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  1. Hi, it wasn´t mahle. also the footage was speeded up by the tv guys to push the visual effect. happend on a mc conkey (firsttimer). I saw that from the top, wasn´t that heavy. that guy fixed it quick, made a turn and landed smooth. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  2. Yes, we did it! was a great thing. exit height was about 100 meters. landing was on the beach, on the beach-volleyball field and the exhibition area. hey, imagine: you can base jump right over a sandy beach, have a cocktail afterwards and you can go for a swim at last, meanwhile you can look to your exitpoint ;-) this was real fun. just after the 10 way, we made the 20 way. and the cocktails were for free.... details: http://www.my-tropical-islands.com/presse-pdf/050131_basejump_weltrekord.pdf by the way ditch: thanx for support ;-)) good luck in croatia and greetz to flying ted -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  3. hi, I would say, that vented canopies (as you call it v-tec, but afaik this is a brand name for a FOX canopy) are state of the art right now. combined with valves, they just speed up the opening a little. but this is not the effect what is really important. vented canopies are faster inflated and threrfore are faster steerable. the "flattering" of the top skin is minimized and the shape of the wing is earlier at hand, therefore it can be steered earlier. also in deep brakes, the canopy is more stable. this is all very helpful for low alt jumps and, of course, for high ones, too. the slightly harder openings can be covered by a different packing technique. I jump a troll mdv, and I will get me another one if this troll is worn out. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  4. hi folks, I was the guy who held the D-bag at this jump for my buddy, mahle from fehrbellin, germany. it is not really a cliff, more a cave, washed out from the sea. it was a height of 26.8 meters, we measured it out before he jumped. the video was made by achmed sharma, a german freeflyer, and is a part of his movie "fantasy flyer". the episode is named "a day at the seaside". mahle also did an indoor jump (D-bag, solid ground in a former factory) with an exit height 23 meters. at this jump he was not able to flare with toggles (of course not) or risers, he just did a plf, without injuries at all. this jump was made afak with a V-tec FOX. see the picture from that cave jump on www.base-jump.de, pictures (bilder). bye folks -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  5. Hajo

    Troll MDV

    I totally agree with tom. I started with a FOX and continued with the MDV. mostly, I jump subterminal stuff and like the overall performance very much. on terminal, I choose to slow down the opening by rolling the cells towards the middle. but I am always happy with reliable openings, even if they appear a little harder. for me it fits most. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  6. if you are thinking of that new bridge in france, it is the highest motorway-bridge about to be built in europe. the road is appr. 300m above ground, the pylons go up to 400 m. it was designed by sir norman forster (thank you!). you can have a close look at this at www.brueckenweb.de, the german bridge-database. AFAIK there has been a fatality from a french jumper there, estimated bridle/arm entanglement. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  7. http://www.bernerzeitung.ch/region/artikel/44539/artikel.html is saying, a 26 year old austrian died after a 180 and a following cliff strike. as I heard, it was his first jump on that exit. I guess, if that incidentseries continues, the valley will be closed in not so long time from now. be careful out there. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  8. Hi everyone, just for general info: for indoorjumps (where we leap off and land inside of a building), we do not need to carry any reserve canopies with us. it is like what you do in your living room - it is up to you. we also need not to do the official paperwork stuff, with permissions and so on. we only need the ok from the owner. these are the only jumps, where we can just walk in, climb up and have fun. cheers mates. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  9. watch the news on www.basetownmedia.de. there are some pics of the old 4way leap into that stadium, new pics will be added soon. cu folks -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  10. on last saturday, 12th of june, 6 jumpers of the german base association jumped into a football-stadium in gelsenkirchen. all at the same time, directly from the roofstructure. the jump was made in front of 35000 spectators, during the ceremonies of the nfl europe finals. the height was appr. 158 ft (48 meters). I suppose, this was a new record (6 at one time, indoor). or does someone have other info about events like this? -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  11. just heard some news. was no fatality on the waterfall exit. just broken leg or something in that way. good luck after all. jumper was from germany and seemed not to be so experienced. the name was a misunderstanding at the phone. not ramon, more raimund or something like this. sorry for that. does someone know about the crew he belongs to, from the south of germany? mentors, instructors? -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  12. did anyone hear something about a fatality in the swiss valley, this weekend? I´ve heard about a guy, called ramon or so, but I´m not quite sure. any information about this? -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  13. just short from me, what I´ve read: 80 meters 46" PC stowed 2-pin-rig for me, there are two facts in that: 80 meters is low (so a 46 PC makes sense!) if jumping a 46 PC, going stowed is not recommended by the manufacturers (as far as I know). blame me if I am wrong -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  14. base is a much higher risk than regular skydiving. read the fatality list from nick and think it over. do not go into something like that, without very proper training. still too much jumpers die in both sports. see the number of skydive jumps done in the world and count the fatalities. estimate the base jumps and do the same with that. the incidents are higher. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  15. Hajo

