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  1. Nice lol. It's addictive, isn't it? I'm lucky I can buy it freshly roasted at the Farmers Market down the street. Action©Sports
  2. I tend to agree... Boring city. I tend to disagree... I want to move there.
  3. Tip - Righty tighty, lefty loosy Action©Sports
  4. I have a yellow one..... Pic 1 Pic 2 Action©Sports
  5. Give'm the death penalty. That way he can meet his so called "god" face to face. Or not.... Action©Sports
  6. We should probably kill them..... Action©Sports
  7. I think Chuteless and Ron are sharing the same bag of shrooms Action©Sports
  8. Works for me....One live saved and one less violent offender on the streets Action©Sports
  9. That's some good stuff man. Very nice work Action©Sports
  10. Lemme check. Do you want one from above or something more like Dave's? Action©Sports
  11. You guys have gotten quite a bit of snow already.... bastards . I was on my way to Telluride on Wednesday but had to turn around before I even made it to half way to Durango because the road conditions got so bad Action©Sports
  12. I ski mostly in Taos and Telluride. The lifts in Taos go up to about 11,900 feet and then you can climb out along the ridge that goes up to I think around 12,400 feet at it's highest (don't usually climb that far out though) The base elevation in Taos is around 9,500 feet and in Telluride it's just under 8,500 feet but the mountain is much bigger.. Action©Sports
  13. What does that do? I'm pretty used to the elevation because I live at 5,300 feet and I ski above 12,000 feet on a regular basis. But even after living at this elevation for more than 3 years, skiing at those elevations still gets to me by the end of the day... Action©Sports
  14. Really? Wow! All this time I thought they got them from vending machines.... Action©Sports