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  1. Any tips you get now might conflict with input from your coach. Rather go on the next camp with a fresh, open mind and trust in your coach.
  2. Important scores here Other stuff here
  3. Another vote for Eloy. I live in the UK and have jumped in California, Arizona and Florida and based on your requirements my opinion is Eloy is your best bet. I've made 9 trips there and it is by far my preference if you want to jump hard. You can get a direct flight to Phoenix from Heathrow, there is a friendly affordable shuttle service (Tammy Arrowsmith) - for a small surchare she will stop at Walmart so you can get your supplies en-route to the DZ (bunkhouse has fridge/freezers and a microwave). And a small tip, if you don't have any go get some earplugs at the tunnel because you could have someone like me sleepin in a bunk near you... Will PS you will have a great time at most warmer winter US dropzones, don't let us bias you, but once you've decided on Eloy PM me if you want some money saving tips on flights etc.
  4. 349 Tukwila Parkway, Tukwila, WA 98188
  5. Totally agree, that is pretty lame.
  6. This is true for Airspeed not Arsenal, Arsenal are still charging $950/hr.
  7. The Libyans tried to kill Doc Emmett Brown - payback is due.
  8. Hi Matt You can bring goods worth up to £320 back to the UK (or anywhere in the EU for that matter) from the US. So if they didn't buy anything else (tobacco and alcohol are excluded) then VAT and import duties wouldn't be applied. Will
  9. Oh, so thaaat's why you hang around the Toltec Tavern parking lot in heels and a miniskirt on a Friday night... Nice work Sea Bass!
  10. Catch a train from Waterloo to Honiton. Honiton is about 7 miles from the DZ and hopefully some nice person will come pick you up. Train journey time is about 3 hours, driving takes pretty much the same or longer. A good site to buy your tickets :
  11. And then there's all those people with 10 000+ jumps giving you tips and advice so your flying improves whether you like it or not. And that free beer truck at the boogie, that sucks too. And unless you are OK with landing on flat obstacle free surfaces you won't like the outs either.
  12. Why doesn't he make friends with someone who owns a couple horses? They ride up, he flies down and the friend rides back leading the other horse. Hell, he could probably charge paragliders for the taxi service - great way to combine two fun activities.
  13. I am good, I've stopped drinking for a bit but I still treasure my NASA shot glass.
  14. I have only flown in the 12' Moscow W/tunnel but you now have the larger tunnels as well. The pricing is very competitive too, better than you might get anywhere else.
  15. As Frankie Boyle the Scottish comedian said : No one believed that Braveheart star Mel Gibson could carry off being a Scot but look at him now, "an alcoholic and a racist".
  16. I think high intensity interval cardio training ( can be invaluable for a quick recovery when doing 2 in 2 out rotations. Steady state cardio is good for stamina for long days training. For strength training anything that works the shoulders (particularly pushups and pullups, safer than maybe using too high weights) and helps protect the rotator cuffs would be good. For general flexibility and strengthening the core something like yoga or pilates would be good. You can buy a foam roller cheap and do some basic pilates exercises at home that would be good for strengthening the lower back. As your technique improves your shoulders will take less strain flying head up, however anything you do to protect the rotator cuffs now will benefit you down the line (particularly if you use risers when flying your canopy). Any good flying is initiated from the core not the extremities (it doesn't matter what the wings are doing if the fuselage isn't presented correctly). For me cycling to work gives me a pretty good basic level of fitness, I just add some gym time to supplement it strength wise.
  17. I understood Will to be referring to the people who make the suits not those who order them.
  18. I'm pretty sure this one is for sale.
  19. I hid one of these in my boss's office : I let HR and facilities in on the gag. He'd resorted to working in the dark with his monitors turned off to try and find the noise. He then decided it was caused by the smoke detector. Of course pretty much everyone except him is in on it now and is playing along. I turned it off when he threatened to tear his office apart, I'm turning it back on for april fool's day. Guaranteed insanity!
  20. It was probably just friendly ribbing between two friends who have spent a lot of time of time together on the DZ, way before you showed up. To get proficient at either sport demands a lot of time, effort and money. Very few people have the resources to do both to a high level. BASE jumping is both more dangerous and more expensive. The gear gets hammered quickly and you can spend a lot on petrol for just one jump. Also, the last funeral I went to (BASE wingsuit) before I quit BASE cost me a lot - I wish it was only money. Now I'm learning to swoop - with some education, the right tools and a bit of planning you can manage the risks.
  21. I am sorry for your loss, you guys seemed to pack a lot of living and adventure into a short time and achieved so much. I never met you or your best mate but I know that it hurts to lose such a big important part of your life.
  22. Is it just me or do these containers looks like owls?
  23. Nice flying mate! Was that Curtis coaching you at about 1:35?