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  1. freeatlast

    Basik's X-Fly main canopy - comparable to...?

    PM Jerome (BKR on here) and he should be able to help you (he's the owner of Basik)...
  2. freeatlast

    Skydiving in UK..any good?

    Depends on the time of year - obviously the weather plays a part but there are several DZ's and some cool jumpships. These include Grand Caravan's, Dorniers, PAC 750XL, BEECH 90 and a Twin Otter!! Plus with wind tunnels number four and five in the pipeline it's better than ever
  3. freeatlast

    shipping a rig internationally

    Shipping a rig fully insured can easily cost £150 - £220 ($240 - $350) depending on your chosen method. I'm afraid that i'm not 100% certain on the tax aspect, but your local tax office should be able to give you an idea... The alternative is to ask around and see if anyone could bring the rig over on their next visit to the US. Usually if you offer someone $100 - $160 they'll happily forfeit some of their luggage space and can even possibly drop it off at a nearby DZ. There are a whole bunch of people heading over to the US from the UK over the next few months ... You could ask on one of the irish websites or try which is the main UK site Regards James
  4. freeatlast

    GoPro vs. Drift

    Hi Tara Obviously i'm a bit biased because I have supplied a fair number of our Drift Camera Packages now and have had nothing but great feedback ... A few days ago Brumby wrote to me saying Last week Derek a US jumper wrote to me saying Several guys at our DZ use this set-up for fun jumping and are surprised by the lightness and ease of use. The low profile shape of the Drift helps to reduce the snag risk and top mounting the camera using a low profile bracket / box also helps to keep this risk to a minimum (especially when compared to the Go Pro). I would still suggest that you use a helmet with a cutaway system for safety though ... The easy access to the HDMI port for debriefs using a TV or to dump the footage easily onto your PC plus the option to take a quick look on the camera screen without having to take it off the helmet all help to make this a great camera for fun jumping ... Hope this helps! James
  5. Solution = Don't drop it Seriously though L&B's customer service is legendary. If the unit is not working drop them a line or speak to the dealer that you bought the Solo from...
  6. freeatlast

    Scam allert - Wingsuit Coaches/Instructors etc

    And be careful of foreigb guys sending you receipts and asking you to pay for them - i lost several hundred €'s that way only the other month ... Come to think of it - he did have a strange accent ....
  7. freeatlast

    Drift 170HD

    Hi Taris We have several people at our DZ jumping with this camera now. They have generally top-mounted it because it sits 'closer' than a go-pro and it seems much less likely to snag ... The quality of footage from the camera seems pretty good - especially if played back on a HD TV screen such as the one we use at the DZ for de-briefs... Overall it seems pretty easy to use and top mounts neatly - the guys seem to be using a Zkulls or similar mount ... The LCD screen makes it easy to review the last jump if you don't have a TV to hand and there seems to be a reasonable number of outputs (TV / Computer)... Overall it's not the highest quality camera but it seems to be everything that a 'normal' jumper would need in a simple lightweight package ... Another option would be to look at the Skyshot Designs helmets which use the Contour HD at the moment - another neat concept although not commonly seen outside of the UK at the moment ... You can see more info about the Drift and the Skyshot Designs Helmets on my smartrigs website ...
  8. freeatlast

    UKS Boogie-September 2010

  9. freeatlast

    Fusion & skydive environment

    Well i'm not sure how it performs - but knowing Tony it will be good
  10. freeatlast

    Cost of Orthopedic Hardware

    Hi Mate I hope you haven't had to buy too much of that hardware ...
  11. freeatlast

    skyhook price

    Joey I would contact customer services at Sunpath to see what they say ...
  12. freeatlast

    Classifieds - private auction or sale??

    I have also been involved in a similar scenario and in actual fact have been contacted after the original deal was agreed and then encouraged to offer more - my policy is not to negotiate once a deal has been agreed. In fairness i understand that the seller wishes to obtain the best price and that they may be negotiating with several parties at once but also assume that they would be very unhappy if i did the same - i can see the sort of post that would be on the forums if i came back to someone and said 'you know that you agreed to pay X for a cypres2 - well the price has now gone up $50 as i've had a better bid'!!! I now assume that until the payment is made that the deal is not done!!
  13. freeatlast

    gear reviews

    There are a lot of great products out there which do not have a review and it seems difficult to get them reviewed. I have written asking several times about how i get a product reviewed and have yet to find out how it's done! Maybe there should be a sticky or FAQ section that explains the process?
  14. freeatlast

    Chute size for new jumper.

    If you do a search on this forum - you'll see that this is an often asked question. Generally as a new jumper your maximum wingloading should not be higher than 1.0. Your wingloading is calculated as dividing your exit weight in lbs (your weight plus your gear) divided by the size of canopy chosen so if your weight is roughly LESS THAN 130 lbs and your instructors are happy with your canopy skills then a 150 is as small as you should go. However you should discuss this with your instructors first as various canopies have different performance characteristics and not all 150 canopies will fly the same ...
  15. freeatlast

    The KEY to a "successful" DZ?

    Atmosphere - if it feels right people will stay and return