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  1. Have you got the two Yuri's confused?
  2. Just a friendly little video, eh! . In the blue corner we have.... and in the red corner... Nice to have a first look at the Asylum profile. Have always liked Marty's work. This market is exploding! Kris
  3. The edge units are light enough to be mounted on the back of the helmet with just some glue. They work really well.
  4. Good stuff! One question. The flight through that canyon at 4:39 and again at 5:35, is the second one faster(almost 5 secs quicker) because the camera guy held back and swooped it? He does catch up to the other guy. Or is it an editing effect?
  5. I am 6'2" and have owned an S-FLy expert. L is the more appropriate size for us. No problems, reaching the cutaway, etc. I know what you are saying about the M+ as I tried it in DeLand in 2004 when Loic was there.
  6. Rumor has it that a new V-Prototype has been spotted doing some damn fine flying in south Europe. Those in the know spill the beans please.
  7. Yeah, Matt G did it last year. Several others have done it, the chronological order is not known. I think this video was posted first.
  8. A similar challenge (Real life L /D Challenge) was posted last year and in 3 months it was beaten. Hopefully, so will this one. Here is another one, it seems to be for manufacturers other than PF(as people in V3s are already doing this). Tony you reading this? Go to WBR next year and beat this years best performance or from any exit point, 750m horizontal distance in 19 secs from a standing start. Another condition is that it must not burn more than 550m of altitude in doing so. Kris
  9. Ok, if we put that aside. If someone jumps a Big suit in a distance competition and loses to someone of similar physical dimensions flying a suit like a P2, that's a different story. It proves that they need to learn to fly for distance. In BASE, having range is always good. It could mean the difference between life and death. I'd be a bit reluctant to criticize someone for choosing to be safer. They may simply have one suit for the trip. To the OP. ***The P2 loves to fly forward. Drop your arms back a little, flatten your body and point your toes. Let you head drop ... at first you'll think you're going down faster, but what actually happens is that the suit picks up a LOT of forward speed and develops more lift to compensate. You notice that your freefall time is about the same, but the distance covered is MUCH greater! When you have done all that and are cruising, try twisting the wrists skyward slowly and smile. Then post your experience.
  10. It is a beautiful video and no doubt mega fun. Just because people chose to jump it in a 'big carpet' does not mean that the line requires a 'big carpet' to be jumped in . I get it though, a dig at the opposition, eh!
  11. That is some interesting information. Frode and Espen achieving the best times with vastly different trajectories. Wonder if the problem has a unique solution for a given individual.
  12. That's a nice picture. Interested in seeing the unedited version just to get an idea of where the plane was.
  13. Hmm, Is this reply to one of my posts from years ago? I thought we had an agreement on the issue
  14. Backfly inlets do offer some resistance due to added drag on, though that difference is closer to 1% than 30 on any wingsuit model/make or brand. A bit of duck tape brought the performance of my current phantom 1(with back fly inlets) to the old orange/black phantom 1 levels. And yes about 30%. Kris
  15. If you had a Phantom 1 with back flying inlets, the performance of the suit is about 30% less than a phantom 1 without the back flying inlets.
  16. Yea seriously Yuri, WTF is wrong with you? We've never seen any hard data from you... If you're so amazingly awesome, put your money where your mouth is, otherwise get off of your high horse and STFU! +1
  17. Justin, Do you have a picture of the new arm wing inlet details that you can post? Ok, he beat me to it. Thanks, Kris
  18. +1 for user error. Have jumped a 28" PC(the long bridle Cazer) several times. Just made the dill-do fatter.
  19. Didn't you have 5 wingsuit jumps when I met you at Z-Flock 1.0 in March 2005? +1 I thought I remembered scotty from the flock n dock 05 and that video you posted Matt that was on the bird-man website. The high speed exit one.
  20. Sure! (This thread is becoming the fat bastards' and fat bastard wannabes' confessional!) Admit it! You're just jealous
  21. need to be removed to the other hall Never seen the word removed used like Nice .