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  1. Hi All I have been jumping their suits for 17 years now. I have done some design work for them many years ago. On of the the best engineered suits on the market. And they have gone completely mad with the price on their Focus suit. They are small, but are setting the next standard in jumpsuit market. Don't be afraid to check them out. Jaka just jump
  2. working link: http://community.ispo.com/jaka-benedik/view-poll/cf0ed0480137214f3ee9156fb1d62b22/2/ranking-by-contest/award-2015-action just jump
  3. Dear fellow skydivers. I'm running for jury member for one of the most appreciated sports awards. I also see it as good opportunity to promote skydiving among general sports public. This is my philosophy since I started skydivng 21 years ago: To see skydivng equal to other sports. If you feel the same I will appreciate your vote. Jaka Press release: Among open call candidates Jaka Benedik (skydiver since 1993, attended 3 world championships and nowadays sport product designer) has been selected to become ISPO AWARD jury member for Action. ISPO is the biggest sport industry fair held in Germany and China. ISPO honors the most exceptional sporting goods with the ISPO AWARD (here you can find companies as Burton, Dakine, Underarmour, NIke, Adidas, Salewa, Deuter, Osprey, Arcteryx, Millet, HEAD, POC, Mammut, Polar, Garmin, Craft.....). Let help him promote skydiving among the best in sport industry. Now it is up to us to vote for him on link below. He will appreciate your votes and all 5 stars. 1-5 stars can be awarded for each photo. 5 stars are the highest possible score. Candidate with the highest ranking wins. http://community.ispo.com/jaka-benedik/view-poll/cf0ed0480137214f3ee9156fb1d62b22/2/ranking-by-contest/award-2015-action just jump
  4. Hi Uperr links seem not to work any more. So do the search on the web. If anybody has new link it would be helpull Thanks just jump
  5. jaks

    free jumps

    Please chech out www.airtheatre.com Just have to somecome to Slovenia, Bovec for a week of paid jumps. Some 30 or so. Also Hotel and food is for free. O.K. paid by organizer. I'm puting all EU 25-way formation together. Missing skydivers from: Austria, Cyprus, France, Malata, Netherlands, Luxenbourg, Spain and Portugal If you are interested contact formation leader Jaka Benedik on skydivin[email protected] just jump
  6. The web www.airtheatre.com should work properly. In short: The Republic of slovenia will celebrate its joining to EU with 6 state exibitons or festivites. In Bovec skdiving was chosen as an attractive media. The goal of the projec is to built a team for 25-way formation jumps, each jumper representing one country. So far 17 has enterd the formation. The talent is quite high wit most jumpers above 1500 FS jumps. Beside 25-way wingsuits will fly waly some 25 way flag demo jumps with foils would be made and a 9-way hibrid. The AIR THEATRE will take place in Bovec, Slovenia from 23.4.2004 to 2.5.2004 just jump
  7. Sorry The corect web address is: www.airtheatre.com just jump
  8. Maybe you heard or not the Airtheatre project will start in 20 days. The goal is to put all EU team together. 25 skydivers from 25-exsisting and sooon to be countries. What do you think. more on www.airtheare.com just jump