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  1. RayLosli

    stunt manufacturer of eclipse container

    Hey Jerry .. saw your Post with words -Shoobie and Parachutist Magazine in it, and could not resist... Here a blast from the past . Parachutist, November 1982 Pg #42 Shoobie and Bird Suit Add . .
  2. RayLosli

    Tacsew T20U Price?

    I always out taking look at machines . You not giving much info on the machine for judging a fair asking price . Are you original owner or buy it used . How old is the model ? How many years you own it ? what shape it in and what the setup actually looks like ? ...etc Also pictures are sometimes even hard to judge the true shape a machine is really in, as opposed to actually seeing and sitting behind and laying down some stitches with it . Pretty sure It is a import copy of a Singer zigzag model as the parent machine . So No Problems getting parts on that machine, so that a plus . 'nothing wrong' with imports and all machines are copy of one thing or another . BUT 'sometimes' there is different quality on some of the parts used by whoever is ordering that run from the manufacture . SO age of the model and what generation/revision of the model is good to know . So Probably ' off top of my head', I would say 50% of purchase price is good place to start . but that a educated guess . also consider in selling a machine Is there is an over abundance of import's out there and buying new Heads or complete table setup's these days is pretty economic . .
  3. RayLosli

    Servo motor / need specific info

    Anyone ( actually use or know ) model of servo motor that has little more power/torque that what I normally use now ? changing out motor on a heavier duty model walk-foot using ( 135 x 17 ) needle size that I use on heavier thicker nylon work . Right now I do use/have a couple digital servo motors ( consew 550 watt ) , and find them 'OK' for push behind the ( 135 x 5 Needle size ) . It just seems like that size 550 size servo, is NOT going to cut it moving up in machine size and punching thicker materials . .
  4. RayLosli

    Feral says hi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tell him I said ..."Hi", back to him when you talk next. I know words have been scarce but he is in my thoughts. Will use the given address and send some post cards. .
  5. RayLosli

    Motion Sensors

    The only way I know to get around motion sensors is to get above them. (i might be wrong) I think that most sensors put out an IR beam also. There is a limit to the distance the IR will pick up a reflection to report back to the sensor. Also Sensors are limited by direction and distance and are mostly used for security of close quarters. I am not sure of the direction pointed or position of the sensors you are talking about ? but, For Example: If you have an object such as a building or object near that you can get on top of. Then cross over to the Antenna above the sensors you will not set them off. I have done this before just about like that. We got on top of the building next to the Antenna. Then went across on some electrical conduit pipe to the trap door above the base of the antenna. The sensors were pointed for movement for access at the base about 15-20 feet below the trap door and ladder. So we did not set them off. There is another good way to asses your situation is to this that does work well. Set off the sensors inside the fenced compound and Leave then just lay back and make surveillance of just what are the repercussions of the action. Security response ? Alarm ? also you need to look carefully around the area of the sensors for any 'New' camera's that might be activated by sensors and placed there the same time as the new motion sensors. .
  6. RayLosli

    Shoot Out at

    A bullet sounds the same in any language.
  7. RayLosli

    bringing gear into the airport....

    The one BIG Plus on shipping something rather than Checking it as Luggage is the fact that Shipping can be insured and be actually compensated-$$$ for it's loss. The Airlines if they actually loose your Luggage (Rig) they will screw you then laugh when you ask compensation. You will receive little to nothing. - Canada has some Fkd-UP Screeners. A couple years back me and Steve (manbird) were going to Kamloops Canada to WS. Those dumbasses would not let him take his skydive rig from Vancouver B.C. to shuttle up there on a 20-minute flight. The deal was He (the screener) Did not like his Reserve PC spring. He wanted to visually see and inspect the Spring. Unfucking believable. We were explaining to him that We could show him but there would an open container and parachute. We told him that it was packed by a Fed. FAA licensed rigger and sealed. He just not have the mental capacity to comprehend that it was only a spring with fabric. He insisted to pop-it before he was permitted to go aboard. So he was forced to check it as luggage 10-minutes before the flight was scheduled to depart. That is the first time I have ever witnessed anyone being denied to carry on a Skydive rig. I have never been denied or have never witnessed anyone turned down with a BASE rig carry-on international or domestic. .
  8. RayLosli

