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  1. I'd Email or Phone Chicagoland Skydiving and buy one of their Pro Passes (or any similar US drop zone that offers the equivalent). All you can jump for the season for $5199.00 (it was $4999.00 until 31st Jan) this leaves you $8300 for a trailer / food etc... Get all of your stuff for your trailer from Walmart and return it every 30 days for a full refund (that way you can have a trailer full of fantastic goodies and never have to pay for them)
  2. There's some general info now up on the other thread
  3. A late post I know - but we are planning some more balloon jumps this weekend - have a look at the post on the UK Skydiver website.
  4. They turned down free beer? No way!! As everyone else has said - travel, visit other DZ's / Boogies etc and build a group of people that you can hang out and jump with. It's worth asking around because there might be someone else who lives nearby who also travels to another DZ to fun jump and then you can carshare and save some $$'s as well!
  5. Yes there is a secret number, but no, I'm not going to share it with you!!
  6. PM Jerome (BKR on here) and he should be able to help you (he's the owner of Basik)...
  7. There are Mars M2 units for sale from the ukskydiver and smartrigs websites and we will ship to the US if you want us to
  8. Approx yearly costs of a £2500 used rig (with cypres 2) would be £110 approx for the cypres (linear depreciation and services included at current rates) £70 for 2 reserve repacks (although if you only jumped April - Sept you could get away with 1 reserve repack). £5 for bungees If borrowing the money then any interest payments or if taking the money from your savings then the loss of interest (£35 is probably reasonable based on current interest rates if the rig is being purchased with savings). It would be prudent to factor in an amount to cover other perishables etc although if you only make a few jumps you might well get away without needing any!! All in all buying a used rig would probably be a good idea both financially and for other reasons such as:- The familiarity of your own equipment The ability to jump when you want The possibility that you might surprise yourself and do over 30 jumps The ability to spend time examining and learning all about your own gear This is just my 2p worth!!
  9. Hi Raj This question gets asked a lot on the UK Forums. Have a look here for some recent answers to that question. Regards James
  10. Well hopefully they weren't planning on trying to sell Bentley's to skydivers!!
  11. Absolutely - no UK dz is in the same league for lift capacity per day except possibly Hibaldstow with it's 5 Dorniers (although I doubt that they generally run all 5 at the same time usually)... 3-4 lifts per day would seem a fair average although as stated it's definitely possible to do more at some UK dropzones but tandems etc do have an impact. Also there are some Boogies where you get the opportunity to crack out more jumps if you want to because of a higher than normal lift capacity and more people to fill the plane...
  12. Hi Linn I'm all in favour of safety, but definitely not in favour of this kind of system. Why not use BG's chart or a max wing loading based on jump numbers using either total jumps or perhaps the total number of jumps made over the preceding say 1-2 years (to reflect currency rather than jump numbers which may be more relevant). Also you could simply categorize certain canopy types (such as beginner / intermediate / advanced canopy categories) and again depending on experience you are allowed to jump more categories. This way everyone with say 100 jumps and limited experience would be flying larger and more docile canopies whilst everyone with say 800 jumps would be allowed to jump smaller and higher performing canopies (if they wanted). If you also want to increase safety you could also make anyone jumping a higher performance level canopy undertake canopy training before they move onto the new canopy type and possibly ask them to attend a course each year to keep their flying skills current. On a completely different note, will these restrictions apply only to Norwegian jumpers or will visiting jumpers find these rules imposed on them??
  13. Depends on the time of year - obviously the weather plays a part but there are several DZ's and some cool jumpships. These include Grand Caravan's, Dorniers, PAC 750XL, BEECH 90 and a Twin Otter!! Plus with wind tunnels number four and five in the pipeline it's better than ever
  14. Jonathan Your exit weight is 158 - 163 lbs approx with gear. According to conventional wisdom a maximum wingloading of 1:1 ie 1lb per sq ft of canopy is the maximum that you should have at this time so a 160 - 170 is the minimum size that you should be jumping using this system. Brian Germain has a great downsizing chart see According to this an exit weight of 165 and your jump numbers would give a 190 as a sensible canopy to currently use (middle of range) and a 170 or 160 as the SMALLEST you should use depending on your canopy skills. I would strongly suggest speaking to your instructors further as they are the only people to have seen you flying a canopy (I certainly haven't)... ask why they have made their recommendations and decide honestly which you feel is giving you SAFE advice. Remember once you leave the plane - you're on your own until you return to earth so stay within your own personal Comfort Zone - no sense in rushing things only to get busted up!!
  15. There's a couple in use here in the Uk. One of the University clubs has one as club kit and they posted the following in the gear section of This is a copy of an email sent from one of the guys who rented one from me in 2010 to a guy who was enquiring about them:- I am biased but have always found them to be decent rigs