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  1. >>Thinking of you last week, in memory
  2. >>Hey madjohn, I remember Deuce was always helpful to me when I was jumping at Byron. Please PM me the info, I'll donate. I hope others will too.
  3. >>I used the pullup cord the other day with Shannon's name on it and I thought of her. Blue Skies
  4. »Well that guy is the tip of the spear. Looks like he's got a MP7A1. Not exactly standard issue.
  5. »Always thinking of you around this time of year Shannon
  6. I thought this was an old thread that got bumped! I haven't heard talk of HH and pimp fees in ages, since the talkback forum.
  7. >>TIMMAE! Sorry I just felt like I had to do that!
  8. >>That she will. Hope you're doing well Bob
  9. >>Yo! I'm from Eureka originally too, and I live in the Dublin/Pleasanton area right now. I jump at Lodi most weekends drop me a line on here I'll jump with you sometime
  10. >>That's a neat idea. Sounds similar to a tailgate
  11. >>No more $10 Sunday's I guess. Man what a bummer. Guess I'll have to go jump some place else
  12. >>Nice one Tim. I wasn't sure if I wanted to say anything about it. I feel you said it all
  13. ZegeunerLeben


    >>"Feed Me....Cheat grass, stinging nettles, muck water, etc. " #586! Booyah!