    Richmond Boogie

    When is that date ? . I also heard that there is some event in Mt. Vernon Wa. (n.w. skydivers) in two weeks. If so can someone give me a confirmation on that date for sure. If you know or are from there. I have heard some good positive talk of that DZ and they give good altitude on your 20-$ also. .
  9. RayLosli

    poems and rhymes

    A want to be BASE jumper named Gail On every Exit he would just Flail While Wingsuiting the Troll Exiting with No game-plan or Goal Now he just hangs from the Wall waiting for Jail - Young Betty was a BASE jumping Whore Always going home from a BASE jump tired and Sore A young BASE jumping Whore indeed Spending most times at Exit on her Knees saying ..." What do you think them Knee-Pads are For "? - Posting DZ.com stories and Lie Tales of spins, flips and twists fast and High BASE Posers think they are Cool Doing there Zoo-Loads till Noon Half end up having 180's line-twists and Die . Fuck All, I Do all my landings, stand-up and with Class Never saying ..." I think it's to windy at the Exit, I will Pass ". I Never crying for better Gear Hell I will even Pack your fucking Rig for a Beer All you little BASE jumping Faggot Pussies can Kiss my Ass . . .
  10. RayLosli

    Tallest abandoned building in the world

    NICE looking building. man that lower balcony on the flat side would be the shit. it would be nice like a bowl with a shear wall. the Crane would kickass also for an exit. Yuri ?, I wonder how my American Passport will go over at the Pyongyang airport ??? ... The Korean people have little contact with the outside peoples of the world. Food is scarce, and all they get for outside world info is State run news, television & radio. You think I will have no problem with just slipping through Customs with my BIG round blue eyes and white skin ?. Hey you think we could get out alive with not having to sell one of our Kidneys ? .
  11. RayLosli

    Fury canopy for base

    OK, I go out to the grocery store to stock up. What do I find when I get home. More hate mail. to a Posting on a public BASE site So if there is some sort of misunderstanding of BASE SAFETY let me clear it up. I am not stating the Fury or any other Canopy in the world skydive or BASE will open up on Heading every time. I think anyone does know this but apparently this person feels that I am perusing in misleading, misinforming RCC & the learning BASE community. This is the ignorant shallow attitude that is going to lead RCC astray of BASE safety. Quote: edit to remove PM correspondence ~TA - The Post I wrote was not to suggest that the Fury is the best mechanical choice for a BASE canopy for Ryan but rather a supreme opportunity for advancement of BASE canopy knowledge. I think he can handle it. I look at Ryan's profile and it shows to me someone with 3-years & 1500 canopy jumps. A Tandem instructor, USPA coach and like to Swoop. That tells me he is able to start to take up BASE if he so choose to. Also the fact that he is proficient as Tandems go. He has and is able to accept the safety and responsibility of others as well as himself. I got way more respect for someone Posting Q's with and honest and solid background as shown by him. Rather than someone who just got off AFF and is a 200 jump wonder that picks up a Fury and wants advice. Ryan in fact even Posts his e-mail and phone-# to show a honest willingness to get a solid grip on his personal safety and need for factual and currently practiced canopy set-up. I am also sure that if Ryan felt that I was blowing Smoke up his Ass on the setting of Canopy deep-brake tips. He would have posted to let me know he felt this way. There is also a newfound fear among newer BASE jumpers that there is something structurally wrong with BASE jumping the older breeds of 7-cell canopy that actually lead to the basic designs of pressurizations and flight of 'ALL' newer BASE canopies on the market today. This lack of knowledge has also lead to Fear and thinking that even the practice of Not jumping anything but a Vented BASE canopy is a path to recklessness and ill choice personal safety. The fact is. This route of acquiring the basics of BASE canopy mechanics that is priceless is and will soon be lost forever. Even seeing the practice of anyone jumping a 7-cell canopy on a DZ these days is a rarity outside of Tandems or disciplines of Accuracy. The purchase & the practice of learning and understanding the modifications & then actually BASE jumping a 7-cell predecessor to the most modern BASE canopy is a something that is "irreplaceable" and is something that is recognizable in BASE just looking at the skill of BASE jumpers that have been down this route. They have a Depth of knowledge that is not seen today. That is Not Taught today. I say, "Open Your Eyes People" It is no mystery that something is missing lately in the overall canopy mechanics that is used as leverage to slip into BASE. The 200 skydives. The purchase of top-end BASE gear is No Pass to safety Nor is it a Safe Passage to make a statement that person is ready and able to take up BASE. The purchase of a Fury or any other comparable 7-cell by Ryan. Learning how to BASE Modify. it out. The process of learning how to assess and dial in a proper deep-Brake setting. Is invaluable knowledge and something that is soon to be a lost in the core makeup of acquiring solid BASE mechanics. This superficial BASE FJC entrance to BASE that is getting promoted today as mainstream is Flawed. It is not hard to miss. This new 'Taboo' and crucifixion of anyone using the Fury, Cruzlite, Raven, Pegasus etc. as a learning tool to acquire depth of BASE jump mechanical knowledge with is also flawed. Your 2-digit BASE number #75 you so proudly throw out there as credential in signature of letter must reflect years of hard work and knowledge. It is a shame you lack the energy, articulation or current BASE knowledge to publicly share with Ryan or anyone else why You and Everyone are Laughing so hard at me ? Does my Post make any sense to you yet ? Or is the 2-digit BASE # a reflection of your IQ ? edit to remove threats of physical violence ~TA . .
  12. RayLosli

