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  1. skreamer

    Tunnel fitness - tips and exercises?

    I think high intensity interval cardio training ( can be invaluable for a quick recovery when doing 2 in 2 out rotations. Steady state cardio is good for stamina for long days training. For strength training anything that works the shoulders (particularly pushups and pullups, safer than maybe using too high weights) and helps protect the rotator cuffs would be good. For general flexibility and strengthening the core something like yoga or pilates would be good. You can buy a foam roller cheap and do some basic pilates exercises at home that would be good for strengthening the lower back. As your technique improves your shoulders will take less strain flying head up, however anything you do to protect the rotator cuffs now will benefit you down the line (particularly if you use risers when flying your canopy). Any good flying is initiated from the core not the extremities (it doesn't matter what the wings are doing if the fuselage isn't presented correctly). For me cycling to work gives me a pretty good basic level of fitness, I just add some gym time to supplement it strength wise.
  2. skreamer

    Freefly Tubes

    I'm pretty sure this one is for sale.
  3. skreamer

    Fast sitfly

    'spending a lot of jumps in figuring out how to do'. That is why I freefly, trying different things and learning to fly my body. The next thing never gets easier and that is the best part! You have learnt so much about flying head up at high speeds, if you were heavier and could just fly a fast sit would you have tried all this experimenting and learnt so much?
  4. skreamer

    Atmonauti jump

    Hey, I had a look at your gallery, some really nice pics - you are a talented photographer. About the jump, you didn't appear to be holding a heading very well and were veering up the jump run at one stage (hence the hand signals). Maybe practice regular tracking a bit more. If you nail the basics first before you know it we will be seeing some awesome skydiving pics taken by you.
  5. skreamer

    wind tunnel manchester UK????

    Yes, proposed site is next to the Chill Factor indoor ski centre off Trafford Way. Don't know if their planning permission has gone through yet.
  6. skreamer

    Where to jump in Europe this year ?

    You could consider near Seville, inland so less windy than Empuria. Exit altitude is minimum '14 500 from fast twin turbine Dorniers. Also the Outbreak/Volare guys are based there providing quality coaching. Is sister DZ to Hibaldstow in UK (owned by same family), you'll be in great company at either DZ!
  7. skreamer

    SVNH Owners Always Helping Others

    I hear they are using their tunnel to do research to fix the hole in the ozone layer. They also leave the tunnel running after everyone has gone home just in case Elvis and Ghandi want to do some flying. Will PS I would've shot the dog and used the raffle money to buy some flight time to cheer myself up about having killed my dog.
  8. skreamer

    Red Lake Base Jump

    Bloody hell, he is certainly getting around!
  9. skreamer

    Best way to do Tunnel Time

    How about asking the place where you intend to do the training all your questions : Just make sure you still have enough money left over to skydive, the freefall skills you learn in the tunnel won't help you under canopy.
  10. skreamer

    Bodyflight Bedford Video

    Nice flying, good camerawork Nigel.
  11. skreamer


    Dude, I thought 'Impact' was funny but 'Top Gun' is just downright hilarious! Talk to me Goose!
  12. skreamer

    Outbreak freefly vid....

    HAVE IT!
  13. skreamer

    Tribute to Steve Irwin: A Memorial BASE Jump

    "What is this stuff?" "A slip n slide, a really ghetto slip n slide - its gonna work!" Tries to slide crocodile : "Oh man I don't think it is gonna work that well..." That is fucking hilarious!
  14. skreamer

    Gear help

    You can get US$20 from your local post office or bank. Post it to the manufacturer. Job done.
  15. skreamer

    Vibes for Faber

    Holy shit, I can understand what you are writing. Looks like that embolism did some good to your brain!