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  1. Oh how I love DZ discussions. Thanks for the useful points. Thanks for the entertainment. I really like how one post had some intelligent points which were then totally diminished by summing it up in "your gonna die". I love it! So in the end when I called PD they asked me if I was certain that it was trimmed to Sabre1 or just OOS. With about 200 jumps on the line set it is possible for a little deviation in the lines up to maybe 1" (says PD rep). The PD guys are awesome - the one I talked to also taught me how to spot the diff between spectra and vectran. So in the end I went back and for fun measured my previous canopy and found that the lines were very OOS. More like 10" OOS in some places. So if I was jumping that what does it really matter? In summary the canopy is great, flies fine, opens fine, etc. I guess it would have given me the best insight to just measure my old canopy first. Out of this I made a spreadsheet for calculating OOS and comparing various trims on a sabre. I will clean it up and attach it if I feel so motivated....
  2. How much would this affect the performance on a sabre 2. I recently bought this canopy used and the seller said he was a rigger and relined it himself. I measured the lines and they are perfect to the sabre1 spec but this is different from the sabre2 spec. Not by much, the max difference I see in the 2 specs is about 1.75". ref:
  3. dmhmetreo


    This is my first canopy (beer!). I have 30 jumps on it now. From what I have heard this canopy is marketed to compete with Sabre2 and the Pilot. I dont have any first hand experience with the other 2 but can compare to other people I am flying with who are at a similar WL. The canopy I have is a 190 at WL of 0.98:1. It doesnt feel super sporty but that could be due to my WL. Turns are not fast - I wish they were faster. It seems to fall fast and landings seem pretty fast. I usually beat others to the ground even if they have slightly higher WL. It really seems to sink in a toggle turn and toggle turns are terribly slow compared to front riser. Maybe thats normal. Only complaint is the snivel is >1000' but that is probably due to the way I pack the slider or some other aspect of packing. The positive is that the openings are super soft. The negative is that usually during snivel, it starts bucking and usually will do a 180 on full open. Again this is probably due to my pack job. More to come once I try out the competitors.