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  1. tnx J, clear. looks cool,is the system always right hand on right handle like it was before or is it cross (i mean R hand on L handle then pull and vice versa) I ask because the c-a yellow cable SEEMS quite long (more than the arm) to be used as before. have someone got some pictures (or a sequence like J. did) of the SM1 cut-away system ? Marco "Pazzo" Pistolesi pistolesi.marco(at)
  2. never flown a stealth, but i'd like to try it. i've tryed a SM1 in Arezzo, fly great, SUPER Glider ! but i dont like the wing cut-away system. easy problem if the zip is not 100% closed when you try to open the velcro... now my 2 questions: 1- James, can you post some pictures and explanation of the Stealth Wing cut-away system ? 2- Is the SM1 cut away system still the same it was in september or has it been changed ? tnx. p.s. Tristan, are u jumping in Locarno ? i would like to join you to put some jump togheter !! Marco "Pazzo" Pistolesi pistolesi.marco(at)
  3. right it's a Very old suit, S-Fly style, small wings, quite bad material. easy to broke, hard to repair (impossible, you may try to repair it by your self). Parasport is no longer supporting it. I've flown it 1 time, there's no reason to buy it now, old concept, cheap price is not a good reason to fly something like that. Marco "Pazzo" Pistolesi pistolesi.marco(at)
  4. oooops i meant thanks for leading the way, bad English, sorry. Marco "Pazzo" Pistolesi pistolesi.marco(at)
  5. you're welcome, James. Marco "Pazzo" Pistolesi pistolesi.marco(at)
  6. nope, sorry, my bad english shows here... no the pilot chute was out, jammed with the bridle, tha bag was out of the container but the flap of the container(those over the shoulders) were closed, so the cut-away of the main did not work. need to take the risers, free them and deploy aux canopy. not an unusual consequence of bad pooling using a wingsuit with big wings and big burble on the back (your suit is one of those) without long bridle and with the hackey ball. good for 250 times... bad the 251st one ! Marco "Pazzo" Pistolesi pistolesi.marco(at)
  7. I don't understand this... as i told you face 2 face, my experience of a closed bag, cutting away the main closed bag DID NOT worked (chocked pilot chute inside the bridle)... how do you manage this without an WING cut AWAY system ? Yuo need to reach the risers, fast, clean and quick... rising your knees it's not applicable while in freefall. maybe there will be a dead bird now if he didnt cutted away the wings to helping the 3 ring system to unlock the flaps... yes... it's a RIG malfunction... but i will not need a RESERVE canopy if the rig works all the times. I hope you will take care of this before start selling in our country... and i mean i will be the FIRST to order a SM1 or a Mercury... I LOVED that SUIT ! Marco "Pazzo" Pistolesi pistolesi.marco(at)
  8. I've experienced this too... the suit is very relaxing also while trying to get high performance. I've floated over people whom usually were over me and i was arching without fatigue... i really think it too, i've already told to Tony to change the cut-away system. The Velcro will work only if the ZIP is TOTALLY WELL closed, if the zip is not and you try to "wreck" it up it wont work. I've got an experience with a WS student that had a PC malfunction (chocked with the bridle) and cutted away his bag lock, the bag did't go away. In this situation you REALLY need a fast and always working wing cut away system in order to free your arms and f*ck the main canopy off. Nevermind if you can get your risers by moving your feets up... you're in freefall, not under canopy. in the end IMHO: - The suit fly AWESOME. - need some fix BEFORE being sell to the whole world Marco "Pazzo" Pistolesi pistolesi.marco(at)
  9. i'm not challenging Tony, I LOVED his suits, we will order 6 very soon... and I LOVED him. that was only a misunderstanding. Marco "Pazzo" Pistolesi pistolesi.marco(at)
  10. Hi Tony, it's Marco here. Olav simply didnt want to jump anymore because of been tired... he asked me pls take my speed from another jump and i did it. He won his race but he is not second to Tristan in Time, remember that you were free to jump and perform better result in any time and so Robert and James did. His time has become the 4th one sunday. he didnt wanted to jump again. thats how he becomes 5th. please dont just fuck up everything... you remember ? you was the one that told me that it's so easy to complain during a competition.. this was the first one. organized by regular Joe, not by someone very expert or very famous. take as it was. your suit is extremely good ! flys extremely easy ! and perform very very well. but perseverance in trying to get a better result is always the best way to get it ! Marco "Pazzo" Pistolesi pistolesi.marco(at)
