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  1. Those fabulous chaps at Larsen and Brusgaard have done it once again. I returned a well used and somewhat beaten-up Altitrack for repairs. Casing was cracked, needle wouldn't zero properly. No complaints from me, it was several years and several hundreds of jumps old. I would have been happy to pay for a service and a new casing. Of course, you know what's coming. This morning's post brought me a brand spanking new Altitrack. Thanks once again L&B, your customer service really is second to none. Jon T p.s. disclaimer - I am not sponsored by L&B, nor do I have any association with them or benefit from them.
  2. I just wanted to say a quick public thank you to Hypoxic. My Hype D Pro developed a loose connection in the wiring after only half-a-season's use, rendering it intermittent and unreliable. I contacted them by email, and told them that I am flying off to Seville to film a training camp this coming Sunday. They couriered a free replacement to me here in the UK, and despite the Easter holiday got it to me this morning. Excellent customer service. Thank you Hypoxic. Jon T
  3. I know there are endless posts like this, but once again I am overwhelmed by Larsen And Brusgaard's response to a customer issue. Last week I sent back a Solo audible altimeter, because the casing had split open. Unit was 2 - 3 years old, so I would have been happy to pay a repair bill, but that's not the way L&B work. Got back from my Easter training camp to find a brand new Solo II waiting for me. Not just a free replacement, but a free upgrade! Incredible. jont
  4. It's called VAT, and it's about to go up from 17.5% to 20%
  5. Hi My shiny new Bev suit is pining for me on the wrong side of the Atlantic. Are there any Brits travelling to a DZ in the states in the next month or so who could help me out by bringing it back with them? Or any Stateside folks who just happen to be visiting the UK? There might well be beer in it... JonT
  6. Quick big up for Bev Suits. The zip on my camera suit which I bought from them in 2004 stopped working properly. I have been trying to locate a replacement of the right length, colour and spec, and came up against retailers with no appropriate stock, wholesalers only interested in bulk orders and a manufacturer's UK head office who couldn't care less. A despairing email to Bev produced 2 replacement zips posted out to the UK free of charge, to arrive within 3 days. Great customer service, considering I bought the suit 5 years ago. Thanks Bev Jon T
  7. Well, they actually sent me two plugs, in case I screwed up the first attempt! All I had to do was join up the three coloured wires, and now I have a Cameye that is happily winking blue and red again. Thanks once more Skytools. jon t
  8. Latest update. SkyTools, bless 'em, are sending me a replacement plug and wire free of charge. Good ol' customer service. Hopefully the new wires will have the same colours as the old ones, and I can just match them up. I'll let you know how it goes jon t
  9. Thanks all. I think that has given me enough info to give it a go. jon t
  10. Hi All The end of the plug has broken off on my CamEye II. Fortunately it didn't break off in the LANC socket, so the camera is OK, but I have a dead CamEye if I can't fix it. It looks like a pretty standard 3-pole (i.e. stereo) 2.5mm plug, so easy to buy one. Then I just need to cut the broken one off, and solder on the new one. But does anyone know how to wire it up - the broken one is a solid plug, so would need some surgery to detect which wire goes to which bit. Can anyone give me a heads up on this? Thanks Jon T
  11. Is anyone else having problems with 2k? They have taken over 5 months so far to build me an Azimuth. They kept stringing along telling me it was nearly ready, then finally after 4 months they declared that actually they were much too busy to commit to a delivery date. Now they tell me it's finished, but refuse to do the usual fitting because they haven't the time. A week and a half ago I asked them just to post it to me, as it is. Since then they are not responding to my emails, nor returning my phonecalls. Does anyone know what's going on in Buckingham? Am I the only one suffering from such "special" customer service? jon t
  12. So that it can be put back for non-skydiving use. cheers jon t
  13. ah, i think i see what's going on here now. You are referring to dvd authoring, and what I have been trying to do is cut time by using the dvd recorder to record in real time to save on the burning time. Which the Sony unit (and the Technika, for that matter) will do via video input, but not via firewire except from a camera. Which is a pain, because my laptop doesn't have s-video out, only firewire out. And I guess this is true for all set-top recorders. have i got it right now? jon t