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  1. Hi Thank you. My pleasure too. Cheers Shlomo
  2. Hi Nice mile stone for you. I have over 13200 tandem jumps as a TI / T I/E (UPT/USPA) Over 11000 on Sigma system. Be Safe Shlomo Pearl UPT/USPA T I/E
  3. Hi I'm glad you are fine. Does a Rigger inspected the canopy & risers before you attached it to your h/c ? It should be inspected & found at: 1. The Mfg. Sewing station, Q.C & Final Inspection process. 2. By the Rigger who attached the main canopy to the risers. Rule #1: Always let a Rigger to inspect any part of your skydiving system even if it come new from the Mfg. & that's including any part, even if it is a NON TSO part to be used with the main canopy system. Rule #2: Mfg. are not Holy & items can left the factory with an issue even after Final inspection. Thanks for the info. & again I'm glad you are fine & doing well. Cheers Shlomo
  4. Hi I'm not sure that you really understood the point buddy. The point was not Icarus Canopies or TSO issues but use of Tandem Main Canopy Soft Links on any main tandem canopy - NZAS should not sent the Icarus tandem main canopies with soft links but with the original French SS metal #6 links as UPT does. so, please read first & replay after you get the point. Be Safe !!!
  5. Hi With all the respect to NZAS they are NOT tandem systems mfg. & IMO they never run tests with tandem system like the major tandem SYSTEMS mfg. did & still do. Pay attention to UPT, Strong, Jump Shack they knows a little bit more about tandem than NZAS. The soft links might hold but the chance to have riser & soft link damage are high. Be Smart & Safe.
  6. Hi Tom, the Soft Links problems on tandem systems are known for a long time & few years. The PD SR-1 slinks where tested few years ago but damage to the risers & slinks was found. There is not any logic or PRO reason for using soft links in the tandem systems - the Original French # 6 SS Rapide Links are a great items for that point - it works is closed as should. Some parts that fits into sport systems dos not fit into the tandem systems. Cheers
  7. Hi If the exit was at 6000' AGL it is below the UPT's minimum exit altitude for tandem which is 7500' AGL. The landing area should be approved as a DEMO landing area. As a UPT T I/E I can't understand why the TI had a high mount GO PRO on his helmet adding RISK & SNAG point - no TI has the right to add more risk for the pax / pair. Landing was so ????? Mr. Bush was not ready for the landing at all - see his legs & hands position in the photos - this is not a way to land - could be done different. PR is a good thing for the sport but should be done better. Cheers Shlomo
  8. Hi The RI's 2 "High Drag" pockets on the bridle are for lifting the bridle/free bag in case of a reserve pilot chute horseshoe malfunction. They are located on both sides of the bridle. Cheers
  9. Hi This setting is a mix between who knows ???? This is not Action Air setting & not RWS/UPT setting. Vector RSL were always on the RIGHT side - from RWS/UPT. There is a UPT V2 RSL retrofit kit that can be set by a Master Rigger on the RIGHT side only. FYI Cheers
  10. Hi I just got few new Sigma 54" drogues with Ty.12 one piece bridle. Lets see how that will work. In the past I asked why not to attached the bridle to the drogue canopy with slinks so if the bridle wear out before the drogue canopy it could be easy replaced. (that was on the Atom / Galaxy tandem systems from PdF but they use SS Rapide links) Time will tell on the new UPT's drogues. Cheers
  11. Hi I vote for that. By the book "wait 6-8 sec. - doesn't inflated - pull the drogue release handle". Waiting longer = you gain more vertical speed = hard deployment / damage to the main & more issues. Check your drogue at all time. Cheers Shlomo
  12. Hi Chris Thanks. Yes, they went back to the Kevlar & I heard about the one piece long bridle - you are right, the disc area always has wear issues with the spectra webbing/tape & the spectra safety lines. Let's see it in action. Cheers Shlomo
  13. Hi Thanks for that. I know the points you point on : Kevlat & Nylon - you didn't point on the drogue bridle material. The larks should not impact the grommet at any time but that could happaned when the spectra 1000 get shorter with use. The kill line should be calibrated at about 100 jumps or sooner. UPT went back to Kevlar, the Ty.12 have some issues. Cheers
  14. Hi I would not jump it till talking to PD. Few points: The SA date of Mfg. & model: PO1 or PO2 ? look at the label. Does the lines were made by PD ? Which lines shows the 1.75" difference ? No. of jumps on the line set ? Don't be a TEST jumper - find out before use. Cheers