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  1. Hi, I'm doing some research about the origins and major advances in parachuting/sky diving, so I was hoping someone here could recommend a book for me to read. The only one's I have heard of are "The Sky People," "The Silken Angels," and "Big Umbrella." These any good? Any better ones? Thanks!
  2. Good, because I don't think skydivers are insane. Well, not all of them. some of them surely. Anyway, I know why I want to skydive (I have once, albeit tandem, and I will again once I'm out of University and have MONEY). My question, though, wasn't why I think skydiving is amazing, it was why others think it's amazing. Thanks for your input.
  3. Wow, thanks everyone for your answers! I'm wondering now, since a couple of you have mentioned it, is skydiving "for a living" the ultimate goal, or would that kill it? Or is it just not what you're looking for? Obviously this is a pretty subjective question, but I'm just looking for a sense of what the majority might feel. I used to play soccer and dream of being able to do that for a living. Is it at all the same for skydiving? Would you refuse to skydive for a living if you could?
  4. OK, so I guess I had some of those answers coming. But really, I haven't been able to find any psychology on the subject, and I don't want to come up with something that is just not true. (The bowling line was kinda funny, tho, I'll admit).
  5. Hi, I'm working on a bit of fiction about skydiving, and I was wondering why exactly some of us choose to skydive? Personally, why do you do it? It's expensive, dangerous, very difficult to make a living why do it? All answers will be greatly appreciated. The more in depth you can go, the better. Thanks!
  6. Hi all, I am brand new to this site, and have been skydiving but once in my young life. I am from Canada, and am working to become a journalist and fiction writer, and hope to jump out of a few more planes too. But what I'm really looking for at the moment, is some realism to this story I've come up with. I want to know what it would be like to skydive from just inside earth's atmosphere - what would you need (theoretically), how long would it last, what would it look like, what would it feel like - that kind of stuff. I want to give this story the ring of truth, so any details would be very helpful. Thanks!