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  1. U.S. Embassy reluctantly lets unmarried girls in the U.S., apparently. still believing. that we all dream of emigration and we bears walking the streets. With sports invitation (and the necessary documents, the FAI we have), we easily obtain that visa We really are going to jump in Perris to our friends. A prompt will greatly facilitate the visa application.
  2. Friends, please tell me - can I get an invitation to the dropzones or wind tunnel - need to get a visa to the U.S.. Really going to Perris in May. Who do I contact to resolve this issue? Thanks!!
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    JOKE Conversation of two instructors in parachuting in airdrome: - A wind strong... Students at us absolutely beginning. Give we will wait with jumps while the wind will not abate? - You that? Them there 20 persons on 200$ each jump! You feel, êà the wind abates?
  6. It is registered only 3 days. It is very necessary to contact sellers as I wish to buy much. HOW IT is possible? I not the spamer and not the swindler)))
  7. yad


    Has bothered to look the same landscapes. There is still a dream - to jump from the helicopter Last our revolving object has broken for a long time already... Florida-abruptly. To choose difficult... Kalifornia too it is tempting. And where more than beautiful guys?)))
  8. yad

    W tunnel invitations

    Thanks... At us not so simply to receive the visa. Bureaucracy... At us the wind tunnel is not worse, simply. We want new sensations, and the trip is a fan. And the pipe at us is cheaper)
  9. yad


    It would be desirable to jump at coast) Dream - the sea and a sunset
  10. yad

    W tunnel invitations

    Anybody can prompt? The W/Tunnel does invitations for the foreign visitors? If we wish to visit a wt, and invitations helps with visa reception. Thanks
  11. yad


    All greetings. In parachuting of all year. In the beginning of September I am going to arrive in America, to jump. It is necessary to choose dropzone)))