  11. Here there are some Maths.... Robert Pecnik 61.00 s - 79,8 m/s Tristan Whitmarsh 62,30 s - 78,9 m/s James Boole 58,3 s - 83,7 m/s Silvestri Giovanni 46,3 s - 93,9 m/s Tony Uragallo 49.20 s - 72.10 m/s Olav Zipser 52.20 s - 65.20 m/s Cusanelli David 44.40 s - 83.60 m/s Boris Pecnik 48.20 s - 63.80 m/s Bisicchia Roberto 39.10 s - 76.40 m/s Gonzato Gastone 35.50 s - 74.80 m/s De Simone Michele 35.30 s - 68.10 m/s Lob Jean Jacques 46.20 s - 57.80 m/s Zanazzi Mauro 36.30 s - 51.80 m/s Dimattio Elvio 38.50 s - 58.80 m/s Zanette Dyames 33.70 s - 64.10 m/s Mercuri Massimo 34.70 s - 48.70 m/s Ciarmatori Paolo 31.70 s - 61,60 m/s Silvestrini Davide 30,40 s - 53,70 m/s Bonora Gianni null - 57.70 m/s DISTANZA: Cusanelli Vs Zanazzi -> Zanazzi Wins ! Pecnik R. Vs Whitmarsh -> Pecnik R Wins ! Pecnik B. Vs JJ Lob -> Pecnik B. Wins ! Silvestrini Vs De Simone -> De Simone Wins ! Demattio Vs Gonzato -> Gonzato Wins ! Silvestri Vs Uragallo -> Uragallo Wins ! Zanette Vs Bisicchia -> Bisicchia Wins ! Boole Vs Zipser -> Zipser Wins ! Mercuri Vs Bonora -> Mercuri Wins ! NAZIONAL SCORE: 1° SILVESTRI GIOVANNI - Air Ticket to Stupino - Ton-Fly Helmet - Software Paralog Desktop - Gloves Phoenix-Fly - T-Shirt Phoenix-Fly - T-Shirt Skydive Tortuga - 50 % discount on Tony-Suit Super Mach 1 2° CUSANELLI DAVID - Ton-Fly Helmet - Turbolenza Jacket - Gloves Phoenix-Fly - T-Shirt Phoenix-Fly - T-Shirt Skydive Tortuga - 50 % discount on Tony-Suit Super Mach 1 3° BISICCHIA ROBERTO - Termic undersuit Ton-Fly - Gloves Phoenix-Fly - T-Shirt Phoenix-Fly - T-Shirt Skydive Tortuga - 50 % discount on Bird-Man Blade 4° GONZATO GASTONE - Turbolenza Jacket - T-Shirt Turbolenza - Gloves Turbolenza - T-Shirt Skydive Tortuga - T-Shirt Cypress - 50 % discount on Bird-Man S6 5° DE SIMONE MICHELE - T-Shirt Turbolenza - Gloves Turbolenza - T-Shirt Cypress - T-Shirt Tortuga - 50 % discount on Tony-Suit Super Mach 1 6° ZANAZZI MAURO - T-Shirt Icarus - T-Shirt Cypress - T-Shirt DoggyStyle - 50 % discount on Tony-Suit Super Mach 1 7° DIMATTIO ELVIO - T-Shirt Icarus - T-Shirt DoggyStyle - 50 % discount on Tony-Suit Super Mach 1 8° ZANETTE DYAMES - T-Shirt DoggyStyle - 50 % discount on Bird-Man FireBird-R 9° MERCURI MASSIMO - a Kiss from the girls… 10° CIARMATORI PAOLO - a Kiss from the girls… 11° SILVESTRINI DAVIDE - a Kiss from the girls… 12° BONORA GIANNI - 5 Ticket c/o Skydive Tortuga. INTERNAZIONAL SCORE: 1° PECNIK ROBERT - Helmet Stinger by Phoenix-Fly - Termic undersuit by Ton-Fly - Paralog Software - Turbolenza jacket 2° WHITMARSH TRISTAN - Helmet Stinger by Phoenix-Fly - Gloves Phoenix-Fly - T-Shirt Phoenix-Fly 3° BOOLE JAMES - gloves Phoenix-Fly - T-Shirt Phoenix-Fly - T-Shirt Turbolenza - T-Shirt Icarus Marco "Pazzo" Pistolesi pistolesi.marco(at)
  12. Ok so let's cut away the problem, dont consider the speed competition, we have 1st place C with 200 points (100 sec - GR 2.5) 2nd place A with 190 points (90 sec - GR 2.5) 3rd place B with 175 points (75 sec - GR 2.5) consider the exit weight: C: 138lbs, A: 170lbs, B: 245lbs, same podium uh ? so my WRONG system of adding the spped competition just give some chanche to win also to people who are heavier ! this is not a "who's the slimmer" competition or simply Loic will win everything ! (he will win everything in any way ! ) p.s. my Wrong system also keep the suspance high, if A n B are on the same 1st step of the podium and after the C run they are 2nd and 3rd they can do another jump and put the whole high score in the washing machine ! this is not only a "take place" score, when you take the 1st place in a discipline you do a mess in the whole high score ! Suspance thanks ! Marco "Pazzo" Pistolesi pistolesi.marco(at)
  13. ok, try to consider for just one second, what about if jumper A B and C have a Phacro, V-2 and Blade ? it's not same suit and wing surface ! how can you calculate the wing load ? Do you already have a program to do it and to be 100% sure of the result ? No ? ok so this is just a theorical math discussion and i don't care about it, mine is a parteciapation call. Yes ? Please give it to me and i'll use your way of evalutating differences between birds and suits. p.s. and why don't calculate also the difference of lift generated by the 3 different 3D design of the Wings ? there will not be 2 birds on the same 1st step of the podium, there will be a 1vs1 competition, something like "hop - fly a bit - and pop" where you jump from 2500 m and fly until 1000 with a smoke can, who simply fly more far wins, and the winner is selected by the whole competitors on the ground. Marco "Pazzo" Pistolesi pistolesi.marco(at)
