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  1. Thanks Spot... will check them out. Hope your good mate...
  2. Ive got a pro track which records my flights fine except (as you all probably know) it stops recording the flight time at 119 seconds... I have seen the flysight but find the examples on their website confusing and am not sure about having to link up to a comp to see the data... Are there any other devices out there that are good for recording WS flights? Thanks. T.
  3. Usually I dont reply to these speculating threads, but this was someone I knew, and the reason I have decided to reply is as usual there are people with 50 jumps, 100 jumps, 300 jumps saying stuff as if they are skygods and know everything. -Yes... it is entirely possible to forget to do up any or all of you straps... even your parachute. You may think you would never do this, but it can happen to the best of us, for any amount of reasons. -Yes... it is also entirely possible, due to the weight and size ratio, that a rig in freefall without an occupant could fall fast enough to fire the aad. -Yes... people with over 1000 jumps still do solos... Test a new parachute, work on stability, maybe there is no one to jump with and you just need to get some air... -I would imagine that a done up strap could easily work its self loose from the flapping that would occur in freefall... but not so much so under some fabric... -What about winds... if the winds were relatively strong, and he fell out of his harness as the aad fired, it would be perfectly feasible that the rig could end up a long way from where he was. At this stage as with all situations like this, people can only speculate what happened, and may be we will never know what went on. Maybe he fell out of the harness in freefall... maybe he lost track of altitude (which we all do at some point) and as the add fired he was ejected from his harness... we probably will never know. As meticulous as some of us maybe of our pre/inflight equipment checks... stuff happens. As a working skydiver, and being rushed for loads all the time, I vowed to never get in the plane before everything is done up and checked... even if I am being pressured. But one time at 8k I released my leg straps were not yet done up... It happens... even if you think you will never forget anything... even the best prepared person... at some stage in their skydiving career will forget something. Maybe its a small thing, maybe its a big thing, maybe you realise, maybe you dont... stuff happens! RIP buddy. T.
  4. Are there any dropzones in France which stay open for the winter months? or if not, open again shortly after new years. If so do any of them have good FF coaching and people to jump with? Cheers all...
  5. Right then... thanks for your help everyone (although most of you didnt read my post properly). Thought id put up my findings, incase anyone else finds they have this problem: Thoroughly measured lines on both my canopies and checked to trim chart with my rigger (Thank you). All spot on except the break lines were 1 3/4 inches too long on both... made the ajustments... waited 10 days for the weather to get jumpable... And hey presto... 1 is back to supper smooth snively openings and the other is not far behind, just abit of fine tuning is needed I think. Thank god for that, I was unsure weather 1 and a bit inches of shortened break line would make any difference at all... but there we go. Cheers all.
  6. Yes, its a Safire 1. Thanks for the pointers but ive already done the nose rolling stuff. Ive done everything you can think of to a packjob & nothing atall and it makes no difference.... SMACK!! Its weird as they opening fine on the old line sets & I did nothing special in the packjob.
  7. I know this has been covered before from searching on here, but I cant find the info I need...
  8. Any riggers that can help with Safire one 129's: Before new line set: Openings were superb but flying and flareing were crap. With new line set: Flying & landing awsome, openings are super spanky!!! HELP... The lines were checked with the old ones, and were put on by a qualified rigger. Everything seams ok but no matter what I do the pack job, I GET SLAMMED & the slider slams down!!! Two things: 1) I know Icarus dont release line trim info... but is there anyone who could PM me or my rigger some figures for a safire 129 to compaire my lines to. 2) I have heard about a performance upgrade being done to safires which cured hard openings... what does that entail? (I think part of it was increasing or decreasing the brake stow setting?) Any advice will be greatly appreachated. (2x Safire ones, both 129's. DOM: 1998 & 2002. Thanks...
  9. Thanks. Would the safire 129 have the same pk vol as the safire2 129?
  10. What are the packing volumes of the PD Spectre 135 & 120? Thanks... Before any one says anything... I have searched on here and PD's web site, but cant find it out.
  11. I have searched the milions of posts on sinus's but cant find any answers so... I had a head cold for afew days, and this saturday just gone I could just breath through my nose & so decided to jump. On the way up I could presurise ok (some poping going on in my sinus somewhere). Freefall was fine till opening when it felt like someone had hit me in the left eyebrow with a hammer. And I could not see anything cos my eyes we watering so much... and it realy flippin hurt like hell at the time. On the ground it continued to hurt and now 2 days later it still hurts, not as bad but still feels like I should have a bigass bruse on my brow. Has anyone had this or have any ideas if I may have damaged something. Also when my cold goes and if the pain persists... is jumping a bad idea? (I work on a DZ so this realy sucks at the moment & I dont realy want to see a Doc). Thanks
  12. Firstly I know that various threads of rufly the same topic are about as ive been reading allot of them... but I need some more accurate advice: I will be flying from the US to Australia soon and ive got my sport rig, base rig, video helmit, normal helmit, camera equipment, laptop and all the other little things we need for jumping. I already have a suit case full of clothes and bits, and was wondering what the best way may be to travel with all my other stuff?? I was looking at getting a pelican case 1660 to fit in my 2 rigs + helmits which would make things easy but it would be over the weight limit of the airlines. So I guess I could check my base rig and camera equip in another suit case and carry on my sport rig + laptop... but then where can my helmits go?? I know other people whould have had this problem before so any advice would be apreciated. Thanks very much. Tom.
  13. Hi everyone, I am planning to go to the Perrine bridge either on tuesday and/or wednesday this week (19/20th), and was wondering if any else was interested in going? Or is already going. Cheers Guys... Tom.
  14. Thanks for the advice. Yeh, its side mounted. The thought of drilling holes in my new helmit sucks but I think it has to be done. Its a Tonfly D-box... and I cant use the screen on my handycam so ive also got to do some cutting to the side of the box so I can get it out. Ouch... Cheers...
  15. Ive just perchased a d-box for my HC-32 but when in the box the plug that goes in the Lanc port from the cameyeII pushes the camera way off square? If I put some padding in the bottom to try and square it up, im worried that it may put too much pressure on the top of the camera? Does anyone have any advice for firstly stopping the camera from moving in the d-box and also how to safely get it square? Thanks for your help. Tom.