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  1. I have never been able to get my hollow pin to do much for me on the Vector RSL pins. I take a 4" piece of pull up cord and trap a smaller piece inside of that piece. Then I trap that into the center of a regular pull up cord. Now your pull-up is 3 layers thick. Now as you close your last flap and are ready to seat the pin the pull up cord presents the loop hole better to push the pin in. This is the best solution I have found to replace the hollow temp pin. I thought that this was mentioned somewhere in the vector 3 manual. However I just did a quick skim of the manual and I couldn't find mention of it. The pull-up cord in the manual on page 23 appears to be the type I mention above. Matt Davies
  2. Go to this page and there is a pdf of the packing instructions. Just above the pics on that page it says work instructions in bold. Right below that click on Staging Loop Packing Instructions. Hopefully this helps. Matt Davies
  3. Page 38 figure 4 of the owners manual should help with how to stow the chest strap that you describe. I don't know if this is the type of reply you are looking for but it might be helpful. Matt Davies
  4. If your cypres fires after your main is out, the freebag can fall out of the reserve tray. This can put load on your collins lanyard. In turn your left side riser releases. With the bight in the bungee the freebag wont get pulled out until there is enough force from the reserve pilot chute to do so. Also if the freebag falls out the connection point on the RSL lanyard won't load on the collins lanyard. Matt Davies
  5. on a pop top the adjustable part of the loop is under the cap on the pilotchute. In this case the adjustable part of the loop appears that it would be in the middle of an open free bag, exposed to reserve fabric. As this loop is being adjusted do you think fabric could make its way into the loops finger trapping? Matt Davies
  6. Soft Link installation Manual If you download the manual it gives you lengths of main and reserve links including the ring. 5.75" for main and 6.25" for reserve. Matt Davies
  7. One thing that I noticed that has changed ( I believe), is that the zippers have been moved back below the wings instead of over the shoulders. They zip from the bottom of the wing up. Matt Davies
  8. I just got mine today. Matt Davies
  9. The rule is that all components must meet manufacturers guidelines for the full pack cycle. So the batteries must be changed if they expire before the pack cycle does. I don't think it is difficult for people to understand. Its just that some of these issues must have been over looked before the rule was written and released. So now you have people on here getting a chance to proof read and discuss. Something that should have happened before the written release. one issue that has been brought up was that if a rig was packed in September, 2 months before the rule was written and released now is good for 6 months. The rigger packed it up knowing that the batteries were due in February (after the 120 cycle would be to expire). However now with the rule change the pack job is good till March. So the life of the pack job out lives the batteries. As was mentioned before if I wanted to pack up a rig today that the batteries were to expire on May 31 I would have to replace them. Now you are loosing almost 6 months of the battery life. The 31st would be like the 176 day of the pack job. You are essentially loosing a quarter of the life of the battery. That kinda sucks when you are spending up to $80 on those batteries. Matt Davies
  10. pringles

    A new record!

    Twoply comments on the night he met his wife. Matt Davies
  11. Try this. You will have to first enter some info about yourself then it will let you into the database to search. Matt Davies
  12. It appears that you slid the loop off the top of the toggle back onto the line. If you slide it off the bottom it should clear. Matt Davies
  13. I think what he means is they have been twisted for so long that they have taken a memory. Matt Davies
  14. I just got this rig in this week. Not sure if its a Rickerby or not. I tried emailing it but the email failed. Matt Davies
  15. I have found one of these serial numbers in my log book and the MFG date is actually 11/06. If you notice the bulletin says in production, not the actual manufacture date. So some units may have been in production in October and completed in November. So make sure you double check the serial number not just the dates. Matt Davies