    Dangerous or not?

    Everything in and on the Rig to Canopy is 'Snaggable' The odds say you will most likely Die from the usual and ordinary problems that occur while BASE jumping. ... Looks pretty normal to me. Just keep your fingers out of there and, Quit Pulling On It !!! .
  13. RayLosli

    RAVEN IV as a base canopy

    Some older Ravens had slow Slider action with sail-sliders but the fix of the manufacture was a Bikini-Slider. the bikini or a mesh slider will bring the slider action up to par. I have jumped the bikini slider on many BASE jumps without any problems. The WEAK SPOT to be concerned about with older raven was the absence of reinforcement tape in the Tail-Seam.. On slider down jumps the flaw of this is tearing of break-line attachment points and fabric near by. The problem is easily fixed by just sewing a length of 1-inch tape over the length of tail seam where the attachment points are. takes about 20 minutes and a sewing machine. The other WEAK SPOT to be concerned about is the deployment by PCA or Static Line. After EVERY time this is done. you should check the integrity of canopy between upper and lower skins @ the bridal attachment point. The desired modifications for the Raven are: Canopy with Dacron Lines & Tail Pocket. It will serve well on may jumps. For real, I have even seen D.J. while on a Cliff jump. Open on-Heading, Fly and land a Raven-lll with 3 Ripped out cells on the lower Canopy Skin. A nice smooth landing also. The Raven is a great BASE Canopy for any knowledgable BASE jumper. Unless you are some kind of BASE wanbee-pussy with 2 pierced rings in your lower-lip with only a 150 skydives and have no knowledge of HOW to FLY and Properly Pilot a 7-cell Canopy. But if you are or anywhere like this kind of Canopy Deficient FuckUp you shouldn't be BASE jumping anyway. Stay the hell away from BASE jumping & Go back to your mandatory assigned USPA dive coach and suck his Tit. .
  14. RayLosli

    New BASE Baby

    Tom. thanks for the update. I been thinking it must be any week/day now. .. Zoelle ??? .
  15. RayLosli

    not the worst article written about BASE

    "Lets make driving your car illegal too, and how about making ciggies and booze illegal also ? Dummy " - Hey Mr.. HighFly isn't that what they do for the Stupid People who can not Drive Responsible or Safe or that have habitual history of sever Alcohol Abuse ??? . Maybe it would not be such a bad idea to make that Bridge ILLEGAL to BASE jump off of ??? That way BASE jumping Injury and Death there would definatly DECREASE. You know WHY highfly ??? Because #######. Every BASE Jumper Knows. As a NORMAL Illegal BASE object. REAL Responsible BASE jumpers would be forced to Jump more Responsible. With More Jump Planning. While GIVING that object the Respect, it Deserves. .. EDIT to REMOVE the word : DumbAss . .