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  1. Well just wanted all to know that ole Smitty would have been 110 today I think ? Any way he was born 10-17-1898 . Working on getting his old rig ,the one that the lines were attatched to a steering wheel , Think it belongs in a museum . Blue skies ! ! Chuck
  2. First jump May 17 1978 ,15 years old ,hung around the DZ for 4 years waiting to turn 16 .packing student rigs etc for plane rides etc. 1st jump outlaw from 7500 foot about a 3 -5 sec delay with a papillon. Coming up on 30 years of jumpin . Started when I was to young to know any better and now I CAN NOT STOP . Blue skies ! ! Chuck
  3. He is probably lurkin ! Thinkin up somethin good to reply .!!!! Ha Ha Blue skies ! ! Chuck
  4. DGA = Dam good airplane Quote Blue skies ! ! Chuck
  5. Man this sure brings back memories , watched the movie skydive ,wings and masters of the sky many times when I was a rigger rat kid at the Dz (on 16 mm film ), the first video I bought was IT, then I had to get a player to watch it , just watched it the other day in fact . Blue skies Carl Blue skies ! ! Chuck
  6. Can,t forget the day I jumped from uncle Harvey,s plane ,it was a old Roger Miller tune . Blue skies ! ! Chuck
  7. I remember watching the old 16 mm movies at the DZ when it was too windy to jump etc . SKYDIVE , WINGS and Masters of the sky . I bought em on vhs probably 20 years ago from paragear and just watched them the other night . Also have about 8 episodes of RIPCORD on vhs man thats some good stuff , MaryAnn from Gilligans island is on one , when she was in her early 20s probably . Blue skies ! ! Chuck
  8. Yea you gotta be very carefull rigging the canisters etc prior to a jump I hear that smoke can really fill up a garage in a hurry ! ! ! Carefull folks . Blue skies ! ! Chuck
  9. Going through my old parachutist magazines I found the one with the article I did when Smitty passed away , it is October 1995 issue . I was a paul berrer at the service so I did not get to jump into his funeral ,BUT on my next jump after I put out a load of students I went out the door saying out loud THIS ONES FOR YOU SMITTY . Miss the ole guy ! Blue skies ! ! Chuck
  10. Remember my first solo quite well , George frizbie , he was 73 years old and I was his last student in his 1939 taylorcraft that he owned since it was new , had about 9 hours and he says let me out up here , I said you sure I am ready I said what about the X wind he says you can handle it , 3 trips around the patch yeeehaaa . Got my shirt cut etc , we lost ole gearge two years ago at about 93 years old and I told him when he was bedridden etc ,I said George I just want to thank you for teaching me to fly and he says , IT WAS MY PLEASURE , whats funny about the story is he had no insurance on the plane etc and didn,t think twice about soloing me in it .30 BUCKS A HOUR WET WITH INSTRUCTOR Quote I own a t craft now and I often think of George while enroute . Blue skies ! ! Chuck
  11. Man Sqeak that hurt , I am a long way from 50 .Getting closer everyday though , Blue skies ! ! Chuck
  12. Was wondering what happened to all the DC3s we used to jump at the nationals booies in Muskogi Oklahoma , southern cross , sugar alpha , our douglass , mr douglass , Might be slower than some jumpships today but they sure are a blast to jump. Blue skies ! ! Chuck
  13. Not sure where the old howard is at but I grew up down the road from benton airport where gypsy moths was filmed and live even closer now . Made about ten jumps into benton over the years and Fly in and out of there often and every time , QuoteI think of that movie etc. Blue skies ! ! Chuck
  14. Sure I know Dave and Damian Hrdlicka, Daves in Florida and Damian is up north somewhere . Blue skies ! ! Chuck
  15. Yes it was a sad day , I had just seen Dave Snyder (pilot) that day at Eldorado k,s airport , John Dave and I were working on a skydiving museum , I got a call that night from Dennis Anderson and he said hey man John schuman and Dave Snyder are dead , I said no way I just seen Dave . The last time I talked to John on the Phone he said LOVE YA MAN when he said good by , Never had a guy tell me that before , heck of a guy and a heck of a artist . And just a unique person . Tragic day They are missed Blue skies ! ! Chuck