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  1. Dude, you've not even started yet, so how can you possibly start planning what you will or won't do? There is absolutely no point over analysing things at this stage. If and when you actually start skydiving you'll know what effect it has on you and what portion (if any) of you're life you're prepared to dedicate to it. So, take things a step at a time, and stop worrying about what you might be able to do in 200 jumps time when you've not yet made 1 jump. Well, I'm an old guy. I'm into lots of stuff. So I have a tendency to look at my abilities and see where I can fit in comfortably.
  2. do you plan on dying in the next months/years ? For the wingsuiting, you do not need to crush the 200 jumps in 18 months, you can also jump a bit "less regularly", but will be requested by your WS coach ( if you decide to go with the coaching way), a slightly higher number of jumps. Reason for that would be you need to be "fluent" in the activity, have some time in it, and have your brains clear enough to try some new stuff.... Of course if you don't have time, you could purchase a wingsuit and huck yourself from a cliff on your 1st jump ever... But it would most probably be a one-shot experience.... edited to add : in some remote places (provided you are in the US), tehre "would be" places where you could wingsuit-tandem, or in the US you could Tandem-BASE Wingsuit-tandem would be interesting. Didn't know one could do that.
  3. Was just curious how many of you BASE. I plan to take a plane jump sometime. Wingsuits look to be out for me. Don't think I can ever meet the 200 jump in 18 month rule or come close to it. BASE looks out for me too. Lost all interest in it after I came accross this site... BASE is most dangerous sport in the world, jumpers dying ever other fudging month like clockwork. Got interested in wingsuits after I watched some vids on it. Loved this one. Great POV filming. But guy crashed and died shortly after filming it. I figured wingsuits from a plane must be pretty safe. So thought about getting into that. But it takes an amount of dedicated time I don't have to put into it.
  4. This is the BSR. Not a recommendation. Technically you don't need 200 jumps in 18 months. Of course if you did that would be better/safer. It is possible, with a good wingsuit coach, to be a little outside the 18 month thing and still be able to fly a wingsuit safely. GOOD coaching is key though. So is it 200 jumps in a 2 or 3 years going to cut it? Is it all up to the coach accepting ones jump log as suitable? My problem is I'm in a lot of activities. So hard to dedicate full time to one area. You guys seem to be dedicated to skydiving as your main sport.
  5. If you're jumping at 12,500 you're looking at around 55 seconds on your belly without a wingsuit. Less if you're freeflying. You should get out to a DZ and make a jump. If you like it keep jumping and you can eventually try a wingsuit out for yourself. That is my plan. But don't think I will ever meet the 200 jumps in 18 month requirements for s wing suit.
  6. Well, having never jumped, how long does one get with no suit?
  7. For me it looks like a 3 hour trip to jump school. Then another 3 hours back. That is a lot of drive time for me.
  8. 200 seems like a lot of jumps to put in for 18 months unless you live at an airport. How did you get them all in? And what did it cost you? Did you have any affordability problems paying for all those jumps?
  9. Once you get a license, do you have to make a certain amount of jumps a year to keep it current?