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  1. For more information - or to see for yourselves, please check out some videos of Fly Zone Bodyflight's recent media! Daily Planet - Discover Channel: Shaw TV - The Express:
  2. Team FlyZone would like to extend a huge thank you as we pass our 1 year anniversary in our Metro Vancouver location! The BC locals and skydivers have made our 1st year here an overwhelming success! The Fly Zone Tunnel is in full-time action in Metro Vancouver. The wind speeds are high enough to easily free-fly in. The addition of our new propeller 2 months ago even increased our power further! It has been an amazing summer flying first-timers and experienced skydivers. Our program with the local dropzone (Pacific Skydivers) was a great success. We saw a huge rise in student numbers - and their progression skyrocketed due to their tunnel time. FlyZone offers skydivers some of the cheapest block time packages around. $650/hr including 1on1 coaching. Current pricing at our neighboring iFLY runs 900/hr plus 220/hr coaching fees.
  3. Hi! If you are a skydiver you can still receive the 15% off, we won't do that to you! We have all the goggles, suits, helmets etc and this is included within the cost of your flight time. We just opened our doors at the location this week - our address is 7150 Tilbury Road, Delta, B.C. Hope to fly with you soon!
  4. The flight chamber is 10ft diameter x 12ft high... come check it out for yourself!!!
  5. FlyZone Bodyflight Canada is pleased to announce that we have secured a location in Delta (near Richmond/Vancouver), British Columbia! Currently we are renovating our office space, although the wind tunnel is fully operational, so come and check us out! We are offering a "Skydivers Special" -- if you bring in your USPA or CSPA membership card we will give a 15% discount on your block time. Visit for a full price list or email [email protected] to book your flight time today! We look forward to flying with you!