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  1. ZegeunerLeben

    10 years.... Seth Blake

    >>Has it really been that long? Blue ones, Seth...
  2. ZegeunerLeben


    >>Impossible! I don't believe you one bit. Everyone knows that Wyoming is make-believe, like gremlins, or eskimos.
  3. ZegeunerLeben


    >>Faber! I got that rampage CD...thanks so much for writing 'private gay pics' all over it with little hearts. My mail lady looks at me quite cross-eyed now yes thank you Nice TARD over! I assume that was your regular pack job you just didn't close it up?
  4. ZegeunerLeben

    Tasting the Rock...

    >>Wow. Nice work kicking off.
  5. ZegeunerLeben

    16 Year Old Deathcamper

    >>Heh heh, John told me about that one yesterday...be careful bro if she gets busted up out there it'll be all bad!
  6. ZegeunerLeben

    PG D-Bag Jump Story

    >>To cool Russel, too cool. >>Russel my friend, that's a nugget and a half!
  7. ZegeunerLeben

    Slider up Line-over (self-clearing)

    >>I saw video recently of a self-clearing slider-up lineover, and I observed something interesting. At first, the line-over'd canopy seemed pretty tame and maybe landable, turning slowly. But then the jumper released the brakes, and the canopy took off, rotating wildly, faster and faster until the line cleared at almost the last second. >>My question is, if you don't have a hook-knife (or you drop it) and you have a slider-up line-over, is it better to try and stop the turn using risers/lines and land what you have, or pop the toggles and try and clear it? I realize one should jump with a hook-knife and either way you're in trouble, but I was curious what people think.