  14. Sorry Yuri, but this is not simple. do u remember the "Keep it simple" rule ? point 1 - we're going to measure the 3D speed with a minimum GR of 1 (45 degree) not the Vertical Speed. point 2 - i don't think the pilot of a race car is the 100% of the result... the car and the engine is important too. So if my suit is bigger than yours and i win also if you are a better pilot than me... buy a better suit ! that's all ! I asked Help in planning and ruling the competition a lot of moths ago, some of you guys helped me a lot, others show me that was not a good thing to have only a "national competition" so i managed to open it to the foreings too. now this is a partecipation call, Who wanna come ? Marco "Pazzo" Pistolesi pistolesi.marco(at)
  15. Italian Wingsuit championship 2007 ------------------------------------------------------ sorry 4 the English, I used Google Translator.. ------------------------------------------------------ WHERE and WHEN The contest will be from 21 to 23 September in Skydive Tortuga Arezzo. REGISTRATION The championship will be a social contest, so the registration will comprise also the association to the a.s.d. FRECCEtte TRICOLORI. To register please put a Bank Transfer of € 100 to: ABI 05188 CAB 21501 CC. 1976 intestated to a.s.d. Freccette Tricolori indicating of the motive of the deposit “Name and Last name - associative Quota and ticket reservation for the contest”. The participation quota includes: - the 3 ticket of contest (minimums, can be jumped more if it is desired) - the association to a.s.d. FRECCEtte TRICOLORI - the T-shirt of the event - the reservation of a bed place. The registration is understanding which deposit and will not come refounded in case of absence of the competitor. The social ticket from right to participating to all the TRICOLORI events of FRECCEtte always paying the ticket from “associate of the DZ” without therefore the classic upgrade of 2 or 3 €/ticket that it comes usually applied to the foreings of the center. TRAINING During the first 3 week End of September training and navigation camp will be kept on the contest DZ Skydive Tortuga, Arezzo. THE CONTEST You need to do 3 jumps as minimum: one for discipline: Time, distance, speed. Jumps will be measured using Garmin GPS devices and Paralog Software a frame of 1500 meters of altitude (from 3500 to 2000) will be used. Every Jump can be repeated as many time you wish. It will be maintained the best result. Before every jump you have to declare which discipline you are jumping for. Since flying a wingsuit means in first instance respect the fight path will be assigned a cone of +/- 20° on the predefined route, exiting it will be judged null and the jump have to be repeated. POINTS Points will be calculated in the end of the competition in a % system based on the best performance. Let's do an example: Donald Duck is doing the best time, (in Example) 78 sec that's equal to 100 points. Mickey Mouse is doing 52 seconds (never seen a mouse flying more than a duck !! ;P ) and it's equal to 78:100=52:x so x=(52*100)/78=66,66 points. In the same way will be evaluated the distance and speed run. The final score will be the sum of the 3 best individual runs. Summing the % points of time and speed discipline you will have a score that is equilibrating the weight factor, while the distance factor is done by the aerodynamics of the flights and bodies. SCORES They will come created two scores: national and the international one. The separation of the scores has been necessary from the clear intention of promoting the activity of the Italian bats without excluding from the competition foreign hosts. The organizers will only participate to the international score for the same reason to leave space the emerged bats Italian. PRIZES: It classifies National - 1° Place: - Aerial Ticket in order to go to Cochstedt or Stupino or Marl in 2008 and to participate to one international competition like Italian delegation. - TonFly Helmet to choice - Reduction in price 50% for one Bird-Man Blade - Licence for the Paralog software with which analyzing the own flights on google Earth - Gloves Phoenix Fly - T-Shirt Bird Man - T-Shirt Phoenix Fly - T-Shirt 90Percent - 2° Place: - TonFly Helmet to choice - Gloves Phoenix Fly - T-Shirt Bird Man - T-Shirt Phoenix Fly - T-Shirt 90Percent - 3° Place: - Thermal Sottotuta TonFly - Gloves Phoenix Fly - T-Shirt Bird Man - T-Shirt Phoenix Fly - T-Shirt 90Percent - Last classified: - 5 Ticket near Skydive Tortuga in order to train themselves and to gain the next edition! ;) - T-Shirt Bird Man - T-Shirt 90Percent It classifies International: - 1° Place - Helmet Stinger by Phoenix-Fly - Licence for the Paralog software - Gloves Phoenix Fly - T-Shirt Bird Man - T-Shirt Phoenix Fly - T-Shirt 90Percent - 2° Place - Thermal underware TonFly - Gloves Phoenix Fly - T-Shirt Bird Man - T-Shirt Phoenix Fly - T-Shirt 90Percent - 3° Place - Gloves Phoenix Fly - T-Shirt Bird Man - T-Shirt Phoenix Fly - T-Shirt 90Percent Marco "Pazzo" Pistolesi pistolesi.marco(at)