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  1. so i take a "little round" to be some little extra parachute for your gear alone? what about something like a single day's climb, no hall bag, just maybe a rack and a rope. is there base gear designed with space to put such extra things? probably only like 20 or 30 pounds of stuff at most. (i really haven't a clue how much my climbing gear weighs. i suppose that might be an interesting thing to go find out). again thank you all.
  2. thank you guys so much for so many great, immediate, and helpful responses, especially tom. and now i have more questions... one of my problems currently is cash, so that was one of my reasons for maybe buying base gear before learning to skydive. and also that it would be good i suppose for me to learn on base gear since skydiving gear can teach bad habits. so it's allright to skydive with a base canopy, as long as you use a skydiving rig? do you think it would be a problem at a dz for me to ask them to train me on such gear? if i bought my own base gear, would it be likely that i could attach it to a skydiving rig at a dz or would that be too much trouble, or not possible? and might that save me money, to put less wear and tear on their gear? (maybe this is a question better asked at the possible dz's i might go to?) is there certain base canopies that work better with certain skydiving rigs ? cash is another important issue... i don't mean to be putting a price on my life and all, but after reading the arguments for learning base without skydiving, couldn't i find a safe legal place to learn base during the day such as a bridge in idaho, after doing like 10 skydives. it was mentioned that i wouldn't be taken seriously without a skydiving A license, but even you tom seemed to argue strongly for teaching an aspiring base jumper by base jumping, not skydiving. from the thread "BASE without skydives". however you say to make at least 200 skydives in your "getting into base" article. your conflicting arguments confuse me, but do you think it would be safe if i found a good base mentor and a safe place after having done only about a dozen skydives? well thanks again for all your time and great help everyone. i can't imagine a better resource than this site.
  3. i've never been skydiving and am completely new to everything. i have gotten into climbing in the past few years and would like to get into base jumping as a quicker and more entertaining decent from long multipitch climbs. i've read discussions about weather it's better to start of skydiving, or to begin base jumping as to not learn skydiving habits that are bad for base jumping. i believe it would be best to start by skydiving simply for the extended time given to learn control of the canopy, although i do understand that the canopies will be different. i've heard that it can be difficult to keep oneself from spinning at first. is this true at all? or only at high enough speeds that you wouldn't attain and wouldn't have to worry about while base jumping? can it be dangerous to base jump carrying much gear on oneself? i'd imagine not considering such things as tandem skydiving even though that would be entirely different gear from that of of a base jumper. -i understand a guideline says not to give name or location of base sites, but i'm curious if it's alright to question about base in broad areas such as climbing regions that i've heard base is common and about the legality of it. so i understand there are skydiving licenses, but i'm confused on the purposes... what does getting an A license allow one to do that you couldn't do before legally? and does this licensing affect base jumpers at all? if i wanted to save money on rentals while taking skydiving lessons and bought the gear i'll eventually want anyway... skydiving with base jumping gear? how stupid of an idea is that? i am currently in south eastern washington state and am planning to live at smith rock near terrebonne oregon for the summer. i'm curious to know that if i were to really get into this and spend a shit-ton of cash on this gear, if there would be others that i could find to teach me and to jump with. any of you climbers? thanks for all your time and sorry for such a large bombardment of questions