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  1. from exit to PC release... otherwise SL jumps would have a delay would they not if they were judged on exit to canopy extraction? for stowed: when you release the PC from your hand (not reach for it) for HH: when it leaves your hand I would always think that the delay is something you do and have complete control over (you delay and no one else), once you stop having control over that aspect (ie throwing / pitching your PC) your intentional delay is over and the dice are now rolling.....
  2. I PM'd Tom with that same request... not a great title to read as you log on for new threads...
  3. taken from this post on BLiNC:
  4. seriously, dont rush into death... dont think i am joking either.........
  5. BASE813


    Being from the UK I assume you mean the one on the UK board at the moment? If you think the responses and reactions are childish, then please post this thought on the UK board. Jumpers do get upset for a reason, its not childish, it is a reasonable arguement - please see my post on the UK board that trys to explain...
  6. BASE813


    Are you really that surprised on the reaction of putting stickers on exit points???????????? if so, fuck / bugger / shit / cunt , we have no chance............
  7. BASE813


    nuff said........
  8. BASE813


    one simple question: why do you feel the need to put a sticker up on the exit point of an object you jump like a skydiver does in the aircraft they jump? seriously though, why? what are you trying to achieve? what goes through your mind as you place that sticker on the rail? I call troll............. this is nuts
  9. BASE813


    ....what ever happened to leave no trace?
  10. Thanks for the chat... cleared a lot up and was nice to apologise in person for the public posting rather than private.... you sound a top bloke!
  11. yeah sorry that was a tad harsh of me... have asked post ~18 to be deleted....
  12. just curious, from all the PM's and eMails from people, I am questioning whether this spanish course is actually as "decent" as people are thinking.... I WILL put my neck out here and say that from all the PM's and eMails I have had, this course is not as tight and worthwhile as people are thinking.... I WILL stick my neck out and say that the people that attended this course are NOT worthwhile jumping in their own country after the course - so why do you think the FJC is worthwhile..... you guys may be experienced, but you have just released some inexperienced people on our country without a blink of an eye.... that to me is disrespectful... pas I would love to hear your thoughts about releasing someone like this back on our own soil.... I sit back and await the flack.... I do admit I am a cunt sometimes
  13. you obviously only spent 2 weeks trying to access it then.... thats dedication.......