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  1. namwen

    Head down tips

    I see where you're coming from, the problem is, I dont have a "fresh" mind about it now. I've been talking to people about it for months, watching videos, reading articles, etc. So I just wanted to try to get a full view and tap all my resources. Also, yes, a bunch of people I know call it the "Crack Pipe" since its so addictive.
  2. namwen

    Head down tips

    Hey folks, My coach just graduated me to getting started on head down next time we hit the pipe. Any tips to remember or common mistakes to look out for? Thanks, Eric
  3. namwen

    SkyDance SkyDiving

    I have been to 4 other DZs in the San Francisco extended area, and I am really proud that Skydance is my home DZ. The instructors are amazing, the fun jumpers are experienced and friendly, the rigger is a legend, and the welcoming mentality is never-ending. I highly recommend this DZ for anyone looking to start skydiving or just wants to fly with top-notch flyers (belly, free, or wing). Hope this helps.