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  1. Hi, Quick question guys... I'm a low jump number A-Licence holder looking to have some fun this summer. I'm booked into stay at the iHop for 2 months from mid April to the end of June, however, I'm starting to have my doubts... With all the P3 camps and big ways scheduled at Perris during May, and the Auzzie camp in June, is it worth me staying at Perris, or should I consider looking at changing my plans to another DZ. I've got the ambition and the money to put in 300 jumps, I want to progress in both belly and FF, but I really worry about how all these big ways will affect my jumping/fun. Should I be looking at cancelling and transferring to somewhere else???
  2. I think it specifically has to be the ihi Bupa Denmark, it says on their website that they include dangerous activities as standard and their terms state that they include skydiving. They quoted me something like £400 for 2 months in Perris later this year
  3. I'm off to the US for 2 months and have also been looking at insurance. I found that BUPA International looks like one of the better options. Sure, it's expensive, but it's a pretty big name in the world of healthcare, at least in the UK anyway. I'm a firm believer in that you get what you pay for, and I don't want to be screwed over by some small company that won't pay out if I'm stuck in the US with a big injury! EDIT: It's ihi Bupa in Denmark that provide the cover... Link
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. Seems like Eloy is the best bet then. I'm going to be going mid April to mid June, money isn't really a problem. I will have enough for 300 jumps. If the bunkhouse at Eloy is an option for long periods like the guy who stayed there for a similar length, then I guess that'll be where I end up going! Thank you!
  5. Hi, I'm planning a visit over to the States for around a month, possibly longer, maybe two months. The purpose of the trip is purely to skydive as much as possible and get more experienced rather than waiting around for weather back home in the UK. I really would like to be able to stay on-site at a DZ rather than renting a hotel room (and car) for the whole time and was wondering which American DZ has the best facilities for such a trip. I know that Perris has the iHop, but does anybody have any personal experience for the best place in the USA for a long term visit to get as much jumping in as possible, but staying on-site with pretty decent facilities at a reasonable price? Thanks, Steve
  6. I emailed a Thai DZ in Pattaya a few days ago as I'm headed out there next year and they say that a BPA membership is just fine. I think the DZO used to run a DZ in the UK some time ago too from what I read. A quick question to add to this though... Do you need to have a current BPA or USPA membership to jump? Steve
  7. chewy496

    Music? This psychology experiment paper raises some interesting findings related to music tempo and traffic accidents/violations in a driving simulator. Maybe that would have some similar implications under canopy, especially with regards to swooping. Here is a brief summary quoted from the paper
  8. I don't quite get what the point would be? How would the Royal British Legion benefit from such a group?
  9. I also needed the wind tunnel, it helps soooo much for you to get the muscle memory without all the sensory overload from the actual jump. In the tunnel my instructor, the same one I was jumping on AFF with, helped me to relax also, but mainly, all he told me was to smile, and when you do that, the rest kinda all falls into place. It's weird, but you will really struggle to be tense and stiff if you have a great big smile on your face!
  10. I agree with what everybody else has said, however I really would recommend dressing up for the phone interview the same way you would for a face to face interview. I got a job through a telephone interview and spending the time before, getting dressed up in shirt and tie really helped me mentally prepare for the whole thing and puts your mind in the correct place, rather than slumming out. I hope that makes sense.
  11. Chris, when do you start? I'm doing mine at Langar starting on the 23rd. Steve