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  1. You can get on the load with the brazilian crew here..... Cya
  2. Hey Mat, I don't have this ilusion, this is 60% reality here in Brazil, at least around my area. When I check a possible B to jump, I check the security, and if I think he is maybe cool with extreme sports, I go there and ask him to jump the B. For sure not the company who owes it, but the security gards, and let me tell, I have 60% OK's. When the security is not OK with it, I ask the B company, I have 30% OK on this one.... The same happens with mobile phone antenas, we have a plenty of them around the country, everything low, 180-250ft, but you just need to find one with a good landing and ask the security.... For sure the companies won't let me jump..... And I don't jump when I ask (B or A) and get a NO, just to show some respect..... PM me your e-mail and I can send you some cool videos..... For E's and S's, just go there and jump Cya Andre
  3. that was me....... and for sure NOOOOOOO hehehehheheh but we have slots avaiable on the other side of the bridge, but absolutely NO LANDING, you gotta fly between the pilars, so, son't be drunk Cya Andre
  4. This monday to celebrate my 2nd b.a.s.e. year, we did a 7 way out of our coolest "S". It is the biggest until now, but we are planning to go bigger...... TF locals better plan something, because we are coming..... Cya...... Andre
  5. I agree Faber, too much work for 150ft....... just do the usual SL....... if you are scared, attach the SL to half bridle....... that's it my 300sqft circus tent opens great on this...... Cya Andre
  6. I just fell it a split second before the jump, when I start to run out or let the object go..... During the free fall I feel freedom, of everyF&$%^%$thing........ job, money, beer, it is just me and the cliff........ Cya
  7. Hey Pazzo!!!! Probably I will compete on the national cup, once my itcitizenchip ialian is almost on the way .... Say hello to Chiller and others on the next flocking..... Cya Andre - Brazil.
  8. When Alan dresses his bodyarmor, he scares me..... He is definily ready for the 3rd and 4th war...... Andre.
  9. Thank YOU Everybody is more than welcome to come here and jump with us........ andre
  10. nice delay bro........ Signed: Andre - Brazil
  11. Hey everybody.... If you guys want to jump in brazil you are more than welcome down here. I can show you some jumps. Everything here in Brazil is low, nothing more than 3 or 4 sec delay, but great and legal sites. Our more popular object is a bridge 420ft,Around Sao Paulo area there are always buildings, and antennas, our A's are all 200-300ft range. Going to north we have some waterfalls (angel is far away and expensive, in Venezuela) all of them water landing, and some cliffs. Let me know who and when are coming, I will try to do my best..... I will be in Brazil until March probably. It is summer here now! what are you waiting for?? Any doubts, please PM me. Andre
  12. For sure I had a blast!!! You guys are awsome.... thanks for everything! Next time I will be in Italy... more jumps with you guys for sure.... But not on this F%$£ coldness! Gosh!!! See you guys next year! Andre
  13. Is somebody going to Cremona on 28-29 Oct? Or any other DZ? I will be in Italy and do some jumps the weekend before Cremona will be awsome. Andre # 1063
  14. I will confirm next week, but 90% of chance for me to be on both (Brento and the valley) Andre.
  15. Anything scheduled in Europe from oct 20th to nov 20th? I would like to join..... Thanks, Andre