    free jumps

    hi jaka, thank you for the invitation again. this week was great! jumping with you and all the others out of the helicopters was so amazing say also many thanks to all of your team. you should have received the official bulletin of our president of the german parachute association. to all the 4 nations who missed this event: bad luck for you. the other 21 nations had fun without limit... see you again in bovec or somewhere. the air is fair! greetinx, hajo & sylvia -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  16. this is also my experience. we tried to analyse some video with short delay/slider up and came to a conclusion, that the relative long snivel will create offheading openings, due to the influencing wind situations. I see it the same way: 2-3 sec. delay: slider down. the only object which is not in this thoughts, is a S with a good landing area. but personally, I like the reliable and quick openings on short delays, even if they produce a little more sound. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  17. I agree with the idea of pendragon, become a para-glider (after you did an instructional course). paragliding can also be very breathtaking if you want it that way. doing it the other way (take a base-rig with you and jump from cliffs without the basic skills) means for me, that you will be killed and become another mark in the base-fatality list. do you have parents, children or are you married? think of them, too. even if you will not get killed, living the rest of your life in a wheelchair is not funny. serious: if you see, that experienced jumper get injured or killed, this should be enough argument for learning as much as you can BEFORE you jump from a wall with only seconds to impact. that is my point of view -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  18. base-tags and stuff in the car. I´ve seen a car with the signs: "base-jumpers are no criminals" over the complete rear window and the guy was wondering why he got busted after a jump from a bridge at noon, caught by the highway police on the highway later on. I also can see tags at the base of a bridge with date and c-u messages, even at the place we are used to gear up before walking to the exit. for me, this is quite stupid and not the way I was introduced to this sport. I was always told: come-jump-and go away, without any traces left for no one. this is what I give to my students as well. you jump for your own pleasure, not for someone else. leave the site better than you found it. ´nough said -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  19. hi, if you use a vented troll, the openings are slightly harder because of the vents. for using my troll mdv at terminal, I prefer a sail slider, usual skydiving pc and rolling the nose (4 times each side) and stuck it into the center cell. nice and onheading openings. I also do not use the deep brake setting (mostly there is no obstacle in my way after opening in that case) -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  20. Hajo

    Gear Question

    Hi, yes - we have made the german required drop tests for both, main and reserve system. the reserves we use are no squares, we use round canopies in chest mounted containers. now we have various containers and canopies we are allowed to jump legally (CR, BR, Atair,......) -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  21. Hi there, some info of how we do that in germany. we have tested several things like tuckin´ the bridle under the right flap (as described in the other posting) but what our association recommends is: install 2 small pieces of velcro on the bridle and at the container (right flap). this will cover the fluttering of the bridle during hand held jumps (like the velcro does at velcro-closed containers). it also makes sure, that the bridle routing is correct and you can check it at any time prior to exit as you like. it also prevents pin extraction from checking the bridle (done by stretching your arm out), because the pulling force is slightly covered by the velcro tabs. We made this a must modification for our legal gear and it works pretty good. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  22. Same shit - different day.... we will have to live with that. last year, I tried to clean out an article in the german press. some "hero" story about felix, including his baffin island adventure and all the rest of his stunts. the press wasn´t interessted in telling the truth, they live from such stupid stuff. ´nough said. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  23. hi everyone, news from the swiss boys. the waterfall spot is open again. but the locals recommend very highly to keep calm and play the game very safe. "exit is tricky at the moment" also landing area on the other side of the valley has changed. if you intend to jump that side, please make sure not to land on the grassfield between cliff and street. just land on the grassfields on the westside of the street. http://www.subterminal.ch will be updated soon for further info edit: made link clicky ~Tom Aiello -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  24. Hajo

    Exit re-opened?

    thanx for the info. I will post this on our german web site, saying the exit is closed until further notice. -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well
  25. no big deal, just tell me. but you have to use licensed gear (no problem at all, we have some for instruction, like PROs ore velcro-closed ones) because you have to wear a reserve-container -------------------------------------------------- With sufficient thrust, pigs just fly well