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  1. >>Thinking of you last week, in memory
  2. >>Hey madjohn, I remember Deuce was always helpful to me when I was jumping at Byron. Please PM me the info, I'll donate. I hope others will too.
  3. >>I used the pullup cord the other day with Shannon's name on it and I thought of her. Blue Skies
  4. »Well that guy is the tip of the spear. Looks like he's got a MP7A1. Not exactly standard issue.
  5. »Always thinking of you around this time of year Shannon
  6. I thought this was an old thread that got bumped! I haven't heard talk of HH and pimp fees in ages, since the talkback forum.
  7. >>TIMMAE! Sorry I just felt like I had to do that!
  8. >>That she will. Hope you're doing well Bob
  9. >>Yo! I'm from Eureka originally too, and I live in the Dublin/Pleasanton area right now. I jump at Lodi most weekends drop me a line on here I'll jump with you sometime
  10. >>That's a neat idea. Sounds similar to a tailgate
  11. >>No more $10 Sunday's I guess. Man what a bummer. Guess I'll have to go jump some place else
  12. >>Nice one Tim. I wasn't sure if I wanted to say anything about it. I feel you said it all
  13. ZegeunerLeben


    >>"Feed Me....Cheat grass, stinging nettles, muck water, etc. " #586! Booyah!
  14. >>The Flying Hellfish are the greatest group of parachutists' in the world!! (FH#586)
  15. >>I'm sad to say I agree. The US had a decisive ( and I would say positive) impact on the shape of the last century. I feel this century will see the eclipse of the US, and the world will degenerate into a series of localized conflicts.
  16. >>Actually Mr. Mellon found out the hard way that doesn't work. I'm in favor of the treasury forcing mortgage interest rates down to, say, 4%. This will stimulate home buying and help to bolster sagging home values. This in turn would make all those CDO's worth something again, and ease the strain on bank balance sheets. I also favor the 'bad bank' idea, but no one idea is going to work.
  17. >>That's really cool. I always love to see skydiver's towing the flag, and especially above NYC. Those guys are real PRO's. Thanks for posting
  18. >>Those are great photos. Since no one's finished it yet, allow me to give a big, hearty, overdue, FUCK HIM to Smitty the jumper. May god rest your soul!
  19. >>Are you doing SOF/NSW stuff, or VERTREP/MEDEVAC/CSAR stuff?
  20. >>Since you've decided to be a sell-out, do you have any plans for compensating the people who've supported you finacially over the years? Or are you just gong to take the money and run?