department of Justice. Even though we still have more murders in the U.S. the U.K still leads us in violent crime such as Robbery, Assault, and Burglary.Hell, they even lead us in car theft. I'm sure you'll be unable to see any correlation between the dramatic rise in these crime rates and the Firearms act of 1988 http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/bjs/pub/pdf/cjusew96a.pdf Action©Sports
  23. You just said "According to the FBI blah blah" Feel free to share the actual source of your information so we can look at it with our own eyes. I did. You're quoting violent crime statistics, that's it. Again, your changing the subject. There's plenty of violent crime in this country that doesn't involve legally obtained firearms. Where is the correlation between legal gun ownership and violent crime in the stats that you referenced? You're obviously more than willing to dismiss any source that isn't "impartial" yet, you offer no credible information to the contrary. Feel free to educate the rest of us. Action©Sports
  24. And you brought up homicides, what's you point? That there's always an excuse by the right wingers for poor performance by the USA, whether it be homicides or healthcare. Man, you're the liberal personification of the Chatty Cathy Doll - just pull your string and you repeat the same old shit, over, and over, over again Action©Sports